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Love Story Of Demi-Jinn And Ayaana ~ Destined To Be ONE – Episode 11

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The episode starts with Aman crying bitterly thinking about Roshni, he remembers all their past moments and how Roshni had saved his life, risking her own life. He gets up weakly and starts moving forward. All the family members come towards him, Dadi asks him, “Where are you going Aman, look at you, you are hardly in a state to move!!!” Aman says, “I have to go DADI!! I have to go the JINAAD’S PALACE, I have to save Roshni!!!” Parveen shouts, “AMAN!!!! Don’t risk your life for that courtesan!!!” Aman turns shouts back, “AMMI!!!!” and turns into his demi-jinn form, all are shocked!!! Parveen is astonished. Dadi comes and catches, “Aman calm down yourself, it is your Ammi!!!” while Aman does not listen to her, pushes her and moves forward to Parveen.

In Juniad’s Palace, Roshni is in unconscious state is locked inside a big prison, inside the prison, water droplets are leaking from the wall above, one of them falls on Roshni’s face, she awakens but does open her eyes, flashes of the previous events waver in her mind. She calls out, “KHAN BABA”, Aman’s footsteps stop, he could sense Roshni’s voice, he closes his eyes, Roshni still unconscious calls out again, “KHAN BABA!!!”, tears roll down Aman’s face and slowly he turns into his HUMAN FORM, all are bewildered.

Dadi says, “It is IMPOSSIBLE!!!!, once Aman turns into a DEMI-JINN, it is absolutely impossible for him turn back into HUMAN!!!But how did this happen???”, Aman turns back and says, “Roshni is calling me, I need to go to her!!!  I NEED TO GO!!!” Adaa is disgusted, while Aman’s whole family feel concerned for him, ask him to stop, but he does not stop, and continues weakly forward. Finally, Parveen says, “Aman, TUJHE MERI KASAM, STOP!!!” Aman stops. Parveen continues, “Roshni is not the ONLY PERSON IN YOUR LIFE, AMAN!!! Your family here is wailing for you seeing you risking your life for that….” She stops and then continues, “…for that girl!!! Do you remember what Saima’s in-laws had demanded???” Aman looks towards Saima and becomes saddened and remembers, how her in-laws wanted her marriage to be done at the earliest due to a medical emergency at their house. Aman comes towards Saima, holds her hands and says, “I’m sorry Saima, your BHAIJAN became so SELFISH, that he forgot all about HIS SISTER.” Saima feels sorry for Aman, hugs him and cries bitterly. Chotu and Sara join her. Then Aman looks straight into Parveen’s eyes and says, “Two days, within two days, I will make Saima’s NIKAH happen with all the rituals and then, no matter whom even ALLAH cannot stop me from finding Roshni!!!” Parveen eyes fill with tears on hearing him. As he starts to go inside with the family, he sees Salma, he tells “Don’t worry, YOUR DAUGHTER WILL SOON BE BACK!!!” Salma nods back in tears.

In Jinaad’s Palace

Rakh Jinn appears in front of Sifrati Jinn, she is wounded due to Aman’s attack, she bows in front him saying, “HAIL TO HIM GREATEST OF ALL JINNS”, Jinn sees her, and notices her wounds, but since he is powerless, he is unable to heal her. He goes to his cupboard and takes a giant bottle of red potion, he pours one drop on her and soon Rakh Jinn is healed, she smirks.

In Aman’s home

Aman still wounded, is taking off his clothes in pain, he notices his chest deeply scratched and bleeding, he calls out, “Roshni!!! Please pass on a towel!!!”, then all of a sudden, he realises the absence of Roshni, his eyes fill with tears reminiscing how he had treated Roshni badly just before their engagement!!!” Baazigar flies onto his shoulder, and rubs his head on Aman’s face, Aman asks him, “You miss that crazy girl, huh!! I miss her….” He stops himself from saying, and continues, it’s been just a few minutes that we have been separated Roshni, but still every second I’m only thinking of you as if my every breath carries your NAME!!! What will happen to me when you go away forever from me Roshni!!!” He then remembers how Jinn had kidnapped her. His face starts sweating, his eyes turn red and his eyesbrows frown, Baazigar again rubs his face onto his. He stops himself, and a tear falls from his eyes, as he says, “I will come soon Roshni!!!!!”, his voice reaches Roshni’s ears and she opens her eyes.


To be continued

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