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Friendship is also love – Part 5

Hello guys thanks for ur response , but I’m little disappointed since I got very little response I can continue only if I get a proper response


Recap – Rudy is addicted to drugs,Keerthy & Saumya are frnds & RJ’s

OM , Mumbai

Rudy get discharged from hospital

Shivay & Om decide to get Rudy to rehabilitation centre

shivay informs it to dadi, first dadi didn’t agree for that but both Shivay &Om convinced her.

After 3 Days


Rudy calls Keerthy

Keerthy was in the office working

Keerthy – hello who s this

Rudy – Kittu….

Keerthy –  Rudhr is that you …(excitingly)

Rudy – Haan Kittu its me I need ur help

keerthy – sugam Thane ( R U 5n ???) enda prakshanam ( any problem????)

Rudy- they are trying to kill me !!!!!! pls save me Kittu pls save me ….

Keerthy – Rudy ….

keerthy got up from sleep it was a dream

Keerthy- what is this is it a dream…. But why I am getting this dream something is wrong with him …am I over thinking

she makes her mind to talk to him by siding her angry

she gets up & gets ready for the office

Rudy suffers in the centre & he ran from there to his home

Rudy comes to OM , Shivika , Rikara , dadi get shocked on seeing him

shivay – Rudy why have u returned

Rudy – Bhaiya I m not going there pls don’t send me there I wanna stay with you ( by hugging Shivay)

Om – Rudy  calm down it is only for ur sake we will not leave u

Rudy – O they r beating me I’m not going anywhere I have to be with you all pls don’t send me there

Shivay- ok ok Rudy just calm down I am here right everything will be alright (by calming down him )

suddenly he falls down, shivom carry him & place him in his room.

just then the rehabilitation centre staff comes & informs that they cannot treat Rudy any more

family is shocked, they ask why , staffs inform that ” first he is not obeying, second he is taking drugs there too , we can’t take risk else u will blame us so we r sorry ” when Shivay is about to argue Om signs him No

Dadi – can u see this billu that’s y I Said not to put him in rehabilitation centre

Shivay – but Dadi we didn’t expect this right

Anika – No Shivay I already said u that this is not needed but u didn’t listen me now all of us facing the consequence right u know that we can’t see Rudy in this position that’s y we warned u….

Om – But bhabhi we have to treat him right

Gauri – Om but we can treat him in the home itself…it will be safer for us

Shivay – no Gauri it will be even more worse he will take even more advantage

suddenly they will hear sound from Rudy’s room

they see him bluffing about Bhavya in the dream , suddenly dadi will notice a small trophy in the room’s showcase

Dadi will Decide something, call ShivOm for discussion

keerthy  will be trying to call Rudy but she will get call not reachable


Precap – Keerthy make Saumya to meet her friend , new entri





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