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Santoshi Maa 26th March 2020 Written Episode Update – Indresh tries to use some concrete plan to attract mother & father towards swati.

Santoshi Maa 26th March 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The episode starts with santoshi mata calling dev rishi while mata paravati comes to meet her & she is surprised but expresses her discomfort towards dev rishi as he is not hearing me but mata paravati calms her. Mata paravati asks her what happened & she is expressing problems faced by her devotee swati so how should I tackle this situation & mata paravati is explaining her that to face strongly as such evils does not has the right to live in this life & evil lohitasoor is watching from hiding behind & says that I will show you how evils are.
Mata paravati tells santoshi that I had come here to take some flowers which our devlok does not have so santoshi mata goes to collect the flowers while the evil lohitasoor is trying to use weapon which was given by polomi’s gurudev & as he attacks devi polomi comes & holds the weapon from behind of mata paravati & paravati mata feels something fishy happening behind so as she turns they are already vanished & mata santoshi comes asking her what happened & she expresses her feelings of some problems but mata santoshi calms her.
Devi polomi is shouting & explaining lohitasoor to not to do such thing again as mahadev is all three lok’s ultimate powerful god & mata paravati has half the power of him so she would had destroyed you immediately. Gurudev also comes to explain lohitasoor while devi polomi tells him whatever gurudev is saying is right & we only have motive of finishing devi santoshi so to go there now & complete your job.
Indresh’s father is asking his wife what happened because of quietness & she is pleading him that again this will not happen & he is cursing him.
Swati & indresh are discussing why to help such people in family for trying to bring togetherness which is useless as they play tricks behind us.
Indresh’s father asks abhay to give paan & his father offers it to his mother cursing her & explaining grandmother which she feels joking & he hands over the paan & leaves.
Swati tries to go but indresh stops her saying they all want this itself that you should leave this house but she tells him to leave my hands & I won’t eat food so do not come behind me. Indresh is praying his god mahadev for help to make him convince swati & he is expressing his depression of his life also. Indresh gets happy praising mahadev as he understands & signals him from his photo to indresh as it contains child between mahadev & paravati & indresh gets idea & prays mahadev.
Indresh goes to his mother expressing about swati feeling uneasy due to health as she is vomiting so to please give some solution but she refuses saying why should I & he says fine then I’ll ask her mother as I thought you too might give some tips anyways I’ll leave & as he is going then his mother feels is she pregnant & gets shocked & confused while indresh feels glad thinking this trick must have worked.
Indresh is thinking looking at swati that once mother understands she will be getting a child then she will keep her on her eyelashes & may love her the most.
Swati wakes seeing indresh still awake & she asks him while he is explaining her that we have to start our life now to move ahead with but she refuses to not to think now as still family members have not accepted us yet so to not to think much & sleep but he is still confused.
Indresh’s father & his son abhay are discussing about their business while his mother comes & his father asks her where is your son indresh or is he planning something while she is thinking that what he’ll plan now as he has already done what he wished & I was trying to take out this girl out of the house but how she’ll go now if she is pregnant & his father is still asking her why you are so quiet while indresh arrives with fruits & grandmother asks him how come so much fruits & he tells her it’s needed for swati then sister-in-law says what about which are there in fridge & he says lot of people won’t like giving it to swati so these are for her & his father says yes as she has clutched you & indresh says it’s because she needs extra health care now to grow her strength in her body & he is confused while indresh also asks silently to his mother while she is quiet.
Indresh’s father asks his mother what he was telling you silently then she keeps mum thinking for so many years there is no child in this house so if he knows this has happened with this girl then do not know how he’ll react so need to tell him later at proper time & her daughter-in-law interferes saying her she heard that he was telling you silently but she curses her instead to keep mum & think why you have not given any child still. Indresh’s father tells his son abhay to check how indresh got money for fruits.
Indresh thinks that this needs to do for sometime as nobody should get doubt on my plan & swati can also be comfortable. Swati asks indresh why so much of fruits & he is explaining her about how fruits give clean & beautiful glow on face & she is confused saying I don’t understand your logic but he calms her & offers fruit to her while his sister was hearing from hiding.
Indresh’s sister comes to inform her about how lovingly indresh is offering fruits to swati & one day she will capture everything while her mother tells her what I have to do as it’s life of indresh & his wife but she says have you accepted her as your daughter-in-law as indresh is hearing from behind.

Precap: Indresh is telling his mother since childhood you have brought me up so to wait till none months only & if you do not accept us then we will go away from this house with our child. Mata santoshi comes asking mahadev that your devotee has taken side of false trick due to which I am feeling uneasy thinking nothing wrong should happen & mahadev replies false trick is taken by him then has to face trouble in future.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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