Zoya was standing near the large glass window of her room and was looking at nothing in particular. She was thinking about the twists and turns of life and the game of destiny. Never in her wildest dreams had she thought of loving someone other than Yash. That dreadful call she had attended three years back had changed her life. She was now in a different place away from the mountains; those mountains that fascinated her earlier were now a distant memory that she wanted to forget forever. Her hand unknowingly went to her neck where nuptial chain was tied with ‘AZ’ embroidered on it.

She remembered how they had met for the first time. They were fighting over a stupid gramophone which meant a lot to them back then. Their choice was quite similar and so were their thoughts. She then thought of his red angry eyes that she had witnessed on the day of the accident. She still shivered by the thought of his wrath that day. He was angry, angry for failing as a husband. No one could understand his cold and hurting behavior other than her as she was also going through the same obnoxious pain. He acted to be strong in front of the world but he was very much hurt by Pooja’s betrayal. He lashed out his anger on Zoya whenever their paths would cross. Zoya brought back the memories of Pooja and Yash’s relation. He was too broken to accept the fact that Zoya was also going through the same pain. He hated Zoya from the bottom of his heart for actually no reason. He went to the extent of buying Yash’s drowning company to avenge her. He was deeply affected from the happenings of his life.

Zoya was a naïve girl back then and is still the same. Her nature was so soft and gullible that it was difficult for her to accept the fact that Yash had an extra- marital affair. She was trying to clear off things from the mess her life was in. She was docile and Yash took advantage of it. He molded Zoya in the way he wanted her to be by giving her the lavish lifestyle. She, being an innocent creature, thought it to be his love. Her trust was broken the day she saw his dead body with Pooja, but still her heart believed Yash to be faithful. She was traumatized by the fact that just opened up in her life. She was not ready to accept anything. She understood everything to be a deceit of eyes or ‘aankhon ka dhoka’. Everyone pointed a finger on Yash’s character but she still held her opinion firmly which irritated Aditya. He made it a goal of his life to make Zoya realize her so called husband’s truth.

Aditya and Zoya were not completely out of the shock they had received, when Mr.Hooda and Mr.Siddhique indulged in a business deal. The two famous business tycoons were dealing for the first time. Mr.Hooda was very indifferent to his family. He had cheated on his wife and Mrs.Hooda, though aware of the fact, kept quiet for the reputation of Hooda family. Mr.Hooda had put forth a condition for signing the deal. He wanted Aditya and Zoya to marry. He was afraid of the intense rude behavior of Aditya in public. It was harmful for his reputation and business. He thought that Aditya would stop his mindless acts after he had some responsibilities. He had thus put forth this condition with his business partner Mr.Siddhique.

Mr.Siddhique was not a money minded person. He was disgusted with the thought of marrying her daughter for a business deal and was going to reject the offer made by Mr.Hooda. He then shared this with his wife. They talked about it and analyzed the situation from every possible aspect. They found the offer to be fruitful for Zoya. Mr.Siddhique wanted her daughter to move ahead in her life and flush the memories of Yash. He thought that Zoya would remove her older memories when the she will create the new ones. He thus accepted the offer making it very clear that his decision was not influenced by the amount of profit he would receive from this project but by the welfare of his daughter.

Mrs.Hooda and Mrs.Siddhique had a tough time convincing their kids for the marriage. Even Noor (Zoya’s sister) and Arjun (Aditya’s brother) agreed to the decision and were engaged in convincing their siblings. Aditya melted when Mrs.Hooda folded her hands in front of him. He could not see his mother in a terrible state as she was caught by her husband from one side and her son from the other. He finally gave up and confided by the decision. Zoya also said a yes as her father emotionally blackmailed her. He had never asked anything from Zoya and thus she had to now abide by his wish. Aditya and Zoya were tied in an unwanted relation by the nuptial chain that he made her wear and the legal papers they signed called the marriage documents that stated them to be husband and wife. He hated her and she had no feelings for him. Neither hate nor love.

Her thoughts were disturbed when she heard the sounds of lightning and thunder. She withdrew the curtains and went to bed. It was 8:00 pm. Aditya was supposed to come home by now. She waited for him with insecurities developing in her heart with every passing minute. ‘Yaah Allah Aditya ko surakshit rakhna’ she prayed. She lay down on the bed when she was again lost in her world of memories.

The flash back of her first day in the Hooda house was playing in her mind. She came in this house at afternoon. She was welcomed by Mr.Hooda, Mrs.Hooda and Arjun. She saw that Mr.Hooda was a very self centered person. Mrs.Hooda and Arjun were good to her as they knew about the deal. Aditya was missing after marriage. No one knew where he was. After the rituals of Grahpravesh, Arjun took her around the house and introduced her to everyone. He was sweet and well disciplined man. She was comfortable with him. Mrs.Hooda was also very caring and loving. She felt complete opposite environment in this house than that in Yash’s house where Mahi used to accuse her. She wondered that why Pooja was not happy in this house where her in-laws loved her as a daughter and her husband was also very loving and carrying? The day passed with getting acquainted with everyone and everything in the new house as well as life.

It was night and she was sitting on the bed when the door of her room opened and she saw a completely drunk Aditya struggling to enter. She went to help him and he collapsed right in her arms. His heavy unconscious form was leaning on her small terrified one. She had dragged him to the bed with a lot of difficulty and made him lay down. He was blabbering something in his state of unconsciousness. She removed his shoes and jacket and covered him with the quilt. She lay on the bed besides him with eyes wide open. She could not afford to sleep as her memories with Yash would come back to her. She had her back facing towards Aditya. Her eyes were watery when she felt a tight force on her waist. She turned around and found Aditya engulfing her in his tight embrace. His face was dug in the crock of her neck and his breath was fanning her right cheek. She attempted to get out of his hold but he was too strong. She gave up at last and slept peacefully digging herself in his chest more. That was the first night when they slept peacefully after the accident. Their vicinity made them forget their sorrows and pain.

The days converted into weeks and weeks into months. Aditya tried to hate Zoya and hurt her but he ended getting pain himself. He did not know why he could not see Zoya suffering. It pained him much when he saw her struggle. They would sleep in each other’s embrace at night as it provided relief to them. They were so much used to each other that their presence needed no acknowledged of words. They could feel each other. It was something that they had never experienced with their partners before. It was new feeling and a new bond. They had been friends for a long time and now were feeling for each other.

One day, out of nowhere, Mahi busted in the Hooda Mansion. She spat venom on Zoya as now Yash’s company which was handled by Zoya was one of the leading firms in its field. She knew her family would stand for her but it was not required as Aditya was enough. He lashed out on Mahi and warned her to stay away from ‘his wife’. Zoya was protected by her husband but the words Mahi spoke hurt her. She was happy for get a loving family. She did not regret her decision of marring Aditya. The thing that troubled her was that she could still not believe Yash’s betrayal. She got one of the biggest shocks of her life when she found a dairy in the store room. It was of Pooja. She read the dairy and came to know that Yash and Pooja had an affair before they got married. They loved each other but Pooja had to marry Aditya under pressure from her mother. Yash also married Zoya as she was innocent and easily deceivable. He purposely kept Zoya in Mussoorie so that she would never come to know about his affair. Yash and Pooja acted to be happily married and had an excellently hidden extra- marital affair. They were happy in their dreamland unaware of the fact that the truth would come out in the form of death. They were lucky to leave the world with their loved ones.

Aditya started to love Zoya. He wanted to confess his feelings to her but he waited for the time when she could accept Yash’s betrayal. He knew that she still did not accept it and he made no attempts to make her believe. He relied on time to do that job. He used to think in his free time that why would Yash deceive such an innocent girl? He gave the responsibilities of Yash’s company to her as he knew that it would give her happiness and he could do anything for her happiness. He helped her whenever she got stuck somewhere and they had crossed the lines of friendship. They felt for each other more than a friend which was evident to the whole family.

One fine day when he entered his room after his flight landed, he saw his love crying. After much of persuasion, Zoya spoke about the dairy. He was happy that Zoya came to know about the truth and also sad that the truth broke her. He held onto her the whole night after a tiresome journey. She shed her tears on his shoulder and at last fell asleep in his arms. Their embrace had its magic. She was now clear about her feelings for Aditya and was ready to accept it. Aditya and Zoya confessed their love to each other and consummated their marriage. They were happy in their lives with their actual soul mates.

She was once again disturbed when the door opened and she saw Aditya coming in. She glanced at the watch and it was 10:00 pm. He was two hours late but she knew that the weather conditions were bad due the heavy rains. She saw that he was completely wet from head to toe.

Z: Aditya how did you get wet? Please take a shower or else you will catch cold. Aditya did as told and came out after changing into his night wears. Zoya dried his wet head with the towel and asked about his flight. They had some talks and then they drifted to sleep.

Aditya was very carrying when it came to Zoya as she was two months pregnant. He did not let her stress with work. He was with her every time she needed him. He never left her alone and took a break from his pilot job. He was busy in being a very protective husband and a responsible daddy. He made Zoya exercise daily and also maintained strictness when she showed disinterest in taking medicines. He also completed all her wishes as she craved due to her pregnancy. They had a wonderful time of those nine months. Their love deepened in those nine months. Everyone in the house pampered her and did not let her do anything. Noor and Arjun’s wedding was held when she was in her third month. All of them strictly prohibited her from doing anything and Aditya was always with her to keep a check on her. She was thanking her Allah for giving all these happiness to her.

Aditya accompanied Zoya to her medical checkups regularly. All the time he was more nervous than Zoya and she had to pacify him. They were leading a good life and were truly happy in their marriage which was actually an unwanted one. Soon Aditya and Zoya were blessed with a baby girl whom they named ‘Tammana’.
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