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Kaisa yeah isq hai , Episode – 27 , Meeting her in the dark

        ƘɑíՏa վҽհ  íՏզ  հɑí

♥    ɱσɦαɓɓαƭ ҡเ εҡ ∂αรƭααɳ ♥

EPISODE :- 27 

Previously you’ve seen that :- Neil arrests Avni , Who wents out furiously to kill daksh on finding a video clip from Neela’s wardrobe . Later , Neil and Avni shares some warm moments …



Avni offering  food to Neil , They’re inside the jail sitting over the floor …

Neil and Avni looking at each other , Both have no words between them but many things inside their minds is taking up space

“ It’s going to be 9 pm now I’ve to leave ” “ But I’m afraid if I’ll leave , You’ll go ”

Avni “ Neil , I don’t know why are you doing all this , But what I know is , Right now for me it’s really important to get out of here and reach the party ”

Dd comes in “ Oh wow Sir thanks Ahiana Ji ”

Neil “ Dd get everything clear from here ! ”

Dd “ Sir , It’s nearly 8:40 pm now , Should I make arrangements we’ve to go Na ! ”

Neil got irritated “ Dd just do what I’ve told you to do , Just go I’m coming to you , then we’ll discuss ”

Dd goes out , Neil is on his foot and walks outwards

Avni “ Neil ! ” She spoke softly “ It’s way to late now , Please get me out of here ”

Neil thinks [ Neela telling Neil “” Neil I’ll tell you everything but make sure that Ahiana doesn’t gets out for whole day , Please it’s my request ]

Neil didn’t says anything and moves out

Avni “ Neil ! Neil ! Wait ” She shouts


The guests in their shining dresses have started coming in , K.k who’s wandering from here to there hoping that no one is left without their drinks . 

Music , And dancing lights have already lit the whole hall .

Kk “ Manisha did you called Alia , Where’s she ! Oh my god party’s began ! ”

Manisha ( worker ) “ Sir I’ve tried many times she’s not answering ”

K.k “ Oh god what’ll happen ! If she didn’t came , what’ll happen ! ”

“ Sir don’t worry stars always have to come late believe me She’ll come ” “ Moreover , Till now police has also not come ”

“ And sir the best part is , Sunheri has just gone to her house , She’ll bring her here soon ”

K.k “ Oh yea ! Manisha just call inspector and inform him that he need not to come in uniform , He’s invited as a guest . I don’t want people to feel uncomfortable in party ”

Manisha “ Sure sir ”, “ And Sir what about that announcement ”

K.k “ Yes ! Yes ! I just forgot about it , Let me do it now or else I’ll forget again ”

The excitement on his face is making his body move fast and climb up to the stage ,He grabbed the mike “ Ladies and Gentleman , I know that you’re very excited to see the wonderful performance of our Alia . That’s going to nail the whole party very soon .” “ Our chief guest is on his way ” “ Besides , I’ve a big surprise for you all ”

“ A AAA !!! It’s a surprise , And it has to be behind the curtains . ”

“ So friends enjoy to your fullest , Eat , Dance , Drink and Just enjoy ” “ This is K.k , Signing off , The one and only , Handsome , Charming , CEO of ‘ Sanam re ‘ ”

Everyone gives the big round of applause . He gets down and music once again began to its highest .


Sunheri and Servant talking to each other

Servant “ Yes mam , Both of them are not at home since morning ”

Sunheri “ Neither Ahiana nor Neela aunty is picking up my call what’d be the matter ? ”she murmurs while coming out of the house

“ Now if Ahiana didn’t came then how’ll K.k sir react , He’ll get insane ”

Just then she sees Neela coming in from the Gate

“ Neela aunty , Where have you been ! And where’s Ahiana ? ”

“ Sunheri , What are you doing here at this time of night ! ” “ Is everything alright ?”

“ oh Neela aunty , Have you forgotten , It’s the party day today Remember ! ” “ And I’ve come to take her , Where’s she ? ”

Neela “ She’ll not go anywhere ,She’ll not come to the party ? ”

She spoke giving a order and goes inside banging the door shut .

Sunheri “ But aunt , Listen ! Aunt !”

Shutting of the door at her face

She began crying , And sees the floor messed up , The glasswares broken by Avni and whole house dismantled .

“ She must have seen that clip ” She huffs with fear .

Keeping her hands over chest “ No she should not go to the party no ”


Avni could see Neil , Groomed well in , Velvet blazer , Shining polished boots , His long gelled hair pompadoured

Walking out of the door talking to his mom .

Avni thinks , Where is he going ! Must be going to attend a family function as per her supposition .

Avni got little excited “ Yes , Now I can do something , Fortune seems to be on my side now ”


Neil “Dd now it’s all yours responsibility ”

Dd ” Don’t worry Sir , You can count on me ”

Neil ” I hope I can ! But keep me updated all the time ”

Dd ” Yes sir ”


Avni while walking here and there ” Avni think something …. ! I’ve to think something ….a good escape plan ”

Then she calls out the lady constable ” Mam please listen …”

” Yes what do you want ? ”

” Please call out inspector , I’ve got something important to talk ”

” Neil Sir’s gone out somewhere ? ”

” Then please call out some other ! ”

” There’s no one now group of ’em has gone out for night patrolling ”

Avni ” Oh…Kay then ”

Dd comes in …

He sees her standing holding the iron bars “ Ahiana madam Ji Neil sir has given me this pious opportunity to take care of you , So you need not to take tension ! ”

Avni thought ” Thank God that instead of anyone else , Neil left this , This joker behind , Now I easily trick him ”

Dd comes closer ” You don’t worry much I know that our Neil Sir is little tough man but believe me he’s as soft as feather from inside ”

Avni nods head in weired fashion and sits back , The moment she does , Something fells down from her pocket .

She stoops and finds a little packet of white powder , Her eyes grew wider , And sweats began wetting her face .


K.k ( in angry mood ) “Neither Sunheri nor Alia are answering to my calls ” ” What is happening here ! ” ” Guests are waiting for …”

” Sir police has arrived !!!” Says a boy to him

K.k ” Thank god at least someone whom I was waiting for came ” Come on let’s go ”

K.k meets Neil

K.k ” Hey Sir , How’s you ? ”

Neil ” I’m fine how’s you ? ”

K.k ” I m good thanks for being here ”

Neil ” It’s my duty ,And  Don’t worry today’s party would be all safe ”

K.k ” Oh I’m feeling so good , Thanks Sir , But sir ,you not only have to be on duty but also have to enjoy , Eat , Dance and have fun ”

Neil ” Sure sir ”

K.k ” Okay I’ll take you leave now , I’ve got so much to do ” ” Please enjoy Sir ”

Neil guides his men and himself looks around the party

Police station …

Avni quickly held her feet above the packet and dragged it to herself, She picks it up ” This packet , It was in my pocket !!!”  ” And now I think it’s the only thing that’ll help me now ”

Dd’S phone rang , Avni got vibrated and it falls down .

Dd “Yesss Neil sir , Everything’s fine over here ”

Avni looks up , ” She’s just in front of me ” Says dd having a glimpse of cell

Dd walks away ” Don’t worry Sir , Take a chill pill , By the way Sir , How’s the party and the most important element how’s food there ? ”

Dd “Hello , Hello ” ” Oh man ….Sir always disconnects the phone at wrong moment ”

Avni seeking the chance picks it up again … ” I’ve to be quick enough ”

Avni ” Mr.Dd ” She says ” Can you please do me a favour ? ”

Dd walks to her ” You’re our Neil Sir’s friend , I can do anything for you ”

Avni shouts ” I am not his friend , Got that ”

” Listen to me , Can you please go and call a doctor or a medical expert , My feet’s aching ”

Dd to himself ” Sir was right she’s  very clever , Should i. listen to her ”

Avni ” What’re you thinking ! ” Your sir had ordered me not to step out of this cell , So I can’t go in the medical room ”

Dd ” Yea she’s right , I think I should believe her ” He thinks

“Alright  I’ll go ! ”

A tint of vibrance came on her cheeks ” Now I can continue with  my mission ” She says to herself

She quickly then , took out the handkerchief and adds some powder to it , She looks around and finds there’s no body at the moment .

” Excuse me ” She calls a lady standing just ahead of prison

“ Yes , Now what do you want ? ”


Neil is moving from right to left , Glaring at every corner . Soon walking he comes across a room , Of which the door was open and Sunheri along with K.k were sounding panic .

Neil overhears their conversation

“ Sunheri , What’re you saying ? Neela Ji said that Alia won’t come here ! It’s impossible ! ” “ I myself called Alia in the morning and she promised me that she’ll be here for sure ”

“ I don’t know sir , She was so scared , She answered all my questions laconically ” “ And simply asked me to go back ”

“ Oh my gosh ! both of them aren’t answering my calls ! ” “ Everyone will throw gigantic tantrums at me if I didn’t showed them their secret superstar ”

“ Sir now what we should do ? ”

“ Except of waiting we don’t have any other alternative ”“ This family is like really fishy , That day police came up , Then , That bomb blast , And again goons attack at their house ” “ Ah ! ” He was perplexed

“ God saved me ” “Come let’s handle everything ”

They both came out tapping feet over floor , Neil in no time hid behind the door and they passed .

He sneaks inside and get stunned by the whole room covered in with black and white frames of a lady covered behind a mask . There’s a microphone on one side of the floor .

In the middle he could see a giant photo frame , Something covered inside maroon velvet fabric . He unveils the thing and it’s a picture of a lady , Alia behind face mask. The image is decorated with sparkling diamonds .

The expensive frame looks like a surprise gift . A beautifully framed image with shiny sparkles . For him the point that caught all his attention was the white glow in her eyes , The blushing red cheeks , Those midnight black hair flowing over shoulders , Honey – sweet lips and most attractive her cheerfully mesmerizing smile .

He was lost more a moment . He reminisce the day when he got here for the first time and he was completely allured by the melodies song sung by her . He tried to find her but couldn’t .

“ My suspicion was right ! What I thought was correct ! Ahiana is Alia only and this is the biggest evidence ” He looks at it once again and his vision falls upon few alphabets written over it ‘ Secret superstar – Alia ‘

Neil spoke to himself “ She’s no more a secret now , The veil is removed , You may try to hide from whole world but Ahiana I very well know who’s behind this mask ”

“ Whatever you’ll try will fail , I’ll not let you do anything wrong ”“ I’ve to find what were your intentions , Even Neela auty is silent ”

“ Why Ahiana , What is your plan ? Whom you wanted to kill ! Why did you had that knife held in your hands ! ” “ What’s going on in your mind ? ”

Suddenly someone comes in , It’s a servant.

“ Eh ! Sir what are you doing here ? Guests aren’t allowed to enter this room ! ”

Neil “ I’m sorry I was just looking around and mistakenly I dropped this cloth ”

“ You shouldn’t have done that it’s the show stopper for todays party ! K.k sir will show this to all after the Alias performance ”

Neil “ Hmmm ! I see it’s beautiful ”

“ Sir is worried , She hasn’t been here yet , She never comes on time ”“ She’s bit weird I see ! ”

Neil “ Weird ?”

“ Yes sir , Once police came here asking for her , Then there was a goon attack at her house , She’s always in hurry and she never talks to anyone openly , She always looks like tensed , Moreover , I’ve seen her ever covering her face in veil ”

Neil thinks for a moment “ OK I’ll go now ”

He walks out “ Alia will not come here today , She’imprisoned ”


Dd comes out of the clinic holding some medicines and his phone rings “ Oh man ! Neil Sir’s call ” “ I can’t tell him that I’m out here , Oh lord , ”

“ Hello sir , Everything is fine here ”

“ Okay Dd , Tell me again everything you found while investigation ”

“ Sir I told you that you should now began eating almonds , See you forgot ”

“ Dd !! ”

“ Okay , Sir , I’m sorry ” “ Yea so I found , The knife , Some papers , And her handbag from the car ”

“ What was in the handbag ? ”

“ No sir it’s not a good idea to search in lady’s bag ! ”

“ Right now check it out and tell me if there’s anything suspicious , And that’s my order ”

{ Phone disconnected }

“ Alah ! Neil sir always adds a trouble in my life ”

He reaches the prison and have alook  at AVNI’S cell particularly . He could see the blanket being puffed up and some black long falling down from the wooden bench .

“ She’s fallen asleep ! And I got medicines for her , She shouldn’t had slept like that ”

He silently opens up the bolt and walks up to the sleeping lady and bends forward his hand to woke her up , But just when he reached near her “ It’s bad I should not disturb her , Let her sleep ” He thought and stepped back .

He could see the handbag lying down on the floor

“ There it’s ! ” He spoke , Picked it up and puts on his table “ Sorry Ahiana madam I’m doing this but I don’t know why Neil sir always wants me to do all this ”

He opens the zip and could see , Comb , Mirror , A gold chain , A few papers and wallet.

He calls Neil “ Sir , Here’s nothing suspicious , Just some grooming items , Few papers and a wallet ”

“ What are those papers ? ”

He opens the first one , “ It’s about some bill ”

“ Other one is some sale advertisement ”

And he opens the third one “ It’s the invitation sir , To the same party where you’re ! ”

But there ..Neil’s  POV …

He didn’t heard it as his phone fell down on being bumping into someone .

“ I’m sorry he says ” And pick it up

“ Alright Dd , Just keep an eye on her and keep me updated ”


Shweta along with her friends enters in the party , They all are masked .

“ I’m telling you , Alia is a awesome singer , I’ve heard her several times on radio ” – Shweta

“ Yes you’re right she’s awesome ! ” Tells another lady in saree

“ But shweta whyare you so much beautifully dressed today , This heavy make up , Jewelry , What’s reason behind it ! ”

Shweta blushes “ Oh come on ! ”

“ Tell Na please ”

Shweta “ You guys know , Why I’ve come here today ? ” “ I came here today to find a suitable bride for my tillu ”

“ What !You’re here to find a girl for your son ”

Shweta “ I always had dreamt that my daughter in law should be a famous personality , My IPS son Neil and famous gorgeous daughter in law – Alia , Ah ! What a couple ” “ I’ll meet Alia and will try asking her ! ”

They are gossiping and walking ahead , While she makes this remark , A girl who’d covered her face with veil comes and bumps into her and the cola in her hands spills all over brand new outfit

She enraged “ Oye you lady what did you did ! ”

But she was in a great hurry and without even paying any heed she crossed .

“ Oye stupid girl wait ! Where are you going ” “ Do ya ! Know how expensive this dress is , You spoiled the whole ! ” She began shouting

Neil could hear the soundfrom far away “ Mom ! ” He says and walks towards the noise

“ Mom ! You here ! What happened ! ”

“ Tillu ” “ See that girl spoiled my whole outfit ! It was so expensive ” “ Just arrest that girl now ” “ Call police ”

Neil holds her shoulders “ Mom shake it of ! Chill ! It must be done by mistake ” “ And I – I I’m IPS officer , No need to call police for this small thing ”

“ Small thing , It’s not small ” “ My dress ”

Neil “ Come with , It’s not even visible , I’ll take you to washroom ” Come


THERE k.k is standing along with a guest and someone taps at his should from behind , He turns “ Yes ! ”

“ Can I have a word with you , It’s really urgent ”Its the same lady who’d bumped into Neil’s mom , Shweta

The person standing with k.k goes away

K.k “ who’re you ? ”

“ I’m ” Sure removes her veil

“ You ! ” “ I’m so grateful , Oh Lord thanks you’re here ”

It’s Avni , Yes she says

“ You know you’re so late , And where have you been ! You’re not in your costume ! I called on your cellphone and you didn’t answered ”

He started throwing questions on her , But nervously she was looking here and there “ Sir it’s not the time that I could explain you each and every thing , Had the chief guest arrived ! ”

K.k “ Nope he got stuck in the traffic so he’d be reaching here late ”

“ You just immediately go and get ready , Sunheri get her ready ” “ Hope you’re ready to give your performance ”

“ I’m all ready sir , Today I’ll give such a performance that everyone will remember ! especially the chief guest ”

K.k “ That’s the spirit girl ! Go and be ready , Go ”

On the other side ,,,,

Neil is standing outside the washroom door , Instead of thinking anything else his mind is preoccupied with the girls stories . Breaking the silence spoke shweta “ Neil why had you been here , I thought you’d no interest in music and parties ”

“ You’re right ! I’m here for my duties mom ! I’ve no interest in music , Parties ”

Shweta “ Neil can I please ask you one thing …”

Neil “ Of course you can mom ”

Shweta ( to herself ) – I’ve to ask him quite indirectly , “ Neil how do I look today ”

Neil looking at his phone and thinking why’s dd not picking up the phone “ Yes mom you’re looking gorgeous today ”

Neil tapping phone onto his palms “ Dd pick the phone ”

Shweta “ Do ya know what’s the main reason for me coming here ”

“ I came here for you , See Neil you promised me that you’ll now try moving on …And forget the past ” She was talking to herself

Standing outside the door , He wasn’t hearing her “ Dd where are you ! ” ……Finally he picked up “ Dd where you were , Ha ! ” He shouts and moves away

She walks up to  openthe door speaking  without pause “ I know you’ll say that how stupid I am ! But do you like alia , Shall I ask her if she likes you , See girls like stronger men , And you’re like a superhero ”

She opens the door “ What do you think ” But Neil is nowhere to be seen “ Ohgod he is not here , Every time duty and duty he’s no time for himself ”

“ But today I’ll surely meet and ask Alia ” “ Yes !!”


K.k over the stage

“ Naamaskar friends I hope you all are enjoying the party to the fullest ”, “ And I know that you all are waiting for Alia , Well , Even I am waiting for her performance , The secret superstar ” “ A Nightingale behind mask ” “ But you have to wait for some time , But guys our chief guest is on his way and he’ll reaching the venue in few moments so get ready for 100 % DHAMAKA ”

Inside a room , Avni is shown wearing a beautiful gown , Covered in bright jewels and sitting in front of the mirror .

Sunheri “ You’re ready now ! ”

Avni “ No ….not fully ”

Sunheri _ Confused

Avni opens up a red box placed beside and takes out a mask and wears it “ Now I’m ready ….Secret superstar …”

Sunheri “ Avni just leave the place burning with your performance , All the best ”

Avni “ Don’t worry Sunheri I’m here for doing that only ….it’s the mission of my life ”

Wearing mask she looks into the mirror


Neil “ Dd why were you not answering my call ? ”

Dd “ Sir I’ve got to know from Ragu that his man informed him from London that he’s coming to Mumbai ”

Neil “ What ? But why ? ”

Dd “ That’s not yet known , But he’s coming here to meet someone his known ”

Neil “ May be it’s his scheme , Keep me update and where’s ”

Dd interrupted “ She’s sleeping , All is fine here sir ”

Neil “ Okay ”

Dd “ Sir Neela aunty said she wants to meet Ahiana ”

Neil “ Okay tell her to meet ”

K.k comes to Neil “ Sir our chief guest has arrived , Please come ”

Neil “ Let’s go ”

The fleet of black cars comes one by one in orderly fashion and stops making noises . The mob of camera men clicking pictures , Flashlights , Media men and women holding mike and between this , The car’s door in the middle , Opens . Before anyone could come out of it , Men in uniforms gathered holding guns .

Then , A man ( Daksh chadha ) came out .

K.k “ Welcome sir , Welcome we’re so glad to have you here ”

A woman comes in front and puts Garland around his neck , Applies Tika , And the moment she raised her hands to throw flowers , Daksh stops her “ Throw them on my feet , Because I just love crushing these petals under my feet and walk ahead ”

K.k “ Wah wah Ji big persons big habits , Welcome Ji welcome ”

Daksh on pointing Neil “ I think I know you from somewhere ”

K.k “ Oh Ji who does not knows him , He’s IPS officer Neil khana , You must have heard many times his name being proudly announced on television ”

Daksh “ Ahhh ! Yea ! Wah ! It’s so nice to meet you ”

Neil puts froward his hand “ Hi Sir ”

Daksh laughs “ A idiom came into my mind ‘ Police walon ki na dosti achi na dushmani ‘ , I’m afraid can we be friends ”

Neil was quite astonished hearing this , He stood silent , After that Daksh laughed own his own and hugged Neil . He grabbed him into his big arms and taps on his spine with heavy hands wearing golden thick rings .

“ Don’t worry daroga ( police inspector ) sahib ( sir ) I assure you our friendship would be the best one and you’ll not have any threats from my side ” He cackle into his ears

He relives him …

K.k “ Please come in sir please ”

Neil thinks “ What all I heard about The daksh chadha is all true , Whole Mumbai is tickling and tackling that they’ve bought wrong person into power …  Hufff!! Leave it ”“ I just wish no one ever should come into his way , He’s such a ……Ahh ! ”

Inside the party …..

K.k on the stage “ Ladies and gentleman here comes our chief guest – Mr.Daksh chadha ” “ Please give a big hand guys ”

“ Now we shall begin with our special evening , After all it’s K.ks party , It’s incomplete without Dance , Music and fun ” “ It’s the day when we’ll launch a glamorous star , A miracle behind a mask , A mysterious beautiful Angel whose voice will completely leave you mesmerised ”

“ Our star , Our pride , The show starter and even showstopper , Alia ” “ DIL THAAM KAR BETHE DOSTO ” “ within few minutes she’ll be here ”

Neil , Daksh and other important guest are shown sitting together on sofas

Neil thinks “ WO YAHA NAHI AYEGE , MERE KAED MEIN WO BAND HAI ”  (she’ll  not come to this stage today I’ve captured her in my jail )

Daksh thinks “ WO AJ YAHA JARUR AYEGE , APNI MAA KE LIYE WO APNI HI JAAN GAWA DE GI ” ( She’ll defiantly come her , Just for her mother she’ll loose her life )

K.k “ Shh !!! I want complete silence over here , No whispers , No clappings , No noise , No movement ”

Suddenly , The lights grew dimmer , Only one moonlight was visible on the stage .

Everyone was glaring at the stage , “ The Angel’s flying to the floor ” “ Feel her presence ”

From background , The sounds of bells are heard .

Just then , From behind , A shadow is seen .

K.k “ She’s here guys ”

The shadow is of a girl in gown , The curtains are drawn back and she walks in between the space created between audience slowly , All the shadow visible .

Music began warming the surroundings ,Melody of the  tone is hugging those sitting on chairs

Walking through the space she reached the stage .

“ Ahhhh ahhh haaa ahhh haaa” The sweet voice enchanted around four corners

“ Labo pe baat thi reh gayi

Nami thi adhuri beh gayi
Khoya jo tu pyaar kho gaya ”

“ Dhoondhu tujkhe mil jaa kahi

Dard de thoda thodi phir se de saza

Yaad de thodi thodi jeene ki dua ”

The voice came out like extremely filled with grief , Pain , Heartache . Someone’s presence which made her happy now is nowhere in her life

“ Yaadein teri yaadein teri

Mere jeene ki dua
Yaadein teri yaadein teri

Mere jeene ki dua ….” ( high tone )

Now light comes and flashes over fee , She’s wearing a prestigious elegant floor – length silky gown .

Her face hidden behind a mask , She’d closed her eyes , Diamond like tears falling down on cheeks .

“Tujh bin khali dil

Khali khali dhadkane
Tujh bin khoye khoye hai
Fiki fiki khushbue hai …”


She thinks about her happy family , All those sweet moments , Her childhood days .


Especially , Those days with her best friend , Neil , They’d promised to be together always 


“ Aake dekh tu tujh bin

Kaise ham jiye
Yaado ke nishaan
Apne sine mein liye ”


She says to herself “ Now when I’ll open my eyes , He’ll be just in front of eyes , The person who deteriorated my whole life , The 15 years which I’ve spent were like even I was alive , I was dead . ” “ I want to know why ? ” “ God give me the power to withstand this situation ”


Neil’s POV ….

Neil is wholly amazed “ Yeah awaj ( this melody ( absolutely similar to what I heard that day and on radio ” “ But ….how’s that even possible ….it’s impossible , No ”


He stood up , “ Neil Sir where are you going ” K.k 

“ I’ve to make an important call ”


K.k “ Sir don’t you do that ! Don’t miss this moment , Enjoy it , Sit down ” “ This is alia’s moment enjoy it sit ”


Neil “ No I gotta go , Please ” She pushed his hand away holding him and ran out 


Neil calls dd “ Dd get down into the cell and see if she’s there or not ”


Dd “ But sir I’ve seen with my own eyes , She’s sleeping ”


Neil “ I said go now ” He orders 


Dd “ Okay sir be on call I’ll let you now ”


He opens up the latch , And enters in , He walks towards the sleeping person wrapped inside quilt , He removes it and finds …..


Neil “ Dd tell me who’s there ? , Dd are you hearing ”


DD “ sir ……..”


Neil “ What’s it dd ? ”




k.k “ So guys I just hope you all enjoyed this performance , I know you had . No need to worry because just like this another hot performance is awaiting for you ” “ But thas time , You all will have accompany her , So are you ready for couple dance ”

Bouncing colorful lights are flashing all over , Men and women holding each other hands come on the dance floor .

Men had put over their arms around women’s waist . They’re lost into each other eyes

The sweet music ( only tone – song NAZM NAZM  began ….)

“Na na…

Tu nazm nazm sa mere
Honthon pe thehar ja
Main khwab khwab sa teri
Aankhon mein jaagun re ”

Neil comes and just stepping in he glares at Avni who’s standing upon the stage and singing . He slowly walks towards her . At each step his eyes just sticked to her .

People are dancing in circles around him and he stood in the middle glaring at the singer

K.k is also enjoying his night by crashing into the mob and dancing with his odd dance moves . While waving his hands and legs in the air he climbs up to the high floor and holds Alia’s hand “ Come on let’s dance , Come ”

Alia “ But sir I don’t want to …my job’s to sing ”

K.k “ You’re always like a sadist , Have some fun in your life , Come join the crowd , Come ”

“ And don’t worry about the song we’ll play the prerecorded one ”

He tooks her down and brings her to the party floor , Standing along with the mad boss “ Sir listen , I’m going , I’m not interested ” And walks away

While going she finds Daksh “ There he’s , The one I was looking for , Today I’ve to meet him and ask him about everything ”

As soon as she tries to move towards him , grasped her hand and pulled back .

She finds a man holding her hand , He pulls her into his arms , He’s wearing velvet blazor

“ Who’re you , How dare you touch me like that ” She asks loudly to the masked man

But he said nothing

“ Alia , The secret superstar , I was so eager to meet you since days , And now you’re just in front of me , In my arms , I can’t breathe ”

“ Shut up ! Leave me , Let me go ! ”

She tries to release herself from inside his covering arms , But he pulled her again , Against his chest

“ What happened , Alia , I know you won’t deny what your fans want ” “ Let’s dance together ”

“ Let me go I said who’re  you ? ”

“ No I won’t ever let you go ” , “ At last you broke my faith isn’t it Alia ! ”

“ Who are you I’m asking for the last time , What are speaking ? ”

The lights were faint , Music loud and none of the one cared what’s going on …

The guy holding her removes her mask , Avni was stupefied 

“ The betraying girl hidden behind this mask can’t hide from my eyes ”

Avni whispers “ Betraying ? ” And she removed his mask “ NEIL ” she spoke with fear undertone

She quickly turned her face away her heart was pounding 

“ Turning away and hiding your face wouldn’t work here ” He spoke

“ You deceived me ”

Avni turns to him “ Deceive , And whatever you did what was that ! You threw me into the prison with no reasons and that wasn’t deceiving , Whatever I did , I did for me ”

Neil he holds her from shoulder “ why don’t you understand , That even I did that for you , I thought now we’re friends and hoped that you’d understand that I did all that for a reason ”

Neil recalls Neela crying and begging “ Please Neil I beg don’t let Avni step out of this prison at least for today , If she went out that’d be dangerous for her , Please promise me ”

Avni “ Reason , What reasons ,You don’t know anything ! Tell me what compelled you doing that ! ”

Neil “ Yes I don’t know anything that is why I’m asking please tell me , I wanna know  ”

Avni pressing her palms together “ Please don’t interfere in my life , It’s mine , Let me handle all my pains and grief , I’m able enough ”

“ And in the end I’d like to say that a thief and police can never be friends , We’re never friends and won’t be in future ”

“ I’m here for a mission and I’ll do it , No matter what happens ”

She roars and turns back , Stepping ahead , Neil holds her hand “ I know that there’s a fear inside your heart which is making you do this , But I promise that one day you’ll yourself come to me , To seek my help ”

“ I’d be there for you , I’m waiting ”

And she goes away

Walking a few distance , With tears in eyes she’s halted by a big large man in her way , DAKSH CHADHA

avni & he face to face

AVNI’S mind terrified with that flash from past , Her mother being tortured , Tethered by iron chains

She beating the door yelling “ Avniiii avniii ”

Daksh gazing at her from down to up with strong desires “ Ahhhh! What a piece of beauty , My mouth became watery , Hhh! ” .

“ I saw you ,15 years ago , You’re some 6-7 , Now look at you , Ahh ”

“ Vidyut was right you’re the most beautiful and fragnanced flower ”

He puts forward his hand to touch her face , But she hold him midway tightly

Daksh “ Oh what happened , Are you afraid of me ! I thought to swipe out these tears out of your eyes ”

Avni “ Men like you would not even get place in hell , You’re a demon , I just hate you ”

Daksh “ Wow ! Do Ya ! Think I’m afraid , Hmmm! Come on , I just love girls like you , Young , Hot , Independent , Angry great combination ”

Avni “ Where’s my mom ! ”

Daksh “ Oh so Neela did told you everything great ” “ So you want to see your mother right , Come , Come with me ”

He calls “ Hello we’re coming do the arrangements ”


“ Dd how dare you go out without my permission , She got out of the jail ”

“ I’m extremely sorry sir I don’t know how did all this happen , I thought all the time she’s sleeping under the sheets”

“ I warned you that she’s a very clever girl , Every time she’s successful and we’re defeated ”

“ Sir I’ll right now see in CCTV and inspect the reasons ”

“ Just leave it now I just can’t believe this , Now what’s the use ! ”

Neil : I’d promised Neela aunty . But why did she said all those things to me , Why did Ahiana wanted to come here and from whom she to be protected

K.k “ Oh ho Neil sir you’re again in tension that’s not fair ”

“ Did u had some food come , Come ” Taking him to drinks bar where

Some more men were standing and sipping

K.k “ Friends he’s IPS officer Neil khana ”

Man ¹ : Hello sir Ji

Man ² : Salute sir Ji

K.k giving him a glass of drink : This sis for you sir Ji

Neil : Sorry I don’t drink

Man ³: Sir Ji police wale you’re in your thanna ( police station ) here just chill and enjoy

K.k : Sir Ji this is clear drink , Just have it , Come on

Neil takes it

Man ¹ : Sir don’t think just take it in , Go for it

Neil took a sip

K.k : How was the performance ?

Man ²: It’s fabulous I have no words to say

Man ¹: That lady was a angel from heaven , Tears came out of my eyes ( they’re talking tipsily )

Man ²: She was singing as if there’s some grief , Anguish is stormed in her body

Neil was thinking and stood saying no words . After some time he just came out of that group and walks dwindling here and there and finally drops the glass held in his hands .

“ Where’s this Ahiana ” He says slowly and ends up bouncing into shweta

“ Tillu ! What’s this ! ” “ Are you fine ! ”

Neil “ I am fine ” ( He keeps his hands over her shoulder ) “ Mom do you know I saw an Angel ”

Shweta “ An angel , What’re you saying Tillu ! ”

Neil “ Yes right over there ” ( Pointing towards the ground )

“ She sang a lullaby and I slept into her lap , I even danced with her ”

Shweta “ Over there ” “ An Angel , Who , Alia ? ”

Neil “ Yes ” he got happy and hugs her “ You always understand me mom ”

“ Alia ! Angel ”

Shweta “ Neil what kind of things are you speaking today , Did you …..” She chekc him “ Tillu you’d drunk alcohol oh god ”

“ With so much efforts of me and your dad we protected you from this thing but you again why ? ”

Neil “ Because of Alia ….mom ”

She was surprised

Neil “ Yes she didn’t gave answer to my question , I saw her crying and when I asked her why she is sad she didn’t gave me answer , She deceived me ” He said in grief filled aching voice

Shweta “ My boy your past have made you so weak , Tillu let’s go home come ! ”

Neil “ No I won’t go , First I’ve to meet Alia and she has to clarify why was she crying , What was the reason for those tears in her eyes ”

Shweta “ Tillu what’re you saying ! We should immediately go home now and you should have your medicines ! Even prakash Jiis not here ” “ Let’s go come ! ”

Neil “ No I won’t i said first I’ll meet Alia ”

Shweta “ Oh god what should I do now he’s stuck on his demab ! ”

Neil “ Ma ! Bring her to me ”

Shweta made him sat over a chair “ Just be here I’ll bring her too you alright ! Don’t go anywhere ”


Daksh standing near the his big car , Avni I front of him , Along with some other men .

Avni “ Where is my mom I want to see her ”

Daksh “ Ah I see it’s been 15 years now , Why not , Let’s see what’s your mother I doing ”

One of the men in black opens up the boot of the car and inside is placed a laptop over a wodden bench

Daksh “ So let’s call her ” He clicks a button on keyboard

‘ Ting tong ….____( ringing )’

AVNI’S heart’s is in her mouth , She’s squeezing her fist , Her body trembling

Finally the call’s picked up , On the screen’s shown [ A dark room , Naina sitting over a wobbly wooden old bench , A thick roll of fabric in between her teeth . Black layers surrounding her eyes , Those were weak and lacked water , As if the time span was long enough to vacant them and make them dry .

Very slowly she opens up her tired , Aching eyes and sees her daughter after 15 years ]

Avni fumbled “ Maaahhaa ” She spoke very slowly , Her voice ached , Eyes flooded

The voice of her child returned her some power “ Avni ……” She spoke faintly

Both of them were crying , They didn’t bothered in what circumstances they were . But they know that the moment is special and they can’t afford loosing it .

[ Background song :-  Naina.. jo saanjhe khwab dekhte the

Naina.. bichad ke aaj ro diye hain yun
Naina.. jo milke raat jaagte the
Naina.. sehar mein palken meechte hain yun…]

Avni uplifts her hand and touches the screen  , Not that , Her mother , Though virtually .

And in return she does the same

Naina tries speaking , The thick fabric in her mouth resisted her “ Avni how’re you ! Are you okay ! ”

Avni : Ma ! You identified me ! We’re meeting after 15 years and till then we didn’t saw each other . ….How’s you ma !

Naina : Your heart is linked with mine ! When you weren’t here it wasn’t beating but now it’s

Avni : Don’t worry Ma ! Now I’m here I’ll rescue you , I’ll take you out from there , Don’t worry

Daksh “ Eh eh eh ! Eh ladki ( oh girl ! ) I hadn’t made this call to hear  this moronic conversation , I’ve a lot more important stuff beside this ”

He waves his hand and the man standing near laptop tries shutting it off , But , Avni stops him

Avni ” Don’t do it please I beg ! Let me see her “

He wasn’t listening , For he had been orders from Majesty.

When he came near closing it off , From other side , A man holds naina from hairs and she is yelling repeatedly “ Avni , Avni ”

This outraged her , Holds the collars of that man and threw him away with force

And roars “ I told you not to dare do that ! Leave her right now ”

The man in the video still was holding Naina grasped her hairs

Daksh was laughing loudly , Clumsily he sat down over the bonnet of the car and began clapping his hands “ Woa woa I’m really enjoying this thing going on here ! Continue continue ”

Avni comes to him and bawls out “ This is not a joke going over here , Tell your man to relieve my mother right now ! ”

Daksh “ Aankhon mein yeah gussa , Gal tere gulabi , Kya mast tere honth ” “ would you get this sight again ” “ Enjoy it as much as you can ” He came down and spoke these words standing against her

She was enraged and clutches his collars “ What the hellish person you’re ! Can’t you see she’s in pain , Aren’t you a human !”

He slaps her and squeezed her jaw “ Just shut up , Just like a parrot you’re jabbering ” “ Keep your mouth shut ”

Naina shouts out on seeing this

Daksh “ Aehh ! Just pause this loud speaker , My ears are hurting ”

The man in the video seals Nainas mouth with his hand

Avni kneels down to his feet “ Please please relive , Your enmity is with me then why are you torturing her , Release her ”


Neil is wandering here and there holding Ahiana’s picture in his hand murmuring “ Idhar chala main udhar chala

Jaane kaha main kidhar chala
Idhar chala main udhar chala
Jaane kaha main kidhar chala
Arrey phisal gaya ye tune kiya kiya ”

And slips down on the floor

Two guests passing by looks at him

Person ¹: Oh ! Who’s he ! Completely drunk !

Person ²: Appears to be a some mad men !

Person ¹: who’s picture he has held in his hand

Person ²: God knows , He looks sad

Neil “ Sad ! Yes I am sad ‘coz she didn’t gave me answers to my questions . I can’t find her . Where’s Ahiana ” He comes to the man and tumbles over him

Person ²: Oh god ! Somebody take him away he’s unconscious now

They two hold him from shoulders and walks loaded with his weight slowly

Neil murmur again “ No let me find Ahiana ! She needs me very much , Ahiana ! ” “ Where’s you ! ”



DAKSH “ if you wanna see her then you’d have to come with me ”


Avni nodding her head and sitting inside the car . The car took to road 

Neil running behind “ Ahiana ! Ahiana ” And faints down suddenly

Chadha’s mansion

The door opens – Avni sees Naina tethered

Neela holding phone “ What Avni isn’t in the jail , She escaped ! ” Phone drops from her hand she’s stupefied

(* Slight change in episode as told in previous precap )

And …

Neil keeping his hands over Neelas face who’s badly crying “ Don’t worry , If this all happened because of me then I will only bring her back ” With anguish and fear in his eyes







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