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Mere Sai 26th March 2018 Written Episode Update: Madhav Built School With Sai’s Blessings

Mere Sai 26th March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Kulkarni tells Rukmini that he can do anything to the people who betray him irrespective of their relation with him. Bhama cries and tells Parvati that Kulkarni had thrown their stuff out. Mhalsapati ji says I will talk to Kulkarni with Appa. Madhav asks Bhama to eat the food and says it is all your favorite. Parvati says a mother has fulfilled a daughter’s wish and asks her to have food. Om Sai Plays. Sai smiles.

Appa comes and says Kulkarni’s tortures are increasing day by day and asks him not to leave the village. Parvati gives something to Bhama and asks her to drink. Bayaza says I had sent Tatya to school and says I will bring him back. Madhav says Sai took my promise that kids studies shall not be effected. He tells this to everyone. Mhalsapati recalls Sai telling them to make place in

house and tells everyone. Bhama says everything will be good.

Kids come to school and finds it locked. Jhipri says we shall sit outside and wait for Guru ji. Anta and Banta come there and says we have made your teacher left. Sai comes and says you have moved their teacher from the school, but you can’t moved him out of their heart. They see Madhav coming there running there, and he says I will continue teaching kids. Sai says you will have your own school and asks him to teach in Dwarka Mai. Madhav says how can I teach there as people come there. Sai asks him to make school like Rishis used to have. Madhav takes kids with him.

A boy brings another boy who tells Sai that he told Ram that he got fine with ashes/vibhuti, but he is not believing him. Ram says I study in british school and asks Sai to treat fruit. He says you can’t do and is about to leave. Sai says it is more important to save the tree rather than saving the tree. Ram asks what happened to tree? Sai tells that it is infected and asks him to take vibhuti and put it on tree mixed with water. Ram says you can’t fool educated boy like me. Sai says don’t you miss your Dada ji and says your Dada ji and you had planted it, after his death you couldn’t taken care of it and now it is nearing end. Ram gets emotional and says my Dada ji died 7 years ago, and I miss him. Sai asks him to take care of Dada ji’s last memory, and says you will feel his love in that tree. Ram asks him to give vibhuti and says he will put in the tree and will give new fruits to you. Sai gives vibhuti.

Madhav and his students are searching place for their school. Tatya takes them to a place surrounded by trees and says nobody comes here. Madhav says we will make our school here, it is the same as Sai said. They all clean the place, brings board etc. Kids smile and jumps happily. Anta and banta see them and come to Kulkarni and tell him that Madhav was full of confidence. Kulkarni says I will show him after my return from Ahmednagar. Keshav hears them.

Madhav tells Bhama that everything will happen good. Bhama says they are good people and tells that they have become burden on Mhalsapati ji family. Madhav says he don’t know if he could earn any money from school. Parvati hears and says I was wrong to thank you as my daughter. Bhama hugs her and cries. She says I am worried for my kid as we have nothing to give anything to him. Parvati says children shall have good values to face any situation and says your kid will get Sai’s blessings. She asks Bhama to make God’s clothes for her idol. Banta and Anta decide to trouble Madhav.

Sai comes to Mhalsapati’s house. Parvati asks him to take food. Sai asks her to come with him first. Parvati asks where are you taking me and says she is worried about Bhama. They come to Rehana and Osman’s house who tell them that they need someone to make embroidery on clothes. Parvati says Bhama can do the embroidery. She thinks so Sai have brought me here for this. Sai smiles.

Bhama feels short of thread while doing embroidery work on cloth. She asks Sai to help her. Sai is seen holding the thread.

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