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Marriage By Curse- 9. SURPRISES


Sanchi and Kabir had developed some unspoken understanding as they did not hide away from each other after their sudden deck encounter. They dealt it with maturity and accepted the fact that if they were to develop a physical relationship, kisses were the foundation of it. There was no awkwardness between them when they woke up in the afternoon and got ready and made their way down the stairs to join their guests for lunch. Everyone was to part ways after lunch. Many small boats were surrounding the cruise that would take the guests to the shore. The hosts, engaged couples, were the last ones to leave. Before going, Mrs. Lee and Sanchi had a cheerful conversation in which they exchanged numbers and promised to be in contact with each other. After everyone left, the couples got in a boat and reached the shore. They again got into the seven seater Audi and went to Pragya’s house where they had to drop the girls before going to their mundane work.

Few days had passed since the party and everyone was busy with their own work. The girls were each provided two body guards to help them get pass their house and work gates as it was always flooded with the papz trying to keep an eye on what the fiancés of the Business Trio were doing. As per their plan, the media had dug up all the information about the besties and they had concluded that the Business Trio had been in relationship with them since the school times and they had successfully hidden their partners from the media till now, thus erasing any doubts about their image instantly.

Kabir’s phone vibrated twice as an indication of two new mails. He eagerly opened his email inbox and saw that one mail was sent from his partner with whom he had bargained to set up a meeting. The meeting was scheduled at the weekend of the reunion but as the reunion was compulsory, he had requested to postpone the meeting and the mail was about the new date. It was exactly a month from now.

18th August, 2018.

Mr. Kabir Kapoor,

Very hearty congratulations for your engagement from whole of the BKC Company. My apologies for not attending the party but I surely look forward for the wedding invite.

The new date of meeting is 18th September, 2018 as my schedule is clear after that and let’s keep the meeting in Thailand as I am sure that you we will be there at the same time.


Jadhav Singh.

Kabir was a bit confused as he was not notified of his visit to Thailand by his secretary so he called her through the intercom. He pressed his finger on the rightmost bottom corner button and said in a very professional way.

K: Jenny, come in my cabin.

After a few seconds a knock was heard followed by the soft creaking of the door and in came his secretary. She was a fair looking young lady but she lusted after Kabir and he knew that very well. She would always try to seduce him and he would also have a bit of fun with her but he stopped that after his commitment with Sanchi, though he had never crossed the line with her. She still kept her hopes up and tried to lure him. She was wearing a transparent see through shirt and tight office skirt which lasted up to her mid thighs. The top few buttons of her shirt were open and her cleavage was on full display. She had caked her face with makeup and her lips were covered with a dark red shade of lipstick. He did not look up from his phone to even spare her a glance.

K: Clear my schedule for the week before 18th September and a few days after that. Reply to the mail from BKC Company.

He said as he read his next mail which was from the Indian Business Association or IBA in short. She cleared her throat and said in a very seductive voice.

J: Anything else Sir.

She also bent a bit in front of him to show more of her cleavage to him but he just shunned her progresses. He stated in a quiet stern voice.

K: No. You may leave now.

She had a dejected look on her face as he had once again ignored her. She knew that he was a playboy but she could not understand his not-so-known commitment towards a girl with whom he had never been seen. She turned on her heels and started to make her way towards the door. Just as she was about to open the door, Kabir’s stern voice interrupted her actions.

K: Jenny, stop wearing clothes like a sl*t. I think I gave you enough signs that I am not interested in you. Consider this as my last warning. Now get out.

This was the cruel Kabir. He did not like it when things were not done according to him even after his voiced notice. He just got angry and he did not consider whether he was talking to a man or a woman or that he might hurt someone’s emotions or gain their hatred. He had many people who hated him so he could care less. Once he heard the click of his cabin’s door, he glanced at the mail from IBA.

18th August, 2018.

Mr. Kabir Kapoor,

We cordially invite you to the Business award ceremony of the year 2018. It is going to be held in Thailand this time on 16th September, 2018. The invitation will be delivered to your office shortly.


IBA Council.

Kabir now understood why Mr. Singh had scheduled his meeting in Thailand. They had to attend the award ceremony so it would be convenient if they kept their meeting there as they lived in different states. He also thought that he would have to get married to Sanchi before going to Thailand because after his trip to Thailand was over, he had many short trips to Europe. He would also consider this as a honeymoon and that would save his time after his meetings in Europe ended. He had to speak to Sanchi first. She would surely be nervous but he thought that it would be great if the marriage was done and over with earlier instead of waiting for three months. He went to the contact lists and clicked on Sanchi’s number which was on his important contacts list along with Veer, Karan and his sisters’ numbers. She did not pick up her phone and hence he decided to call Raghu, her bodyguard. Raghu picked up at the second ring.

K: Raghu, where is Sanchi?

R: Sir, Madam is in the hall near her residence for some event.

K: Message me the location.

R: Yes Sir.

Kabir cut the call and made his way out of the building near his car when his phone beeped again to reveal the location of Sanchi. He put the location on the GPS and began to drive.

Kabir stood at the entrance of the medium sized hall as his eyes scanned the whole hall for any signs of his fiancé. He found her standing on the stool while trying to fix some decorative material on the wall. He made his way towards her slowly and utilized this time to properly check her out. She was wearing a violet grape color palazzo pant with a black color simple top. She had paired her outfit with simple black flats. Her hairs were tied in a messy bun with few strands framing her face.

She was currently standing on the stool and her face reflected concentration as she tried to fix the material on the wall. She was called many times in between by her employers and she answered their queries patiently. She got down the stool after fixing the material properly and came face to face with Kabir. She gasped in surprise and instantly her hand went on her heart which was surely beating faster. She let out a deep breath and sighed quietly.

S: You should stop doing that. It scares me!

She exclaimed and Kabir raised his eyebrows at her demand. He was just approaching her as a normal person does but every time she gets scared. Well that was not his fault that she was scared so easily.

K: You told that you did not have any functions this week.

He enquired as he remembered the time when Sanchi had argued over the two bodyguards and she had stated that she would not go out frequently as she did not have any functions so she only required one but Kabir was adamant and Sanchi had let the matter go.

S: One of my old neighbors have baby shower so they requested me and I could not reject. I am free the next whole week. What are you doing here?

She asked as she suddenly realized that Kabir was at her work place in the mid afternoon when he was supposed to be in his office. Just as he was about to answer, there was a loud noise from the hall entrance and shortly after Sanchi’s name was being called. Sanchi turned around in curiosity and the people stopped all their work to see who was creating the commotion.


Kabir could easily see from above Sanchi’s head. He saw that a man was making his way over to where Sanchi was standing. She was shocked and it was written all over her face. He also noticed the small smile breaking on her face as she saw the man approaching her. The other people who saw the man, shrugged and got back to their works as if nothing happened. He concluded that this man’s appearance was a common thing. He was curious to know who this man was. Once he was close enough, Sanchi threw her arms around his neck and hugged him tightly while she squealed.

S: Rishub, what a surprise! When did you come? Why did not inform me? Wait, what are you doing here at this time of the year? Never mind, I am just so happy that you came here.

She ranted while Rishub remained silent and hugged her back lightly. Sanchi frowned at his gesture and broke the hug. She looked up at him with questioning eyes only to be met with his sad and somewhat angry ones. She was immediately concerned and she voiced her worries out loud.

S: Rishub, what happened? Are you okay?

Rishub just reached into his bag and took his sleek black Apple Xs phone and handed it to her. The color of happiness drained from her face as Kabir saw that sadness covered every inch of her face. He saw from behind that the phone was displaying the news of their photo album. Sanchi handed back the phone and sighed.

R: We need to talk.

He stated in a firm but not a stern voice. She nodded and turned to Kabir.

S: I have to go.

K: I will accompany you. I have important things to discuss.

S: Okay.

Sanchi gave out the instructions to her staff and told them to contact her in case of any problems. They headed outside and sat in Kabir’s car. Sanchi had chosen to walk to the venue as it was near her residence so Kabir’s car was the only option as Rishub had arrived in a cab. The drive was silent except for one time Sanchi had called Isha and Pragya. They were on a conference call.

S: Meet me in ten minutes at my house.

I&P: Why?

S: Rishub’s here.

I: Oh really!

Isha exclaimed as Sanchi rolled her eyes.

S: Yes.

P: Fine. We will be there shortly.

On reaching Sanchi’s house, everyone was silent and the atmosphere turned more intense for Sanchi and Rishub while uncomfortable for Kabir. He wondered who this person was and what was his relation with Sanchi? The way Sanchi had thrown herself at him it was sure that he was very close to her. Kabir was also curious to know that why he was so upset by the engagement announcement? His thoughts were interrupted by the ringing of doorbell that stated her besties’ arrival. Sanchi opened the door and in came Isha, Pragya, Veer and Karan. Kabir was surprised to see them and so was Sanchi but before she could ask, her question was being answered.

I: Sorry, we were in the middle of an important conversation when your phone came so we are here.

Sanchi nodded and then the three besties turned to face Rishub. He intensely stared at them and no one said anything for the next few minutes. The Business Trio was sitting and whispering while the four of them were having their silent moment.

KK: What were you two discussing?

VM: I got the mail about the business award ceremony date today. After this month we are going to be busy and I don’t think that it is wise enough to extend the wedding for three months when we can do it in this month so I came to have a talk with Pragya.

KO: Yes we decided to get this over with as soon as possible so I was half way through the talk with Isha when Sanchi’s phone came. What about you? How come you are here?

KK: Same reason.

They quietened when they heard Rishub speak.

R: Why didn’t you three tell me? When were you planning to tell me, on the day of your wedding? Hell I didn’t even know that you were having affairs?

I: Rishub, we can explain.

R: Explain! Are you serious? What will you explain that how you managed to hide this from me?

P: Rishub listen to us first. We have got an explanation.

R: Oh really and what it may be? The three of you were now with them what is left to explain?

Sanchi was just listening to the three of them. She was irritated with Rishub as he was jumping onto conclusions without even listening to them. She sighed and raised her voice a bit over the ranting Rishub so he could hear clearly.

S: Shut up, will you Rishub! What did we promise? Just listen to us and please be at the right peace of mind before that.

Rishub took in a deep breath and went inside Sanchi’s bedroom. She sighed and turned around to face the three men who sat there clueless and curious.

S: Refreshments anyone?

She asked everyone. Isha and Pragya told her to make tea and Karan and Veer just shook their heads. Karan took Isha and went inside one of the spear rooms while Veer and Pragya were in the living room. Sanchi went in to the kitchen and Kabir followed her.

K: I never saw you annoyed at this extent earlier.

S: Yes he really pissed me off this time.

She said as she turned on the gas and kept two vessels on it. She poured milk and water in each one of them respectively. She then roamed the kitchen collecting all the ingredients she would need. Kabir saw her moving around the kitchen and contemplated on how to talk to her about the marriage matter. He concluded that he would start off with small talks and then come straight to the point.

K: What is he doing inside?

S: Removing his frustration and anger. Logic does not get through his head if he is not calm so probably he is calming himself.

K: Oh…

Before Kabir could continue, Sanchi interrupted him.

S: You wanted to talk about something right? Well we have time now.

She said as she handed him a cup of coffee. He eyed it verily and before he could say anything, Sanchi spoke again.

S: It is Espresso.

K: How did you know that I drink Espresso?

S: Well judging from your personality, you work out a lot so Americano is not in the list as it contains cream and I have read that you are workaholic so I thought that Espresso would be helpful to keep you up.

She said while removing three cups of tea and giving one to Pragya and Isha. Kabir’s eyes held amusement as he took a sip of his coffee. It was the perfect taste, just the way he preferred his coffee to be. Sanchi returned with her own cup in her hand and leaned on the platform as she waited for Kabir to start talking. He cleared his throat and held the cup with both his hands.

K: Sanchi we have to wed at the end of this month, that is before 12th September.

Sanchi stopped her cup midway and set it down on the platform in the fear of dropping it from her hands and breaking it. She looked bewildered as her mind tried to digest the words Kabir had spoken to her just now. She remained silent for a few minutes and after that she asked in a very low voice.

S: But why? Isn’t it too early?

K: I know but I have just received some mails regarding the event and meeting in the September month and after that my schedule is fully packed.

S: But we only have two weeks to go before 12th September. It is too less time. Can’t we schedule the wedding after your return from your trip?

K: Sanchi, I personally think that extending this wedding till the last minute will be of no use to us. It will simply waste our time which we can effectively use to know and adjust to each other. I have to attend an award ceremony in September and I want you to accompany me as my wife and not fiancé.

Sanchi looked straight ahead of her as though trying to think about something. She shook her head and faced Kabir.

S: I don’t know. I don’t think that I am ready to wed this early. I mean I am confused and I don’t know what to do! I have to talk with Mumma about this.

K: Okay but tell me your decision till mid night. I will have to make the arrangements accordingly.

Sanchi smiled weakly at him and they were disturbed when the door of Sanchi’s room opened and Rishub emerged out with his hair disheveled and his clothes wrinkled. It looked like he had been lying around on the bed. Sanchi gestured him to sit on one of the chairs of the dining table. She poured one more cup of Espresso and handed it to Rishub. Pragya and Isha also came to give her their empty cups. They sat down on the chairs besides Rishub and Sanchi took one that was opposite to him.

S: Now that you have calmed down, listen to us without interrupting.

Rishub nodded and the three besties started to reveal the story from reunion. Rishub’s expression kept changing from time to time. At last he took the last sip of his coffee and set the cup down with a sheepish smile. He stood up and held his ears with his hands.

R: Sorry beauties, I overreacted.

Isha, Pragya and Sanchi launched themselves on him and they laughed heartily as they hugged each other tightly.

R: I love you.

I&P&S: We know!

They laughed and Rishub whispered to them in a low voice in between his laughters.

R: I am still jealous of you people. The three are really hot.

Sanchi gasped and Isha and Pragya slapped him on his arms.

S: Rishub behave.

I: They are our fiancés for god’s sake Rishub!

P: Stay away from them or we would have to warn Sam.

S: The girls weren’t enough that even you have started to look at them!

Rishub laughed seeing their reactions and kissed each one of them on their cheeks.

R: I was joking. Of course I love Sam and I would never look onto your husbands like that, so chill beauties.

S: You better not!

Sanchi exclaimed as she freed herself from his embrace. She saw her fiancé giving her questioning looks. She shook her head and went to him. She held his arm and pulled him forward.

S: Rishub meet Kabir, my fiancé and Kabir meet Rishub my best friend from college.

They shook hands and Isha and Pragya introduced Karan and Veer to him respectively. Meanwhile Kabir whispered to Sanchi.

K: He is weird.

S: Why?

K: I don’t know but I just got the feeling that I get when Marc is around.

S: He is Gay but he is committed so you don’t have to worry about that.

Kabir raised his eyebrows when he heard that but he was content with the fact that Sanchi’s best friend was Gay, because due to their closeness, if he would have normal interests then Kabir would have a lot of problems with that. After the introductions were over, the four men sat and had a conversation regarding business and investments which did not interest the ladies. They went out to have a look at the preparations in the hall. Everything was going smoothly. The function was about to start and the place looked quiet presentable. The three of them sat down and started to talk about the matter at hand.

I: So I think that we all have been told about their award ceremony and the wedding date issues.

P: Hmm.

S: But I think it’s too early. I mean we just got engaged and now this wedding in not less than two weeks, it just does not fit with me.

I: But even their point is valid. We cannot keep on pushing it till the last minute. This has to happen; sooner or later than why don’t we just do it sooner?

P: I agree. This has to happen; then why not now at least we will have a honeymoon before they get back to work.

Sanchi just glared at them. They were right at their place and she understood the explanation that she was given but she was not mentally prepared. She could not trust Kabir full enough and the marriage of her parents was a still fresh memory in front of her eyes flashing time and again to remind her of the misfortune. To her luck the ceremony started pulling her out of her thoughts before she could start basking in the memories of her father. After the function was over, Isha and Pragya went to their home directly from the hall and on returning, Sanchi found that Kabir, Veer and Karan had also left. Jaya was yet to return from her tuitions and Sanchi sat on the sofa alone as Rishub was not in view. She put her head in her arms and sighed. Suddenly she was pulled and as a result her head ended up on Rishub’s lap. She rested peacefully as Rishub stroked her hairs. He knew that something was bothering her and he had to talk with her.

R: Sanchi what is it? Why are you so bothered?

S: I don’t know Rishub! I just can’t digest the fact that I am going to get married soon enough.

R: Sanchi but you cannot do anything in it. This is what is bound to happen, this is your destiny.

Sanchi chuckled lightly as she turned to adjust herself properly.

S: So Baba Rishub, what do you suggest I should do?

R: Embrace your situation with open arms Balikay. Sukh tabhi aayega jab shanti hogi aur shanti tab hogi jab tum, Balikay svikarna sikh jaogi. (There is happiness in contentment and contentment comes with acceptance.)

He said with hand gestures which made both of them laugh loud.

S: Rishub, Kabir wants to get married before 12th September. I think it’s too early but he said that there is no point in pushing things that are bound to happen.

R: Well I agree with him.

Sanchi shook her head and sat up to face him properly.

S: You don’t understand Rishub. His justification is not a problem. I understand his point of view but the problem is…

Rishub cut her in between before she could continue.

R: The problem is that you are afraid. You are afraid that your marriage might turn out to be the same as your parents. You are afraid that Kabir might be like your father and you are afraid that due to this doubts in your head you won’t be able to carry out your duties as a wife properly. Right?

Sanchi leaned her head on his shoulder and nodded. Rishub shook his head and stated in a low voice.

R: Sanchi your parents’ marriage was the past and it is not necessary that you will also have the same experience as your parents had. You must not be prejudiced towards this new relation in your life. Don’t compare Kabir with your father. He is not like that and as far as I know, I don’t think that he can ever become like your father. You must trust your destiny and let it take you to whichever direction is decided for you. Don’t hold onto your past, you may ruin your present and you will definitely ruin your future.

They sat in silence because Rishub knew that Sanchi required some time to think over what he said. She stared off in space and then got up and went to her room. She was shocked to see the condition of her room. It was all messed up. She tied up her room and lay on the bed as she thought over everything that her mother and Rishub had said. She heard the doorbell ring but did not bother to get up because she knew that it was her mother and that Rishub would be there to open the door. She finally reached onto a decision and called Kabir. He picked up after three rings.

S: Hello.

K: Yes Sanchi.

S: I wanted to tell that I am okay with the idea. If you don’t mind, may I choose the wedding date?

K: Sure.

S: 12th September.

K: Fine with me. My sisters will come over to discuss the details with your mother. How do you want the wedding to be?

S: Private.

K: I was also thinking the same. We will still have to give a grand reception for the Industry but that I will discuss with you after I fix the dates.

S: Okay. Bye.

K: Bye.

She hung up and stared out of the window. In two weeks she would become India’s most famous bachelor’s wife and she would be called Mrs. Sanchi Kabir Kapoor. She had willed herself to get free of all the prejudices and look at this marriage as a normal one.


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