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Ek Ladki Anjani Si – Ragsan OS

Hey folks! Hope u guys are doing well. Sorry for not updating Saadi Love Story. Kya karoon exams, projects, assignments…uffff! But I’ll try to be regular from next month and I’ll update Saadi Love Story next week for sure. Promise…iss baar pakka promise!! Enough of my blabbering…

She came walking into my office, in her full work attire; as usual getting ready for another day of work with me, Sanskar Kapoor, as my co-manager. I could tell she detested me, from day one. The day I started my career here at the Khanna Industries.

Her name was Ragini Khanna, the only daughter of the owner of the company; Shekhar Khanna.

I didn’t quite understand why she hated me so much, but I knew that I had a totally opposite feeling towards her. I’was falling in love with her.

This feeling struck me when I first saw her, which was about six months ago, but she hated me, which didn’t really seem odd to me, because her friend, Kavya, told me she reacted like this with the new people she met.

But all I cared was to see her everyday in my office, who cared if we couldn’t talk to each other verbally, at least we could talk with our eyes. Well that’s what I thought.

The only words I used to hear from her voice were insults, but even those sounded like music to my ears. Each day, I’d get to hear a new insult about me, it delighted me, because that was the only time we actually talked.

I couldn’t wait to hear her insult today, especially cuz today was my birthday.


I was surprised; today she came straight to my desk, with a gift wrapped in wrapping paper in her hand.

“Happy Birthday Mr. Kapoor” She said, in a sarcastic tone.

“Thank you Ragini’” I responded.

“No problem’ Oh haan, yeh ek chota sa taufa aapke liye’” She handed me that gift.

“Thanks Ragini, lekin tumhe mere liye yeh karne ki koi zaururat nahin thi’”

“Pata hai, lekin maine socha ki aapko yeh gift bhaut acha lage ga’” She said, with a smirk.

I knew something was wrong there, so I quickly unwrapped the present and saw what was inside it.

It was a book’ What? A book? Since when do I read books? Anyhow, the book was called.

“30 Reasons Why Employees Hate Their Boss”

I was stunned, no wonder Ragini hated me, because she thinks I took her Manager spot, and she had to be the Co-Manager.

“I hope you liked the gift Mr. Kapoor! I’m sure isse aapko bhaut saare tips milenge!” she exclaimed sarcastically.

“Um, ‘thank you for the gift!” I said to her retreating back as she was walking towards her desk.

“Hmph! You’re not welcome!” She said in anger, and stormed out of the room.

I let out a little laugh, she was a crazy girl I tell you, but she was MY crazy girl. No one else could have her; she was mine, sirf aur sirf meri!

Ragini was not like the other type of girls, woh bilkul anjaani si thi…’

Okay’ those who think this one-shot did not make sense AT ALL please raise your hands! I know I’m gonna raise mine, cuz it really does not make sense, so please leave your honest opinions (which means criticism!) It’s like 11 o’clock at night, and my brain isn’t really functioning quite well, so I just wrote what was on the top of my mind, so please tell me, if it was bekaar, cuz honestly I think it was! Anyways its up to  you to decide!

Take care, stay happy, stay healthy, stay busy, stay blessed, stay loved, keep shining, keep smiling, be confident & you’re beautiful the way you’re… yourself!!!!!!!


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