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Ikyawann 26th March 2018 Written Episode Update: Susheel and Satya have a tiff

Ikyawann 26th March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Kali and Gulabo taking to Susheel’s family about Shivam’s marriage. Mehul says even if bidaai is happening from your house, we will do all decorations. Soumya helps. Susheel says this is your house, you will get married and go in few days. Soumya says its fine, I m used to doing all this, I m an orphan. She takes some bag. Her pic falls. Susheel gives her the pic and says I will pamper you a lot. Soumya worries. Kali says don’t be worried for Susheel, she is happy there, she is managing everything well, she handles Satya well, she got many changes in him. He asks her is she saying truth. She says yes, Leela has changed a lot because of Susheel. Leela takes the pic and says show me. Soumya throws the pic in flower pot. She then presses it in soil and gets it. She says it got

soil on it, I didn’t wish to show this, I was looking fat in this. Leela laughs. Susheel asks her to settle in her room. Soumya takes her bags. She throws the pic near bin.

Susheel thinks what happened to Satya, why did he behave so. Satya hides sand goes to kitchen. He takes paratha and chole. He hears Sejal coming and runs with the paratha roll. Sejal keeps the food back in fridge. She sees microwave on. She smiles and thinks Satya is eating parathas. Satya collides with Soumya. He helps her. She puts her dress string in his watch. He says I will help you, I will keep this in your room. She says no, I will manage. He walks away. Her dress threads start loosing down and open up when he goes far. She smiles and goes to her room. She pulls the thread to make Satya notice. She opens her backstring and smiles. Satya notices the thread and says what’s this. He goes to see. Susheel calls him out and says he is avoiding me. She goes after him. Satya holds the thread and goes to Soumya’s room. Soumya sees him coming and quickly wraps the threads around her neck. She act like she is getting strangled. Satya gets shocked and runs to help. He tries to break the threads. She screams and faints. He falls on the bed with her. He asks her to relax and pulls away the threads. Susheel asks Leela did she see Satya.

Leela says I saw him going towards guest room. They see the thread lying and go to see what is it. Susheel and Leela get shocked seeing Satya with Soumya. Susheel shouts Satya…… She moves Satya away and asks why didn’t you tell me. He says she is getting strangled, I m helping her. She says just go away. He asks why are you asking me to leave. Susheel helps Soumy and breaks the threads knot. Satya gives her water. She says I said go away. He says I m helping her, what do you think, what am I doing here. She says she is my would be Bhabhi, just go. Soumya smiles. He goes. Susheel says take some rest and then change clothes, okay, sorry for the trouble, take care. She goes. Leela thinks Soumya has made me happy by this game. Satya asks seriously, were you thinking I was trying to do something wrong, did you think so, if that’s the case, I don’t want to come in front of you, you are just so disgusting. He goes. Soumya smiles hearing them. Leela says your ideas are wonderful as me. Soumya says it was difficult, but I had to do this for you, it was important to do, to make a place in guy’s heart, its imp to play with his feelings.

Leela says we have to do this quickly, game will spoil if Susheel gets doubtful. Soumya says this time you have to help me, you have to bring me closer to Satya, any outing, dinner, or picnic. Leela says fine. Soumya says we have to increase their tension, Susheel has much patience, we have to break her patience, I have to attract Satya to know if he is interested me or not. Leela says he will be drawn to you. Susheel overpours the water. Sejal asks Susheel what is she thinking. Susheel says Satya… Sejal asks why did you guys fight, about Soumya? Susheel asks how do you know.

Sejal says I had seen your expressions, I m on Satya’s side, anyone would prefer burger over oats paratha, Satya has stolen a paratha some time back, he is not much friendly, he doesn’t express feelings easily, he has own style of talking, when two people love each other, when there is an issue, point of view matters, you should seen see positive side of the matter. Susheel thanks her and says you talk wisely as Soumya. Sejal says don’t get her between us. They hug. Sejal says don’t you think Soumya is too perfect. Susheel says you need to change your point of view, I will go and talk to Satya. Satya hits the punching bag. Susheel comes there and says I want to talk to you. She comes close and gets hit by the bag. She falls back. He holds her in arms and says Susheel…. She faints.

Satya says I was helping Soumya, when you asked me what am I doing there, I didn’t feel bad. Susheel apologizes. Soumya looks on and thinks to do some drama.

Update Credit to: Amena

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