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IB & Naamkaran FF-Hatred Love-Chapter 28

Hi, dearies…. I’m back with another chapter….. And first of all please forgive me for this late update….. Actually, I was very much busy with Diwali preparation and after that my neighbour who was like a father for me has passed away a day after Diwali…. That incident has disturbed me very much and my mind was blocked…. Five years ago, I have lost my dad a day after Diwali too…. So, I felt like the same has happened….. That’s why I can’t update any of the chapters and mostly I will read other books updates only….. I hope you all will understand my situation…. I have tried to give a longer chapter because of not updating since many days…. I hope you all will like it…..






Everyone turn towards the voice and see Omkara walking inside the house. Shivaay walks towards him.

Shivaay: What are you saying, Om?? This is your baby??

Om: (looks at Ishana and turns to Shivaay) Yes, it’s my baby. (Everyone are shocked again. IshRuMyaPriVeer look each other confusingly.)

Shivaay: No, I won’t believe this. I know about you. This baby can’t be yours.

Jhanvi: Exactly. Om, why are you saying like this?? Is it because they have ruined your exhibition?? Don’t worry, Om. She can’t do anything.

Pinky: Jethani ji is correct. We all are with you. Just tell the truth that the baby is not yours. We will kick her and her so called baby out from here.

Om: Enough!! (All look at him shockingly.) I said right the baby is mine. So the baby is mine. (Looking at his family.)

Shivaay: How, Om?? She didn’t stay here for almost a year. She is lying.

Rudra: Why are you saying the same thing again and again?? You waited for his answer and he has given it. He has accepted this baby is his. So, it will be better if all of you accept this truth as well.

Annika: Rudra is right. Omkara has accepted the baby is his. So, she is saying the truth only.

Pinky: No, this is not true. This baby can’t belongs to Oberois. This is someone else baby. This girl is trying to ruin our family name by framing our Omkara. (Looks at her.) Omkara doesn’t even like her shadow falling over him. How he can be the father of this baby??

Prinku: You should ask him, Mrs Oberoi. He will explain clearly about his act that lead to this baby. Right, Mr Omkara Singh Oberoi?? (Giving a sarcastic look to Omkara.)

Shivaay: (becomes angry) Prinku, he is your elder brother. Give him some respect. (Rudra comes in between them.)

Rudra: It’s Priyanka for you all. She said ready, right?? Give some respect for her words too.

Shivaay: You are crossing your limit, Rudra. (About to hit Rudra but Omkara stops him.)

Om: Shivaay, this baby is mine. You are believing or not but this is the truth. And no one should question about this anymore. (The Oberois are shocked listening to him. He walks towards Ishana who is carrying Mishti. He is about to hold Mishti but a hand holds his hand stopping him from touching Mishti. He looks at the person who is none other than Rudra.)

Rudra: Glad that you have accepted this baby as yours. But this is not enough. You should declare she is your baby to this outside world as well. (All look at him shockingly.) Not only this baby but you should declare to this world who is Ishana bhabhi to you. You must disclose that she is not your mistress but your wife, whom you have forcibly married. You can’t touch this baby till you disclose the truth to this world. (Shivaay comes in between them.)

Shivaay: No way Om is going to tell all that to this world.

Prinku: He has to, Mr Shivaay Singh Oberoi. He is the one has started everything and he is the one should end it.

Annika: Rudra and Priyanka are saying the truth. Om has to disclose the truth to this outside world.

Pinky: What are you saying, Annika?? This girl is doing drama to get Oberoi surname.

Annika: Whatever it is, Pinky aunty. Omkara has married her and that is the truth. If he doesn’t want to continue the marriage, it’s fine. Let them separate in a correct way. But as husband and wife, not as a mistress. (IshRuMyaPriVeer look each other confusingly while the other Oberois are shocked seeing Annika taking Ishana’s side. Mishti started to cry while Ishana pats her back consoling her. IshRuMyaPriVeer leave from there to Soumya’s room.)



Soumya’s Room


Ishana is sitting on the bed and caressing Mishti’s hair who is sleeping on the bed. RuMya and PriVeer are looking at each other confusingly. Ishana goes towards them after placing pillows on both sides of Mishti.

Ishu: You all are confused, right?? (They nod their heads.) I am confused too. Your bhabhi, Annika supported me?? And your brother, Omkara has agreed Mishti is his baby. Why?? (Rubs her forehead in confusion.)

Rudra: Maybe he thought that he has behaved like that with you. You know right, bhabhi he was drunken that time when we was trying to manhandle you. So, he doesn’t remember whatever happened that day.

Prinku: I’m thinking the same too. Maybe that is the reason he agreed that Mishti is his baby.

Ishu: I don’t know why but each time when my character is questioned, he will come for my rescue. The same happened when I got pregnant last time. Your family members were badmouthing about my character but he came and accepted the baby as his.

Rudra: Because the baby was his, bhabhi. He has to accept that. Don’t melt because he has accepted Mishti as his baby. Bhabhi, don’t forget your mission to take revenge on him and this family. (Ishana is about to say something but stops hearing knock on the door. Rudra looks at them.) I will go and see. (Rudra opens the door and surprised to see Annika there.) You!!?? Why do you come here?? Did they send you to find out either the baby is Omkara Singh Oberoi’s or not??

Annika: Can I come inside?? (Rudra looks at Ishana and she signs him to let her in. Rudra nods and let Annika in. Annika smiles and enters inside the room. Rudra closes the door. Annika goes towards Ishana and looks at her in guilt.)

Ishu: Thank you. For stopping your husband from hitting Rudra and for supporting me just now. (Annika can’t stand anymore and burst into tears. She falls on her knees and cries badly covering her face with her both hands. All are shocked to see her crying like this.)

Annika: I’m sorry, Ishana. Please forgive me. I must have reacted earlier and stopped all of them but I was blind with my sister’s love that time. (She cries and about to fold her hands but Ishana holds her hands stopping her. She too kneels in front of her.)

Ishu: Why are you apologizing?? You didn’t do anything.

Annika: That’s why I’m apologizing. I didn’t do anything. I should have done something that time. But I kept quiet and ruined your life. (Looks at her.) But, I swear, Ishana. I didn’t expect that type of act from Om towards you. I never thought that he will stoop that much low to revenge you. When he made you pregnant, I was shocked and felt bad for you. I wanted to talk to you and console you but I felt guilty for becoming a reason for your condition. I couldn’t face you and that’s why I will avoid you. But I didn’t expect that you will lose your baby that time. Never in my dream, I thought that to happen. (She cries again.) Trust me, Ishana. (Ishana feels bad seeing Annika crying badly. She never thought Annika avoided her because of her guilt. These days she thought Annika was angry on her for causing Gauri’s death. Ishana cups Annika’s face.)

Ishu: Don’t cry. It was your situation made you to keep silent. I can understand your pain of losing your sister. Don’t blame yourself. I am wrong too for causing your sister’s death. But I too didn’t do it…. (Annika cuts her.)

Annika: I know. You didn’t do it intentionally. You can’t even abort a baby after learning how it has formed in your womb. How can you caused a person’s death intentionally?? Maybe that is what called an accident, I think. You can’t be blamed, Ishana.

Ishu: Thank you for understanding.

Annika: Have you forgiven me??

Ishu: Why I should forgive you when you are not wrong?? (Annika smiles in tears and hugs her. Ishana reciprocates the hug and caresses her back. SouPri smile in tears while Rudra just stands quietly and confused with Ishana’s behaviour.) Are you going to sit like this for whole day?? (Annika looks at her confusingly.) My knees are paining. (Annika realised that they are kneeling on the floor and chuckles in tears. They get up from the floor.)

Annika: So, friends?? (Annika extends her hand towards Ishana.)

Ishu: (holds her hand) Friends!!! (Both have a handshake.)

Annika: I’m happy that you are back here. Whatever help you need, just tell me. I’m ready to help you.

Rudra: (in a stern voice) We want to remove ‘mistress’ tag from her. Can you do it??

Annika: I can do it, Rudra. It’s not a big matter for me. Just a single call to the media is enough. But I won’t do it. Omkara is the one should do it. He is the one should remove ‘mistress’ tag from her name. As you said, he has to declare to this world that Ishana is not his mistress but his wife. And he should tell whatever he has done to her since first day.

Prinku: Do you think that he will do it??

Soumya: We have to make him to do it.

Annika: Soumya is right. We have to make him to tell the truth which is not easy.

Rudra: I don’t care it will be easy or hard. But he has to disclose the truth to this world and clear my bhabhi’s name.

Ranveer: We will make him to tell the truth, Rudra. Don’t worry.

Annika: Rudra, who is he?? (Looking at Ranveer)

Rudra: He is Ranveer, our friend and Ranveer, this is Annika………

Ranveer: Shivaay Singh Oberoi’s wife, your bhabhi. (Towards Annika) May I know where is your husband now??

Annika: I saw him going to Omkara’s room just now.

Ranveer: (thinks something) Ok. You all carry on. I will come in a while. (He leaves from there.)



Omkara’s Room


Shivaay: What was that, Om?? Why did you agree the baby is yours??

Om: Because the baby is mine, Shivaay.

Shivaay: Om, I know how much you hate the girl. Then, how come?? (Omkara keeps quiet.) Tell me the truth, Om. I know you won’t stoop too low…… (They hear clapping sound and turn towards the door. Ranveer is clapping his hands while giving a sarcastic look towards them.)

Ranveer: Woww!!! What a brother?? I’m impressed and surprised too. (Enters inside the room.) What did you say?? He won’t stoop low?? Like seriously?? (Laughs sarcastically.) Then, which level he has stooped when he said his own wife as a mistress?? Which level he has stooped when he made her pregnant without her knowing?? Which level he has stooped when he tried to molest her?? (Rubs his chin) Ohh!! That is called high level, right?? Yeah, you all are high class people, so even though you stooped low, it’s consider high for you. That’s why whatever your brother did to her, you didn’t feel it was wrong and you supported him. I can’t believe that you both are Rudra and Priyanka’s brothers. Both of them are very much younger than you but they can differentiate between right and wrong. I’m sorry to say but you both are not having a small bit of the maturity that they are having. You both should be ashamed of yourselves.

Shivaay: You were with that girl just now, right?? Who are you?? What connection you are having with that girl??

Ranveer: I am Ranveer Singh Randhawa. Who am I to Ishana…..?? Haah!!! Just think that I am her brother. A brother who wants justice for my sister. I am here for that.

Om: (confused) Brother??

Ranveer: Yeah, brother. Be happy that her brother came here for her. If anyone else has come, you might have face the worst.

Shivaay: (crossing his arms) Oh, really?? Who else will come for her?? Her father, mother or who else?? What do you think?? You are threatening us?? If you are talking like this, you think we will get scared?? We are Oberois and no one can do anything to Oberois especially people like you who don’t even has a status to stand in front of us.

Ranveer: (smirks) Oberois?? (Laughs) How long you are going to use your surname for everything?? Do you know something?? You are surviving because of the Oberois surname only. If the surname has removed from your name, you can’t do anything. All of you will become a zero. (Shivaay stares at him angrily but Ranveer doesn’t care.) You were saying that no one can do anything to Oberois. Don’t forget that there are two Oberois against you. Rudra and Priyanka. But they are not using that surname anymore which made me proud of them.

Shivaay: I don’t want to hear anything from you. You better leave from here with your so called sister and her baby.

Ranveer: I won’t leave without getting justice for her.

Shivaay: Justice?? For a murderer?? Hey!! She is the reason for Gauri’s death. Whatever happened because of her only. If she didn’t do the accident, these all must not happened. The reason is your sister only.

Ranveer: Oh!! She caused Gauri’s death. Any proof for that??

Shivaay: My brother, Omkara is the witness. What else you want as a proof??

Ranveer: Whatever we see can’t be true in every situation, Mr Shivaay Singh Oberoi.

Shivaay: What do you mean by that?? Are you saying that your sister’s didn’t do the accident??

Ranveer: I didn’t say like that. She is the one did the accident. But who give you the rights to punish her?? Law is there to punish her. You supposed to hand over her to the police. But, you didn’t do like that and made her life miserable with your brother’s so called cheap act. You don’t know whose life you have ruined. I swear the consequences you and your family going to face will be the worst. And that day is not very far. What did you ask?? Who else will come for her?? Her father or mother?? Almost right. But they are more than that which you will get to know soon. (Leaves from there while Shivaay fumes angrily. He turns to Omkara who is standing quietly.)

Shivaay: Why were you quiet, Om?? He has courage enough to talk to us like this because you have accepted the baby as yours. Or I would have chase both of them out of this house with that baby.

Om: Shivaay!!! Just stop!!

Shivaay: What’s wrong with you, Om?? Why are you like this??

Om: Nothing. I want to be alone for sometime. Can we talk later??

Shivaay: Ok. I will see you later. (He leaves from there.)



Ranveer is on the way going back to Soumya’s room thinking about his talk with ShivOm.

Ranveer: (to himself) They are blaming Ishana for Gauri’s death. I need to find out the truth what really happened that day. These days Ishana was dying in guilt. Now it’s their turn. But I only can start it tomorrow after they give the information. (Priyanka who came searching for Ranveer sees him coming but he doesn’t realise her presence and almost collides with her. Priyanka holds him.)

Prinku: Careful, Ranveer!!

Ranveer: Oh!! Sorry, Priyanka. I didn’t see you.

Prinku: I can see that. What were you thinking?? And where have you went just now??

Ranveer: I went to see your bro…. I mean I went to see ShivOm.

Prinku: (surprised) Why??

Ranveer: Nothing. Just to warn them on behalf of NeilGau. But…..

Prinku: They must not have bother about it, right??

Ranveer: Right. Shivaay didn’t give a damn about my words. But Omkara, I couldn’t understand what he is thinking. Only Shivaay was arguing with me. Omkara didn’t say anything. I didn’t expect that from him. And he agreed Mishti is his baby. It was so surprising.

Prinku: Don’t fall on his trap, Ranveer. Maybe he wanted the truth to come out from our mouth.

Ranveer: Maybe. But…. (Cuts by Priyanka)

Prinku: Leave that, Ranveer. (Goes near him) You tell me first, what are you going to do??

Ranveer: (confused) Do what??

Prinku: You only said that you want to investigate about the accident, there is something hidden behind the accident which we didn’t aware.

Ranveer: Oh!! Ok. Actually, I was thinking about that only. I need to get some information regarding that day. Then only I can proceed with the investigation.

Prinku: What information?? Maybe I can help you.

Ranveer: No need of that. I already arranged for it. Tomorrow, I will get the information that I want. After that, I will start my work.

Prinku: Ok. Ranveer, can I tell Rudra bhaiya about this??

Ranveer: You can tell him but ask him to not to tell Ishana. (Priyanka smiles and they leave from there.)



Soumya’s Room


PriVeer enter the room and see IshRuMya are playing with Mishti. Mishti has bonded quickly with Soumya. She is biting Soumya’s cheek while playing with her hair. IshRu laugh seeing them. Rudra looks at PriVeer.

Rudra: Ranveer, your room is not ready yet. It will ready by tomorrow. So, tonight you can stay with me in my room.

Ranveer: That’s ok, Rudra. Don’t trouble yourself. I will stay at hotel.

Prinku: Hotel?? Are you mad?? You don’t have to stay at any hotel. This house is not lack of space that you have to stay at hotel. Just stay here.

Ranveer: I don’t like to stay at the place whom I dislike are staying.

Rudra: Like we all love to stay here but we have to, Ranveer for bhabhi’s mission.

Ranveer: (mutters to himself) But my mission is different. How I will do it by staying here?? (Priyanka heard him and smiles.)

Prinku: (whispers) I know why are you refusing. You don’t worry. You can do your work by staying here. No one will doubt.

Ishu: What are you whispering to him??

Prinku: Nothing. I think Ranveer feels like his privacy will be disturbed. That’s why I said that we will never disturb his privacy. (All smile.)

Ranveer: Ishana, can I ask you something?? (Ishana nods.) You came here to take revenge on this family?? But how come you are able to forgive Annika??

Rudra: I asked her the same too but she didn’t answer. Bhabhi, Ranveer is asking the same question. Will you give your answer??

Ishu: Rudra, if a person whom I can forgive in this family is Annika only. I can’t be upset with her.

Ranveer: Why?? Because she is Gauri’s sister?? That means Omkara is forgivable too. He was Gauri’s fiance.

Ishu: Annika didn’t do anything to me. She knows they were doing wrong but she was helpless and that’s why she kept quiet. Just now you all saw right, how badly she cried?? My heart hurt seeing her like that. Moreover, I was not even upset with her. (Rudra is about to say something but Soumya stops him.)

Soumya: Rudra, don’t you dare to make my Ishana di cry!!

Rudra: I haven’t say anything yet. Why are you blaming me??

Soumya: You were about to say something. That’s why I stopped you. (Signs him to not to say anything.)

Rudra: Ok, fine. Bhabhi, I’m not asking anything. You don’t strain yourself. It’s not good for your health. Ranveer, let’s take your things and go to my room. (Ranveer agrees and they leave from there taking Ranveer’s things.)

Prinku: (holds Ishana’s shoulder) Bhabhi, we know what is the reason for you not being upset with Annika bhabhi. (Ishana nods sadly.)

Soumya: Di, you don’t worry. We will never disclose the matter to anyone. (Ishana hugs both of them. Rudra who has returned to take his mobile from Soumya’s room stopped hearing their conversation.)

Rudra: That means there is a reason for bhabhi forgiving Annika bhabhi. SouPri too aware of that. But why they didn’t tell me?? Never mind, I will find out the reason myself. (He knocks the door. IshSouPri turn towards the door.) I have forgotten my mobile. (He takes his mobile.) You all get ready. We will have dinner together. (The girls nod and he leaves from there.)



Rudra ordered dinner from outside and all are having together in Soumya’s room. They finished their dinner and play with Mishti.

Soumya: Di, you and Mishti sleep with me in my room.

Prinku: No, Soumya. They will be staying with me in my room.

Soumya: Priyanka, you stayed with her only these many days. Let me stay with them for today.

Prinku: Who said I stayed with her?? We were not staying together. I stayed separately from her, so that no one from this family can find me. (Soumya looks at Ishana who just nods her head.)

Rudra: Both of you don’t fight. Let’s do one thing. Prinku, you too sleep here with three of them.

Prinku: Good idea!! Ok, I will go and get my things. (About to go but Ishana stops her.)

Ishu: No need, Priyanka. I’m not going to stay with you or Soumya.

All: Then??

Ishu: Where I have stayed before this, there only I’m going to stay with Mishti. (She says while smirking making everyone shock.)

All: What??

Soumya: You mean, Om bhaiya’s room??

Ishu: Yeah. There only I stayed before this right??

All: No way!!

Rudra: Bhabhi, what are you saying?? You want to stay in that room with him?? No, bhabhi. We won’t let you to stay there.

Prinku: Exactly!! Bhabhi, have you forgotten what he has tried to do with you last time?? No, bhabhi. We can’t take the risk again.

Ishu: Chill, Rudra, Priyanka. I haven’t forget anything. I’m not the same Ishana who was a fainthearted person. I have gathered my courage to face him and has mentally prepared as well. I have to prove that to him. For that, I need to stay in his room in front of his eyes. After all, I’m his wife.

Ranveer: She is right. Let her stay there. I don’t think he will try to do something to her when we all are here.

Rudra: Ok, bhabhi. But please be careful. If he tries to do something….. (Ishana holds Rudra’s face which is showing concern towards her.)

Ishu: I know what to do, Rudra. NeilGau have thought me.

Rudra: (holds her hand) Good. (Ishana smiles at him.)



Omkara’s Room


Omkara is sketching something when RuPri enter his room bringing some things.

Om: What are these?? (RuPri don’t bother and arrange the things at the corner of the room. They are about to go when Omkara blocks them.) I’m asking what are these??

Rudra: Ishana bhabhi and Mishti’s things.

Om: Why are you keeping them here??

Prinku: What question is this?? Where should we keep your wife and baby’s things if not in your room??

Om: (confused) Means??

Rudra: Your wife and baby will stay here only. This is their room too. Do you have any problem?? (Omkara is about to say something but Rudra interrupts him.) If you have problem too, I won’t bother because our bhabhi and niece are having all the rights to stay here. (Omkara sighs and about to say something but stops seeing Ishana at the door with Soumya who is carrying Mishti. They enter inside the room.)

Soumya: (hands over Mishti towards Ishana) Ok, di. We will see tomorrow. Take care and have a good sleep. (Ishana nods.)

RuPri: Good night, bhabhi. (Kiss Mishti’s cheek.) Good night, baby. (RuMyaPri leave from there. Ishana turns towards Omkara who turns and goes to his bed. Ishana places Mishti on the couch and looks at Omkara who is doing something at the bed.)

Ishu: Why are you turning away, sir?? You didn’t expect me here right with our baby?? (She feels bad saying this and mentally apologized to Avni. Omkara doesn’t say anything. He takes the clothes which are on the bed. Ishana goes towards him.) Why are you not answering me, sir?? Just now at your exhibition you were like this too. What happened??

Om: You sleep on the bed with the baby. I will sleep on the couch.

Ishu: Excuse me. What?? You are asking me and my baby to sleep on the bed. (Laughs sarcastically) Are you serious?? You only said that this is my place. (Stepping on the floor with her leg.) What happened now?? You are asking us to sleep on the bed. Why?? Because your heart melts seeing this baby?? But, we don’t need your bed. I will sleep on the floor.

Om: But the floor is cold and…..

Ishu: So what?? Only I will sleep on the floor. I’m not a heartless person like you to make my baby sleep on the floor. She is having her own cradle and she will sleep inside there. You don’t have to show your fake concern towards us. (She glares at him angrily and walks to the corner where RuPri arranged her things just now. She pulls the cradle but lose her balance. She is about to fall but Omkara holds her hand stopping her from falling. Ishana looks at him.) Oh, my God!!! What have you done??

Om: (startles) What??

Ishu: You touched me. You are holding my hand. (He realised that he is still holding her. He leaves her hand and looks at her.) Go and have a bath. You have touched me. You must feel disgusting, right?? Go and have a shower!! Faster!! (Omkara looks at her shockingly while she continues.) What?? This is what you used to tell me before, right?? That you feel disgusting to come near me. And the disgusting look in your eyes whenever you see me, I haven’t forget anything. (She stumbles again and her leg hits the cradle. She winces in pain. Omkara is about to hold her again but stops himself.)

Om: Are you hurt?? (In a concerned voice.)

Ishu: (controls her pain) Hurt?? You are asking me this!!?? I’m surprised. The one who is the reason for my hurt and pain is asking me if I am hurt. It’s too late, Mr Omkara Singh Oberoi. My hurt and pain have been healed, sir. Only scars are left which can’t be seen by anyone. And those scars can’t be erased till forever. (Omkara looks down and turns from her. Ishana is surprised with his behaviour. She is about to say something but stopped by Mishti’s cry. She goes towards Mishti who is lying on the couch.) Oh, my baby!! Sorry, sweetheart. Haww!!! My baby is sleepy. (She lifts her and makes her lie on her shoulder. Omkara lies on the bed and turns the opposite side. Ishana pats Mishti’s making her to sleep.)


RuMyaPri are on the way to their rooms.

Soumya: I hope Om bhaiya doesn’t behave like before.

Prinku: Don’t worry, Soumya. Bhabhi knows how to deal with him. She is not like before. Ok. I’m so sleepy. I will go to my room first. Good night.

RuMya: (smile) Good night. (Soumya turns towards Rudra.)

Soumya: Good night, Rudra. (Turns to go but Rudra holds her hand.) What??

Rudra: Thank you.

Soumya: (confused) For what??

Rudra: Remember that day before I left from here, you said that maybe bhabhi is at the place where I am going. You are right. Bhabhi was there only.

Soumya: (smiles proudly) See, my words become true. I won’t accept this thank you. I want a gift for that. (She says teasingly raising her eyebrows.)

Rudra: Gift??

Soumya: Haan!! Gift!!

Rudra: Ok. What gift do you want??

Soumya: I want the world’s most delicious paratha. (She says excitingly while he looks at her in disbelief.)

Rudra: You want paratha as a gift?? (Soumya nods excitingly.) I was expecting you to ask for something big but you want paratha.

Soumya: Paratha is a big thing for me. Don’t you dare to badmouth my paratha.

Rudra: Ok ok. I won’t come in between you and your beloved paratha. But, Soumya, I don’t have any paratha to give you now. I will give something else first.

Soumya: What?? No, I don’t want something else. I want only paratha. Nothing can beat my para….. (stops when Rudra pecks her cheek. She is stunned with his act and places her palm on her cheek.) Ru….. Ru…… (words are not coming out from her mouth.)

Rudra: (chuckles) This is my advance gift. I will get your paratha tomorrow. Hmm?? (Strokes her already blushing cheek with his finger.)

Soumya: (still in shock) Hmmm.

Rudra: Now, go to your room.

Soumya: Hmmm. (Leaves from there without taking out her hand from her cheek.)

Rudra: Paagal!!! But cute. (Chuckles and leaves to his room.)



Omkara’s Room


Ishana who is sleeping on the floor wakes up and looks at the time. She looks at Mishti who is sleeping peacefully in the cradle. She smiles seeing her and goes to the table. She mix milk and goes back to her place. She lifts Mishti and feeds her. She places her back in the cradle after finished feeding her. She is about to sleep when she sees Omkara wakes up in jerk. He started to breath heavily. She is confused with his behaviour but she shrugs of her thought and lies on the floor to sleep. However, she couldn’t sleep and opens her eyes to look at him but he is not there.

Ishu: Where did he go?? (She hears some sound from beside the bed. She goes towards there and shocks to see Omkara shivering badly sitting on the floor.) What happened to him?? (She goes near him.) What’s wrong with you?? (He doesn’t answer and continues shivering. She touches his shoulder.) Are you alright?? (He still shivers and looks at her. Before she could say anything else, he just hugs her tightly making her shock.)

Om: Please don’t leave me. I can’t live without you. (Tightens the hug on her. Ishana is confused with him.) I have suffered a lot without you. Please don’t leave me again. (He cries saying this.)

Ishu: (thinks) What he is saying?? (She is about to push him but stops seeing Gauri’s picture beside the bed. She thinks.) This must be Gauri if I’m not mistaken. He must have dreamt about Gauri. That’s why he is behaving like this thinking me as Gauri. (She tries to push him but he doesn’t let her.)

Om: No. Please don’t leave. I missed you very much.

Ishu: (towards herself) Mad lover!! He will break my bones by hugging like this. (To him) Sir, I’m not going anywhere. You get back to your bed now. Come. (Tries to push him again but he tightens his grip on her.)

Om: I don’t want any bed. I just need you beside me. (Ishana sighs.)

Ishu: (thinks) Uff!! How I will make him understand that I’m not his Gauri?? (Sees a jug of water on the small table beside the bed) Should I throw water on his face to make him come out from his dream?? No, Ishu. Don’t do like that or he will blame you that you are taking advantage on him. Yeah, right. I should have sleep quietly there. It’s my mistake to come and check on him. What I’m going to do now?? (Omkara is still hugging her. Ishana is feeling pain because of his tight hug. She uses her full energy and pushes him breaking the hug.) Sir, come and sleep on your bed. (Omkara shakes his head but Ishana doesn’t listen and pulls his hand. She makes him to lie on the bed.) You can continue dreaming about your Gauri now. And don’t disturb my sleep again. (She turns to go but Omkara holds her hand. She sighs feeling annoyed.)

Om: Don’t leave me. (Ishana turns and sees his eyes are closed. She shakes her head and takes his hand from hers. She turns to go again.) Ishana…. (Ishana stops hearing her name.) Don’t leave me….. Ishana….. (Ishana turns to him in shock.)



To be continued…….


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