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Kya Hua Tera Vaada? A Nairan Fanfiction ~ Chapter 6

Naina’s POV
I woke up in the morning and saw that I was holding Karan’s hand tightly and he was sleeping on the floor. I removed my hand and looked at him. He looked so cute while sleeping. That was when I realized that I missed him so much. But then I remembered that he was the person who hadn’t trusted me, the person who had a joke out of our relationship, the reason due to which I lost her!

I glanced at him and saw him uncomfortable due to the sunlight, I quickly got up and drew the curtains. I might have changed but I still couldn’t see him uncomfortable or in pain because I loved him! Karan shifted uncomfortably and I quickly put a pillow below his head. He had slept on the floor for me, this was the least I could do for him! I couldn’t even remember why he was here! I tiptoed out of the room so that we wouldn’t be alone in a room together.

Karan’s POV
As soon as Naina exited the room, I opened my eyes. I wasn’t asleep! I wanted to see how Naina would react seeing me. Her habit of caring for me hadn’t gone away even after so many years! She had drawn the curtains and even placed a pillow below my head! She still cared for me after what I had done to her and I had hurt her so much! I knew that I had to get to know about what Naina was saying yesterday. I had many unanswered questions, the biggest being, whom she had lost. I walked downstairs and pulled Pankti to the corner. She was visibly very shocked to see me.

“Shhhh! I won’t harm you! I just have a question!”

“What question?”

“Who is Doctor Abha?”

“Doctor Abha? She was Naina Maasi’s personal doctor!”

“Where will I find her?”

“I will answer this question only if you answer my question.”

“What is your question?”
“Who are you? I mean, how are you related to Naina Maasi?”

“I-I am your Mausa. Actually, no! I’m your Chachu.”

“Chachu? And why did you even think that you’re Mausa? I don’t remember Mausa’s face but I hate him! He’s the worst person in this universe, he made Maasi suffer so much!”

“You don’t remember your Mausa ji?”

“I was 6 or 7 when Mausa left. He just abandoned my Maasi. Maasi used to cry every single day because of him! I hate him! I don’t respect him so he doesn’t deserve that “ji”. Wait a minute, did you say you’re my Chachu?”

“Yes! I’m your Chachu!”

“How? I mean, Papa’s brother is dead, right?”

“Your Papa told you that I am dead?”

“Yes, he said that Chachu is dead for us. I don’t know what he meant by that!”

“What would you do if I said that I’m your Mausa?”

“If you did, I would slap you and scold you for making Maasi go through so much pain! Anyways, your answer is that Doctor Abha stays at Sunshine Locality.”

I took a deep breath, “Pankti, I am your Mausa! Trust me, I’ll make everything fine. I’m sorry for everything-!”

I felt a sting on my cheek.

“How dare you? How could you enter this house after everything you’ve done?”

Naina came running when she heard Pankti screaming. She understood what had happened when she saw me holding my cheek and Pankti looking at me with hatred and disgust. She tried to calm down Pankti but wasn’t exactly successful. Pankti stormed upstairs and closed her door with a bang.

Naina looked at me and shouted, “If you want us to live peacefully, get out!”

Khyati supported Naina saying, “Bhai, please! You’ve hurt Bhabhi enough! I didn’t have any choice yesterday or else I wouldn’t have called you!”

I walked out of the house, hurt. I walked to Sunshine Locality and inquired about Doctor Abha. Finally, I rang the bell and waited outside.

A girl of 25-26 years opened the door. I was suprised as I was expecting someone older. I introduced myself and explained the reason of my coming. Her reply shocked me. I collapsed on the floor with a thud while she looked at me with no sympathy. I understood why, everyone hated me. I couldn’t believe that Naina had hidden this truth from me for such a long time. She had gone through so much because of me!

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