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Twinj: In love with an unknown (last shot)

I am feeling sad for such a mess response anyways here is the next and last shot

Shot 05:

She took baby steps towards the exit and the combat between heart and the mind still continued.
‘Will he be there??’
‘For sure!! It’s a heart thing you won’t understand,’ brain received a proper scold from heart.

Twinkle, didn’t dare to look up, slowly she moved out with her eyes completely focused on the ground. Her eyes were not ready to take up the blames of not finding him in its sight of vision. Her heart trembled as she neared the exit way and all of a sudden a fierce voice cracked up her ears ending all the combats within her.

‘Twinkle….’He called out, her name felt soo strange yet sweet from his mouth. His intense voice grounded her on the spot but she didn’t dare to turn around and have a look at him as she had created enough blunder.

Tired of no response he came and stood infront of her, the whole world around them was busy and full of chaos but for them it sounded like a complete silence before death. This time she had no other choice than facing him, slowly she looked up meeting the never ending feelings of his gaze. It felt quite strange!! She could easily read him through his eyes.

‘We need to talk’ He said and in no time he took her away from the place, driving to the far away place where only two of them can be seen. The whole drive was silent, she neither said anything nor she opposes his act, it still felt like a day dream. He was busy sorting out his words to speak to her.

Finally they stopped at a far away place, he stepped out of the car and she followed him. He leaned over a nearby rock and she stood supporting herself to the car.
‘I am…..’
‘Kunj…..I mean kunj Sarna’ she completed.
‘You know me!!’ It was not a question.
‘I do’ she said with a little awkwardness.
‘I am here to see you’ He came to the point. ‘And….yesterday I wasn’t sure..’
‘I love you’ she confessed shocking him. Next second she was also equally shocked by her sudden choice of words. She realised the fact that it was an act of her heart and her mind didn’t even tried stopping it.
‘Huh!!….’ He had no words this time but he seemed more controlled and determined than her, it felt like he read her directly through her heart. ‘But….I am sorry’ his words shocked her. He took a pause reading her expressions and smiled to himself,  ‘I always wanted to confess first and how can you just do that’ He spoke.
It took few seconds for her to register his words and in no time he grabbed her into his embrace stroking her soft hair. There was a complete silence, she hugged him back and their hearts spoke for a very longtime in silence.

Silence has so many things to say and all you need is a Heart to listen to the bound secrets!!

It was a moment where the rare combo of eyes filled with tears showered the feelings for eachother and the happiness filled their hearts.

Something dawned upon her and she pushed him away,’You took soo long!!’ She complained as he smiled.
‘Its not me, it’s you who needed some time. I knew you liked me from the day we met and the condition was same with me also’ He said.
‘Then….how come you left without a word??’
‘You are saying this as if I ditched you, we never talked. Don’t forget!!’ Both of them bursted out into a laughter.
‘I just met you and it feels like I know you from soo many years’ she said.
‘But I always lived with you, from the day I left you were always with me,’ He smiled.
‘I thought you will remain as a stranger for me’.
‘No….I am not. I was just a person you never knew’ He answered.
‘No…I was in love with you so I know you very well then why will I end up like this with you’ she said.
‘You loved a stranger??’ He laughed.
‘Nope….I was in love with an unknown’ she said.
‘Was?’ He questioned.
‘Was….I am and forever’ she said as a sweet smile surrounded them.

A beautiful sunset witnesses their love and the promised sunrise gave a bundle of hope for their new life.

Love is not complex, you should believe that you deserve love. It equally depends on you and on the person who stands infront you.

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