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Tere pyar mein… Raglak (Part 4)

Next day Shemish got married. Even though the function was simple the happiness was huge. Swaragini was the happiest. At last they have a proper family now, and were much more excited as they are sisters officially. The day was fun filled.


Everyone was having dinner, and was chatting happily.

Rag: Papa, I, I was thinking of joining back in college, now that….

The atmosphere became unpleasant suddenly and Lakah who till then was staring at Ragini looked down.

He was guilty.

Shek: Ok, join back on Monday.

There was a silence, no one wanted to speak a word. Swara looked around and thought to lighten the atmosphere.

Swa: Ragini, tomorrow is Saturday right, what about a movie???

Ragini looked at Shekar.

Shek: It is  a nice idea, you both go for movie, and then have fun.

Shomi: Should return only by evening.

She winks at the girls.

Swara beamed and Ragini managed a smile.

Swa: Really Ma, then we are going to roam around, and we will go to that new theater then.

Shek: But it is almost 1 hour journey in bus.

Swa: So what baba, anyway you guys allowed us to stay out till evening, so…

Shek: Still, that far,

Shomi: Ok girls then take Laksh too with you, Laksh you are ok with it right??

He simply nodes.

Shek: Ok then go.

Rag: But Swara,

Swa: Movie is your Aditya Roy Kapoor’s.

Rag: Sachi!!

She squealed.

( guys, I too am following the trend.😉)

All looked at her shocked. They have all known Ragini as a silent girl, and she is screaming, that tok for a film hero!

Ragini bites her tongue.

Rag: Sorry.

Everyone started to laugh except one, who was burning in jealousy.

Lak: (in mind) What is there in that actor that she got this much excited??

He was cutely angry.

Swa: Alright then, let me book tickets. Laksh you are coming right??

Lak: Ha I am.

Swa: Perfect,

She booked the ticket.

Swa: Show starts at 11,

Rag: Then we will have to start by 9.45 at least.

Next day:

Swaragini were ready by 9.30 and was waiting for Laksh.

They were at bus stop and Laksh was still getting ready. Time was running, it became 10.00

Rag: If we didn’t start now we won’t reach by time.

Swa: But Laksh is yet to come na, we will wait for some more time.

Ragini nodes sadly.


Rag: See how many buses went away, this guy!!

She was becoming impatient.


Yet another bus stopped and Ragini was looking at it sadly.

Swara saw Laksh running towards them, the bus was about to start.

Laksh signed Swara to get in the bus.

She started to run to Ragini.

Swa: (running) Ragini come fast, Laksh is here,

Ragini to started to run. Swara and Laksh got in and Ragini was about to get in but the bus started, she panicked.

Laksh stood in the step and pulled her into the moving bus, she was so shocked, she lost her breath.

It took her sometime to calm down.

Lak: What yaar Ragini, why didn’t you get in fast, why are you so late??

Ragini looked at him in disbelief, he is accusing her of being late, HE is!!

Laksh smiled sheepishly. Ragini turned her face away.

By then Swara came to her. Trio were standing as the seats were fill.

Swa: Ragini you ok??

She nodes.

Swa: Now we will definitely miss the beginning. Thank God we booked the tickets earlier.

Ragini nodes.

The girls were very impatient but Laksh was calm. He wasn’t worried about the movie, he simply wanted to be with his love.

They reached the bus stand and got down. It was a bit far from the theater, but there was no rickshaw to be seen and it  was 11.10 by then.

Swa:Shit we are already late, what to do now??

Ragini glared Laksh.

Lak: Come we will run.

Swarag: What??

Lak: Ha just come, we will run.

By saying this he took Ragini’s hand in his and started to run with her.

Lak: (running) Swara what are you waiting for, come na.

Swara too started to run.

And the trio were running in the busy city, through the footpath. People were looking at believerd. What are they doing???

Swara was enjoying the craziness of the situation and Raglak were lost in their locked hands. Both were happy.

They crossed the road without zibra crossing. Ragini panicked but Laksh held her hand strongly and smartly avoided the vehicles, of course by breaking the traffic rules. Swara too managed to cross road without any trouble.

Finally after ten minutes of running, they reached the theater out of breath.

They were panting heavily.

Lak: Take a breath girls, let me see if they will allow us to get in. Swara your phone, ie, tickets.

Swara gave him.

He went to the counter and showed the tickets. They allowed then in.

Swara was so excited and sat on the seat, Ragini sat next to her and Laksh next to Ragini.

Ragini again glared him.

Rag: (angrily) This is all because of you. Can’t you get ready on time?? I told you na we have to start by 9.45, but you. See what happened now? We were embarrassed completely, and how can you cross the road like that?? We broke the traffic rules.

She was  whispering but shouting.

Lak: Ragini, why are you taking it negatively. See the adventure we did. Have you ever came to watch a movie like this, it was so fun running in the roads right. Believe me, you will never forget this day and this adventure.

She opened her mouth in big O.

Lak: Now don’t stare at me, watch the movie for which we took all these troubles.

Saying this he turned his face away from her and started to watch the movie.

It took some time for Ragini to be normal and then she too concentrated on the movie.

When he felt  that Ragini was calm, Laksh looked at her. She was enjoying the movie, rather drooling over her favorite hero.

He fumes.

Lak: (in mind) Why is she drooling over him like this?? Why can’t she drool over me?? I am more handsome than him right, still madam finds interest in this stupid hero.

He was cursing Aditya in his mind through out the movie.

After the movie.

Rag: Aww he is so romantic hena Swara.

Swa: Ha he is.

Lak: (in mind) Madam, he can only show you romance, but I can
make you experience it, that too in a far better way, just look at me na.

He pouts.

Rag: Shall we have something?

Lak: Yeah, nearby there is a nice restaurant, come girls.

He led them and trio had food in peace.

Rag: Swara, I want to go to gift shop.

Swa: Gift shop, anything special??

Rag: Ha, a special person’s birthday is coming, I want to buy something really special.

Swa: Wow, who is that??

Laksh frowns.

Rag: That I won’t say, but I want you to select the gift.

Swa: I don’t even know for whom you want the gift, then how can I??

Rag: That person is very close to me and is very very very special for me. I want him that person to know how special he/she is for me. So select accordingly. Remember, that person is very very close to my heart.

She spike with too much love and affection for that person.

Lak:( in mind) God, who is it now?? Very very close to heart, and here I, I am not even her friend!

Swa: Acha, sooo close ok fine I will select, but tell me who it is.

Rag: No, I will tell you only on that day, while the gift is being opened. Till then no.

Swa: Why suspense yaar, say na, I am your sister.

Rag: That is why i am asking you to select.

Swara pouts but agrees.

They goes to gift shop and swara started to search for gifts.

Raglak were at the counter.

Rag: Sorry Laksh, I was a bit rude earlier.

Lak: Don’t be, it was fine, but believe me, what I said is true, you are not going to forget this day.

She smiles.

Lak: friends??

He forwards his hand. She smiles and shook hand with him.

Lak: Ok now tell me, who is that special person.

Rag: no you will tell Swara.

Lak: No baba, I won’t.

Rag: Pakka?

Lak: Haan Pakka.

Ragini smiles she was about to tell but then Swara came back with the gift.

Laksh cursed her, Ragini was about to tell him and he badly wanted to know who the person is.

The gift was two joint hearts with the caption

“For my special person”

It was very beautiful and cute. Raglak adored it.

Lak: Nice selection Swara

Rag: (happily) Haan Swara, it is beautiful.

She took it from Swara and went to payment.

Laksh sighed.


How was it? Ignore mistakes please☺️

Any guess on the person??

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