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Aise kaise jaane doon! Episode-58

Recap: accident..taking Naina to the hospital.. everyone blaming themselves for the incident.. Kunal informs the families… Karan getting Naina’s ornaments ..
Episode: 58

Karan opens the packet and takes a look at each ornament. These were what she wore. Those ornaments that merely supported her beauty. Her smile was the brightest and the most beautiful ornament that she always wore. Reminiscing her smiles he started crying once again. He held the ornament tightly in his fist. He kept everything back into the packet and hugged it. And rested his head to the wall and cried.
Soon a nurse and a doctor came out.
Karan jumped onto his feet. And walked up to him.
Karan: doctor? How’s Naina?
Doc: actually.. Mr. Karan, she had lost a lot of blood on the way. Her blood group is AB+ve and we need someone who could donate…
Karan spoke up immediately,” I can donate.”
Meghna was really happy that her sister was lucky to have Karan by her side.
Nurse took him along with her to another room.
The rest of the Chauhan’s arrived at the hospital in 3 to 4 cars.
They walked up as fast as they could. While Sandhya had her victory walk, yet she walked faster as she was eager to see her outcome- devastated sight of the entire family!
Nirmala and Dadaji walked in fact jogged toward Karan. While NK had been following them closely. Karan was back after he donated blood. The nurse had suggested him to rest in the room but he refused.
He wanted to sit right in front of the OT. Khyati got up seeing them. Dadaji and Nirmala sat on the either side of Karan.
Nirmala: Karan?
She tried to bring him back to reality.
Karan looked at his mum. He couldn’t control, he fell onto her shoulders and cried his heart out.
Karan: Ma.. Sab mere vajah se ho raha hein. ( everything is happening because of me)
Nirmala rubs her son’s back.
Nirmala: No.. Karan.. stop crying! It not your fault! It is no one’s fault!
Dadaji keeps his hand on Karan’s shoulder.
Dadaji: Karan beta, nothing will happen to Naina beta. Bhagwan sab teekh kar denge! (God will make everything better)

Karan broke the hug. He looked at Dadaji and gave him a weak smile as he had nothing to say in return. Karan now looked ahead. “Bhagwan” the word echoed in his ears. He gathered himself and picked himself up from the bench. He managed to stand up. He looked around to find Khyati standing right next to Dadaji, Sakshi and Meghna on the floor-consoling each other, Kunal standing at the end of the corridor on the phone, Sandhya was on the other side busy on her phone too. NK was standing next to the bench, his hands in the pocket, wearing a worried, confused and sad face under a mask of ‘I don’t give a damn!’

Karan noticed it.
He reminisces Naina telling him,” Karan why don’t you try talking to your dad?”
He was heading ahead, ignoring his dad. But he stopped in front of NK and looked at him.
NK looked at him. With a question mark on his face.
Karan stepped forward and stretched his hands out, wide.
NK was surprised.
NK didn’t hesitate any further. He embraced his son. He felt sorry for whatever he had told his son in the past times.
NK had always screamed, ” That girl Nidhi had you spoiled for life! She thought she was too brilliant to trap you in her so called love!! Little did she know that in her game of becoming a Chauhan bahu she would loose her life! She has ruined my son! Look at him. He has 0 concentration in his studies. He has become extremely careless and useless. You have successfully managed to pass with some safe marks. God knows how you gained those either. It was actually better if that girl wasn’t alive. I don’t understand how Kunal doesn’t face all this?” Karan had been crying, he looked up at Kunal and glared at him. “It was all his fault” the only thing Karan had to say! But he always kept quiet back then. Later NK had blames Nirmala and soon it passed on to being Naina’s fault. But really soon she had proved to NK that she wasn’t Karan’s weakness but his strength! His support system. The best he could have chosen for his son. Accidentally!

After a tight hug, Karan released him from the hug. And felt immense relief. But NK had few words to say.
NK: Beta, I’m sorry for all the harsh words I had said against Nidhi. And this is the second time such an incident is taking place. I know how much you care about your people. Probably I was just blinded by you dead future. I saw the change in you when I saw Naina with you. I forgot how to accept someone with their flaws. When you needed me the most, I had turned my back towards you. I was never there for you. I’m sorry, beta!
NK said and broke down.
Karan and NK hugged each other again and cried.
All the family members looked at them with tears of sadness and smile of happiness that arrived at the same time on their face. While Sandhya was hell shocked. And now she feels like her plans aren’t still working.
Karan broke the hug and walked away. Kunal stopped him at the end of the corridor.
Kunal: Brother.. where are you going?
Kunal kept his hand on his brother’s shoulders. Karan took Kunal hand from his shoulder into his hand and replied in an assuring manner.
Karan: Don’t worry I’m going to the temple I’ll be back in a while. Take care of all of them. And if the doctor says anything…
Kunal didn’t let him complete. He hugged immediately and released him after giving him a press while hugging.
Kunal: you don’t have to tell me.. I will inform you for sure.
Karan walked off.
Really soon he reached the gurudwar. He looked at the temple from out.
It had been years since he had entered here. He couldn’t believe he was going in there.
Suddenly music filled his ears. He looked to his right to find a small platform where a music troupe was sitting.

The words pricked his heart. He walked into the temple thinking of the two women he had in his life. He lost one. He didn’t want to loose the other one. He couldn’t afford to.
The song continued in the background.
He walked up and prayed.
He wanted her back! Back to his life! He couldn’t live without her.

Tears flowed down as he remembered Naina’s smiling faces. They way she talked. The way she giggled, the way she laughed. The way she brushed her hair aside. The way her hair played in the wind. Her twinkling eyes. Her cute pink lips that curve into a smile.
There would be no reason for him to live if she left him alone. The only person who supported him for all the things he did. She always stood by him. When he heard the lyrics- (Mere saiyyaa bhi tu…..ab tere bina Mein jao kahan ?) he had felt broken!
An old man walked towards him. He kept his hand on his shoulder.
Old man: Aise lagtha hein ki tumhare dil Mein bohoth dard hein…Tumhari aakhon Mein pyaar se judha hone ki dhukh hein.. aur tum ek aashiq ho.. tum Bhagwan ke dar par khade ho,beta. Unse mang lo woh pyaar! Aur woh sathon janmon tak tumhe aur tumhare pyaar ko ek sath rakhenge! (It looks like your heart is carrying heavy pain and your eyes have the sadness of being parted from your loved one.. and you are a lover! Son, you are standing at god’s doorstep. Ask him for that love! And he will grant you that love for the next 7 births)

His eyes shined as he realised that…..He loved her! Yes he did!
He was walking towards the exit after prayers, when he stopped and told himself.
Karan:oh yes.. I do love Naina! I love her!
He said in a low voice.
Excitement increased when he realised how stupid he was to realise it soo late.
He almost screamed.
Karan: I love you Naina!!!!
When the whole crowd moving around stopped and gave him a weird look.
He turned pink. He was embarrassed. He walked away from there.

He soon walked out of there. He looked at the troupe.
Only if god had understood how important Naina was for him. How much she meant to him. The only thing wanted to pray for was her well being! That’s it.
He hoped that god would have heard his prayers. He turned around and looked at the religious building once again.
And suddenly he got a call.
Karan picked it up.
Karan: Hello? Bhai?
Kunal: Karan! Jaldi aaja!

Precap: 😬😬😬😬😁😁😁 EEEEEEEE!
You’ll know soon!
Yeah.. ok! Naina is alright..nothing serious happened.. nothing extra serious so don’t worry!😅😁

thank you so much for your love and support guys! Love you guys a lot! 😭😘❤️

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