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Nimki Mukhiya 26th March 2018 Written Episode Update: Tettar shows Nimki and Babbu’s divorce papers

Nimki Mukhiya 26th March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Nimki says to Diamond that your friend Manoj will pay to Tunee’s friend, he broke his bike so now Manoj have to pay for new bike, Nimki leaves. Mai asks Diamond how Babbu got to know that you lied? Sweety says Nimki heard Diamond and must have told Babbu. Grandma says Nimki told him and he went to change his decision? Mai says Nimki is trapping Babbu.

All are happy in village with Babbu’s decision. Tunee says Nimki kept chanting babbu. Ram says Babbu took right decision. Tunee says Nimki should handle head position. Nimki calls Ram, Ram puts on speaker/ Nimki says my Babbu took such right decision, he is so nice. All villagers listen to her and says Babbu did right decision. Bua says Babbu kept our respect. Nimki says Babbu became hero.

Ritu and Babbu comes home.

Babbu says to Tettar that you people keep making me do what you want. Mai says because of Ritu, Babbu had to bow down. Diamond says my friend has to pay now, we bowed to villagers. Tettar slaps him and says you do mistakes and think you are a head. Babbu says enough father, I am not a puppet, I am tired of being a pawn in all this. Ritu says but.. Babbu says stop it, I know how to use gun. Tettar says dont be so angry, its all small things, we cant make things wrong in elections time. Ritu says its all a deal. Sweety says you want use to lose our identity. Babbu says we have been doing compromise, I dont want to be part of politics, to hell with head position and Nimki. Tettar says I know your pain, I am your father, I used to make you sleep at night when you were a child. Ritu says kids forget that. Tettar says its just one month, elections will be done. He takes them to room, Ritu brings out papers. Tettar says there will be elections in one month, let me win that and then everything will be set. He shows them papers. Sweety reads it and says they are divorce papers of Nimki and Babbu. Mai and Babbu are stunned. Tettar says once I become MLA then we will throw Nimki out of house.

Scene 2
Nimki is dancing in her room. She says I want to kiss my husband today.
Mai says really? Tettar asks Sweety to read divorce papers, she doesnt trust me. Sweety says they will be divorced in a month? Ritu says yes. Sweety says but divorce? Ritu says it was all planned for elections, this marriage was not real. Tettar says this news shouldnt leave this room, dont even tell grandma. Mai says dont worry.

Babbu looks at Nimki and says you made my family and villagers happy, be always like this, I love you.. she blushes.

Rekha is watching a show in which they talk about divorce. Nimki watches from porch. Sweety comes there. Servant asks Sweety if she wants to change her bedsheets? Sweety says no need, my life didnt change so leave it. Nimki asks servant to make tea for everyone, she makes snake like action, servant leaves. Nimki says grandma start movie, Rekha says her favorite serial is going on. Nimki says we can watch good movie. Sweety asks her to stop it. Grandma points gun at her, Nimki says that film is very nice. Rekha says you are making fun of grandma. Grandma shoots in her direction. Sweety screams.

PRECAP- Rekha serves breakfast to Babbu, Babbu smiles. Rekha says you are happy today, did you get rid of Nimki? Babbu says I will get that too, papers are ready. Mai and Tettar are stunned that he blurted that.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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