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Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 26th March 2018 Written Episode Update: Meera Ensnares Payal

Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 26th March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Meera taunts Kanak that good she found here in temple itself, she felt good seeing Kanak doing Ganghor pooja and hope she gets a husband soon and not eye on other’s husbands. Kanak reverts back and says she will find her desired husband, but what about Meera, Meera’s husband should be fair to her and not lie her often. Meera fumes. Uma says sometimes some truth are better hidden, that does not mean he does not love his husband. Kanak says good to see him supporting his wife and tells Meera now that everything is clear, let her clear some more things, she introduces Saras to Meera as her elder nanad. Meera says she knows, so she brought ganghor shagun for her nanad, she will burden her nanad’s in-laws with gold and gifts, let them realize they are Uma’s relatives.

She asks if she will not hug her bhabhisa. Meera asks no as she does not consider her bhabhi, she does not change relationships like clothes. Uma scolds not to misbehave with her bhabhi. Payal says he should scold Meera also for trying to lure her in-laws with gifts, she is happy in a house where her in-laws consider her as daughter than bahu. Meera applies tilak on Uma’s forehead and does his pooja. Uma thinks he has to act to protect Kanak from Meera’s wrath. Meera thihnks Uma is acting good to protect Uma, let him think so. Kanak reminisces doing same rituals to Uma and feels sad.

Payal reaches Meera’s office and says she wants to join work from now itself. Meera congratulates her and asks assistant to take Payal to relaxing room. Aditya is getting face pack by other beautiicians and they apply face pack on his face. Payal sees a man and walks back saying she will not service male clients. Meera convinces her that she has to make adapt change anytime, so she will pay more. Payal says no. Meera says 5 lakhs. Payal says no and walks out. Meera says 12 lakhs. Payal stops hearing that and goes to relaxing room. Beautician asks her to do client’s pedicure and walks away. Payal keeps her mobile on table and starts work. Meera’s assistant silently messages from Payal’s mobile to Ved seeking help, then switches off mobile. Ved gets tensed seeing message and informs Bhabho. They both head towards Uma’s company tracking Payal’s mobile location.

Kanak reaches Meera’s office to discuss govt project. Meera sees her and smirks thinking her plan is working well. Uma joins them. Ved and Bhabo walk in searching Payal. Receptionist says she did not come. Ved says he will search officially and walks in calling Payal. Kanak hears their voice and walks out. Uma realizes Meera has planned something cruel. Kanak asks Ved and Bhabho what happened. Ved says he got a help request from Payal, she is somewhere here. They reach relaxing room. Ved is shocked to see Payal doing someone’s pedicure and shouts. Payal drops hot water on Aditya in fear. Aditya wakes up yelling what the hell and gets happy seeing Payal doing his pedicure. He taunts that is why felt known hands..

Precap: Aditya gives tip to Payal for her service. Kanak slaps Aditya.
Bhabho asks Kanak to decide between family and working with Uma.

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