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Naagin Season 3 25th November 2018 Written Episode Update

Naagin Season 3 25th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Vish gaining consciousness and feels her head heavy. She recalls Vikrant pushing her on the wall and realizes that he wanted Mahir to go behind Bela and wanted him to see Bela’s real truth. She thinks Vikrant doesn’t care about anyone, and just cares about himself. She thinks he doesn’t care about me, I have to tell Bela everything and thinks where to search them. Vyom becomes Vulture and flies above Bela. He attacks Bela and she falls down. He comes in human form and asks Bela what happened to you? He says will not you ask what happened to you. He asks her to touch her back and says he has stick three bel patra, now she will be in human form and will be in my control. Bela says you. Vyom turns and looks back. He says I will kill you. Bela picks the bel patra and

throws ash on Vyom. He couldn’t become vulture. Bela says did you lose your power, it is happening because of the ash which I threw on you. Vyom holds her neck and says I am more powerful than you as I am man. Bela says I am woman and more understanding and courageous than you. Mahir comes there calling Bela. Vyom makes Bela fall down and lie down on Bela, says what will your husband think when you see us in this position. He says will you show naagrani avatar. He says I am not in a hurry to kill you, and says I can do anything. I can become vulture and lover for you. Bela slaps him and gets up. She says I will see his betrayal brother killed. Vyom says not so soon. Vikrant pushes Juhi from the balcony. Bela looks at her. Vyom holds her face and says she is your sister.

Vish is in the room and thinks of Vikrant’s betrayal and about killing ACP. She thinks I have done so much for Vikrant and gave many sacrifices, but he made me the way to reach Bela. She thinks I will not bear this and says now see what I can do. Vyom asks Bela what she will answer to Mahir and says he is coming? He says what you will say about Juhi. Mahir comes there and sees Vyom holding Bela as if he is kissing her, and asks what is happening. Vyom pushes her and asks what are you doing? He tells Mahir that he had a past with Bela. Mahir asks what nonsense? Vyom says Bela and I were in a relationship, but she did two timing with my brother and me, and ditched us, then she married you. He says I thought she got better, but today she brought me here with her charm, and tells that she knows about my childhood incident in Diwali. She didn’t tell you anything, and says I was mad about her and got trapped again. He says this girl is dangerous and tells that she traps guy even now. She loves someone, gets married to his brother and then ……Mahir gets angry on him and asks Bela to say. Bela says whatever I told you was rubbish and what he said just now is right. She says this is my truth. Mahir is shocked. Bela asks him to leave from there. Mahir asks her to answer, and asks are you happy?

Bela thinks of Mahir and her secret code. He asks are you happy? Bela asks are you happy after listening this? Mahir says I am very happy. Bela says how can I be happy then. Mahir recalls their conversation and their secret code. Sajna song plays…..He recalls their moments. Bela is still crying. Vikrant thinks why Mahir is not going and thinks Bela shall insult him. Vyom acts blind and asks Bela if she didn’t go still. Mahir says ending the matter…Vyom says I know this is hard time to you and says you have to be mature, and says she is bad, even I loved her. He badmouths about Bela and says such girls shall be sold. Mahir holds his neck and gets angry. Bela thinks Mahir doesn’t know what Vyom can do and asks Mahir to leave Vyom. Mahir asks did you hear what he said. Bela says who are you to react and says I don’t want anyone to harm you. She says I said that whatever he said was right and asks him why are you getting angry. She asks him to take out anger on her and says we can sit and talk later. Mahir says I will talk to you later and asks Vyom why he didn’t tell me before?

Vyom says you got married to her. Mahir says when your eyes were fine, you would have told me. He says when did you meet? Vyom says leave it, it is my mistake, I didn’t tell you as I don’t want you to get in awkward moment. Mahir says I will kill you, and asks Bela to come with him and tell everything. Bela says you can’t do this. Mahir asks Bela to come. Bela in low tone tells that she can’t go as her sister is in his captivity. Mahir in low tone asks her to come and says we will save your sister later. He takes Bela with him. Vikrant comes down and smiles. Vyom also smiles. Vikrant says Mahir took Bela with him and you are smiling. Vyom says I don’t understand why did Mahir take bela with him even though so much happened. Vikrant asks if they acted infront of us. Vyom says they must be acting. Vikrant says I didn’t understand then. Vyom says she fooled you before too.

Mahir and bela go to side of cave. Bela tells that her sister is in danger. Mahir says I came to know just today that you have a sister. He says so many people are coming in our life with the agenda to trap Bela someway. He says don’t know how Shaan came and says Yuvi and Vyom are my brothers, and suddenly they changed. He asks her to tell what happened that Vyom is calling her ex-girlfriend. Bela says your all questions are valid…it is just that. Mahir says you don’t want to tell, I didn’t know what happened with your mum and sister. Bela asks do you trust me? Mahir says I shall ask you, don’t you trust you. He says I will stand with you always, as you are always my priority and can’t leave you. Bela asks why can’t you change your priorities. Mahir says I love you and will stand with you always even in darkness. He says trust me, I am with you till my death. Bela looks at him.

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