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Do you like the marriage track in Muskaan?

Star Bharat’s Muskaan is getting a marriage track for the leads Muskaan and Ronak. The couple had earlier presented a fake marriage to the family in order to fulfill their motives. Muskaan has a motive to find her mother Aarti, who went missing after her birthday. Ronak wants to prove his father’s true evil face to the family, so that his mother doesn’t stay in darkness forever. He tries to bring out Tirat Singh’s bitter truth out. Ronak is aware of the fact that Tirat Singh aka Sir ji runs number of brothels in the city. He is ashamed of his father for his illegal and shameful business.

Everybody holds a good image of Tirat in the family. They regard him a true gem at heart. They aren’t aware how dangerous Tirat can get when it comes to his evil business. On the other hand, Tirat plays a move and traps Ronak into the real marriage trap. He wants to test if Ronak can really marry a brothel girl. Ronak and Muskaan team up to expose Tirat’s truth. Ronak finds ways to avoid the marriage. The marriage functions-preparations bring twists. Do you like the marriage track in Muskaan? Let us know your opinion.

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