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Bigg Boss – A Fan Fiction (Episode 1 Part 2)

This is purely a fictional FF where the concept is inspired from Bigg Boss. Hopefully you all will like it 😊.

Here is 2nd part of the 1st Episode!



Link for episode 1 Part 1:

Bigg Boss BGM plays and Ranveer enters the stage again.

Ranveer: So welcome back to Nippon paints presents Bigg Boss.

The audience clap and whistle.

Ranveer: So Now let me introduce to one, not one, not two, three contestants. They are three  girls.

Three girls come on the stage.

Ranveer comes to a girl with tattoos on her body .

Ranveer: So this is our 10th contestant, and also an international contestant, Nisha Kaur.
Nisha’s video is shown.

Nisha: Well, I was born in India but I have been staying in US since my childhood. My choices and attitude is videsi, but my heart is desi.

Nisha admires Indian culture. And she does Aarti.

Nisha: When I was in US, I was working at Netflix. And now I am here in India to make an identity of my own. I would like to present myself and impress the audience. And Audience will love me.

The video ends.
10. Nisha Kaur (Commoner)

Nisha is a commoner and she is from US. She was born in India but a US resident. Nisha worked in Netflix.(Played by VJ Bani, BB10 Finali

Ranveer: Our 11th contestant, Hani Nair.
Hani’s video shown.

Oye Oye song is played.

Hani: I am Hani Nair. And I am from the UK. My ancestors were from India.

Hani is cooking.

Hani: I love doing household chores and I am a proud housewife. Well I am unmarried.

Ranveer rolls his eyes surprised while seeing the video.

Hani: I am a very romantic person and I like sweet people. As my name is Hani, so as sweet as Honey.
11. Hani Nair (Commoner)

Hani is from UK and she considers herself a housewife.(Played by Jasleen Matharu, BB12 Contestant)

Ranveer: Hani, I didn’t understand one thing. You said you are a housewife but you are unmarried how is it possible?

Hani: Well you can marry yourself!

Ranveer: (surprised and confused) Hain?

Hani: As housewife, I meant looking after the house. There isn’t such thing as housedaughter so okay, housewife.

All laughs at Hani’s weird answer

Nisha: She is so cute. Hani, you are so funny. You said the wrong thing.

Hani: But Nisha I thought I said the right thing.

Ranveer: You both know each other?

Nisha: We have met each other before.

Ranveer: That’s interesting… Anyways we have another contestant entering with you two.
A video is shown.

Groupfie Maine Le Liya Aaj …..Groupfie Maine Le Liya Aaj…..

Nisha looks at the video surprised.

Zuka: Hi I am Dhinchak Zuka. Biggest Fan of Dhinchak Pooja.

Nisha: (to Hani ) She is such a copycat. I already started hating her.

Hani: (to Nisha) She’s kinda weird…. but yeah let’s see .

Zuka: I love singing. I love dancing. I love talking. (Laughs) Hahaha

All laughs seeing Zuka’s video.

Nisha: (to Hani) Why Don’t she say that she loves knitting stories too! And Hani , look at her teeth! Seems like she hasn’t brushed it for years! I hate her now!

Hani: Nisha calm down.

Zuka: (shrugs) When Aryan Khanna has a duplicate fan so why not Dhinchak Pooja (winks)

Then Zuka stops the video and continues speaking.

Zuka: This is a short glimpse about me. But besides that as a person, I am very nice.

Zuka plays with kids and feeds them.

Zuka: I want to do something special for all the kids in the world. I work for social cause besides shipping Dhincak Pooja Jii.

12. Dhinchak Zuka (Rapper Fan) (Commoner)(Played by Dhinchak Pooja, BB11 Wildcard Contestant)

A rapper , Indian commoner who claims to he big fan of Dhinchak Pooja. She wants to do support needy kids. She is also a look alike of Dhinchak Pooja.

Nisha: Hani, she is so fake I am telling you.

Hani: It looks so unrealistic. But let’s see how she is. She might be nice.

Nisha: I don’t think so…

Zuka comes on the stage.

Ranveer: Zuka Jii Apka Swagat Hai.

Zuka: Hello Ranveer Sir I am a big fan of you.

Ranveer: Hein? But I thought you are Dhinchak Pooja’s fan.

Zuka: Yeah… Biggest fan of her, but fan of yours also.

Ranveer: Hm… I am impressed.

Nisha: Ranveer you should not trust her. She seems sweet and Sati Savitri but in actual she is fake.

Zuka: We haven’t met before. So Why are you calling me fake? What proof you have?

Nisha: I am going to expose you.

Hani: Nisha relax, this is not the place to talk about this. We can talk about this in the house.

Ranveer: Now you three can enter the house.

Nisha, Hani and Zuka enters the house.

The contestants goes there.

Ranveer is surprised after seeing them fight.

Nisha: Hi I am Nisha Kaur and I am from US.

Hani: I am Hani Nair and I am from UK.

Zuka: I am Dhinchak Zuka and I am from India.

Nisha: Zuka at least say your full name. Don’t fake it here. I even wonder whether Zuka is your real name. You’re such a fake person!

Zuka: I am not fake!

Neil: You three know each other?

Hani: I and Nisha met each other before. We are meeting Zuka for first time.

Hani: Kapil Jii, I really like your show.

Kapil: Thank you Hani Jii.

Hani: Ekta Jii and Gul Jii your shows are really good too. Avni and Neil you two are good actors, so you are Parth.

Parth: That’s sweet of you.

Hani: But I don’t know much about the rest.

Zuka comes to Gul.

Zuka: Gul jii I love your show Qubool Hai.

Gul smiles.

Gul: Thank you.

Nisha: Zuka stop buttering people, okay. It won’t work for you. We have already seen how fake you are!

Zuka: What problem you have with me Nisha Jii? Since I came to stage, you are calling me fake. You don’t like me keep it to yourself. Why bother me? I don’t even know you.

Zuka sits down and starts crying.

Zuka: (cries) No one likes me here! I don’t want to be here!

Nisha: (rolls here eyes) Oh god! You should’ve thought that before enrolling your name in this reality show. It’s your fault and no one wants you here Zuka.

Ekta: Miss Nisha can you please be quiet for sometime?

Hani: Nisha please.

Ekta consoles Zuka.

Ekta: Nisha, you’re being very rude to Zuka ! Apologise to her!

Nisha: Why would I? And you don’t act like a great person? We have seen your standard through your shows you Oldie!

Ekta: Wait…What did you say?! (Gets up from the sofa) Who  are you to speak about my shows! And you called me oldie!

Nisha: Yeah! You’re a 43yrs old breed! And I know who is fake and real. Zuka is 100% fake and I can’t tolerate fake people here!

Ekta: You…

Shravan: (cuts ekta in between) Ekta ji, Now I’ll speak. I will decide who is fake and real.

Nisha: Go away, you ugly duckling!

Shravan: Excuse me! How dare you call me ugly ducking!

Nisha: You didn’t like the name? Okay from now on you’re swiper the Fox. Now get lost!

Shravan: What!

Neil laughs when Nisha tells this.

Shravan sees neil and Neil stops laughing.

Neil: (to himself) Even Nisha knows that he looks like a fox !

Shravan storms away

ACP: I will decide who is right and wrong. Something is definately fishy.

Kapil: Nisha Jii you are making a big issue for a minor thing. Aap Ko Kuch Galat Fehmiya Hua Hai.

Nisha: Stop your big fat mouth you gay!

Kapil: Kya?

Parth: Hello Miss Nisha, you seem to forget all your manners. Who are you to say someone is gay?

Nisha: You are gay too!

Parth: Nisha, you called me and Kapil bhai gay right? You will see the worst of me! See what I will do to you! (Shouting at Nisha)

Hani moves Nisha away.

Hani: Nisha this is not good. I understand you don’t like fake people but this is a show. Imagine how their parents will feel seeing this. And will your parents like it?

Nisha: But Hani… you’ve known me for years. I ….. I just can’t tolerate these fake people. It … it hurts you know. I just can’t…

Hani: (cuts Nisha in between) I understand Nisha.

Hani calms Nisha down.

Ekta: This Nisha has spoiled the house atmosphere. I wonder from where these people come from.

Gul: Hmm… But Well , hats off to that girl Hani for calming her down. I wonder how she tolerates her.

Neil: Yes. Hani is a very nice person.

Kapil: Hani is just like honey. (Sucks) So sweet.

Neil, Gul , Kapil and ekta laugh.

ACP: Shravan?

Shravan: Jii ACP sir?

ACP: Mujhe Iss Hani Main Hi Kuch Galat Lagta Hai.

Shravan: I also think so. She doesn’t look like what she is trying to show herself like. But what Nisha said was wrong.

Zuka is still crying. Giaan comes to her and passes tissues.

Giaan: Zuka Chan don’t cry. Some people are like that. They can’t control their tongue. They say nonsense.

Zuka tries to stop crying.

Giaan: You seem to be a nice person to me. You didn’t say anything about yourself.

Zuka: (wipes her tears) I am Dhinchak Zuka , also known as Zuka Singh … I’m big fan of Dhinchak Pooja. And I love to Sing.

Nisha: (to hani) See I told you Hani…. she’s fake. Her name is Zuka Singh not Dhinchak Zuka.

Hani: Nisha… just think…. who the hell will have Dhinchak Zuka as their official name!

Giaan: (smiles widely) What You also like singing! I like singing too. And we both are Singh – Singh.

Zuka And Giaan laugh together.

Giaan: Myself Giaan Gajra Singh. And Zuka chan… I think We should make a song together.

Zuka: Yeah sure!

Zuka smiles.
Ranveer: As soon as these three girls entered the house, the situation has heated more in the house. Well, what can cool the atmosphere down?

Ranveer:  I think its food. Just make yourself happy with your stomach full. And chefs can cook good food. Yes, I am trying to say that our next contestant is a celebrity chef!

Ranveer: Let’s welcome one of India’s best chef, Chef Vikas Khanna!

Masterchef Music plays. Vikas is cooking as he pours the rum on the pan and there is built up fire. He cooks and he is done.

Vikas: Ranveer, you can taste my food.

Ranveer tastes it and loves it.

Ranveer: Wow, the housemates inside are so lucky. After all they are going to get such delicious food. Amazing!!

Vikas: Obviously I will continue cooking there. Thank God Bigg Boss allows to cook. So I consider myself lucky.

Ranveer: Well Vikas have you thought of anything? Or just impress with cooking. Is that your strategy?

Vikas: I have went in the Bigg Boss house before when a cooking task was conducted. I already have got some idea. Definately it’s going to be interesting.

Ranveer: Well Vikas, your curry is amazing. It would be more nice to have it with paratha. And yes please toss the paratha.

Vikas: Sure!

Vikas kneads the dough. And he starts to toss the bread up. Just then a girl catches it.

Girl: You should respect food. Don’t throw it.

Vikas: Excuse me Madam. I am not throwing. I am tossing.

Ranveer: You are?

Suman: Suman Tiwari.

Suman: This is not some coin you need to toss. Treat a food like a food.

Vikas: This is what is special about me. I don’t treat food like food. I treat food like my passion. It’s in my heart.

Suman claps.

Suman: Manna Padega Vikas Sir. I accept defeat.

Vikas: Well, that’s not done. You seem to like food too?

Suman: Even I am a cook. I like to cook food. I can cook better than you!

Vikas: Oh really?

Ranveer: Guys…what is happening?

Vikas and Suman laughs.

Vikas: Well this is my student. Suman Tiwari. She is an aspiring young cook. And she would be entering the house.

Suman’s video is shown.

Suman: I am Suman Tiwari and I am an aspiring chef.

Suman works in a restaurant and she is cooking.

Suman: I have got a degree in culinary. Right now I am working in an Indian restaurant as a cook. But I want to go a step further and establish my name in the cooking world.

Suman cooks food.

Suman: I love to cook in a simple way and this is what is special about my food. Simplicity is my strength.

Suman: I have watched Bigg Boss earlier and I have came here to make a mark, so that people know more about me and my passion for food. I have huge respect for Vikas Sir and Sanjeev Sir. I have grown up watching Khana Khazana.

Suman: I am not here to cook stories, I am here to cook delicious treat for audience which they would see in form of my contribution to the show. Before I take a step ahead for my cooking career, I want to establish and improve myself as a personality. All I need is some votes and support and prayers.

All claps for Suman.

13. Suman Tiwari (Cook) (Commoner) (Played by Nikita Dutta)

Suman is a young Indian cook by profession and she works in an Indian restaurant as a cook. She believes simplicity is her strength.

14. Vikas Khanna (Celebrity Chef)

Vikas Khanna is a Indian Chef from New York. He has been known and been famous for his cooking and won several awards. He is also famous  for MasterChef where he was a judge.

Ranveer: Now contestants will be happy to see two Bawarchis in the house.

All laughs.

Ranveer: Suman and Vikas you both can enter in the house now. Cook delicious food and impress the contestants and audience.

Vikas: Sure.

Vikas and Suman enters the house.

Giaan: Someone is here.


All comes and gets excited to see Vikas. They cheer loudly and hug Vikas.

Suman introduces herself.

Suman: I am Suman Tiwari

Giaan: I am Giaan Gajra Singh.

Gul: What do you do Suman?

Suman: I am a cook.

Hani: So now we have two cooks instead of one. Interesting!

Avni sees vikas and she goes near him.

Avni: Hi vikas sir. I’m Avni.

Vikas: (Smiles) Hi. And yeah… have we met each other before? you look familiar to me….. But where…. Ah… Yeah! Now I remember ! You were one of the Top 30 contestants in MasterChef season 4 right?

Avni: Not bad sir. You recognised me. I thought you won’t recognise me.

Vikas: OfCourse I remember….. you made a cheese souffle in the audition and got selected right?

Avni: (smiles) yeah sir.

Vikas: I tell you it’s one of the most difficult dish to cook. And you did a good job there. But yeah you could’ve done better.

Avni: Hmm…

Giaan: (goes near the camera) Thank you so much Bigg Boss! We can at least have good food here for some days.

Shravan looks at Suman amazed and surprised. Suman walks away from him.

Zuka: Shravan Bhaia you know her?

Shravan: No I don’t. She is…familiar but not familiar.

Nisha is lying down on the couch and Hani is sitting beside her. Suman joins them.

Hani: Nisha this is Suman another contestant.

Nisha: Nice to meet you.

Nisha and Suman handshakes with each other.

Suman looks at Parth surprised.

Hani: You know him?

Suman: Parth Samthaan right?

Hani: Yes.

Suman: What the Hell is he doing here!

Nisha: (gets up from the couch and sits) I was thinking the same. He’s insane you know Suman.

Hani: Did you fight with him suman?

Suman: He is my ex!

Nisha & Hani: What!

Suman: Shh! I don’t want to make this an issue. But I am telling you both. We both were in same college and dating each other. We broke up. Something is not right about Parth.

Nisha: I knew it! I knew he is gay.

Suman: No, no that that!

Nisha: Yeah He’s gay and he’s also such a d**khead!

Avni walks into there after changing her clothes. Suman looks at her.

Avni: What?

Suman: Avni Jii you know you look a lot like my younger sister.

Avni: (rolls her eyes) Not again!

Avni ignores her and goes.

Suman: She seems so pissed! What happened to her?

Giaan: Whoever is coming is saying they know her.

Suman: That’s a good thing! What’s there to be angry about?

Hani: To be honest, I have seen seen her in an amusement park.

Kapil, Giaan, Ekta and Gul are speaking to Vikas.

Kapil: Now we don’t have to worry about food.

All laughs.

Gul and Kapil hi-5 each other. Vikas smiles.

Ranveer: All these contestant thinks that no more contestant are coming inside the house but they are totally wrong. Picture Abi Baaki Hai Mera Dost! Even in cricket certain results are not known till the last ball. Yes our next contestant is a cricketer. And we have not one, not two, infact three cricketers this time!

All cheers.

Ranveer shows a match on TV. Rashid Khan is balling and Virat is hitting them. Mustafizur Rahman also tries doing so, and Virat continues to hit. Virat is hitting and hitting until Rashid and Mustafizur together runs out Virat. Umpire says not out.

Afghan Jalebi is playing. Rashid Khan performs on the stage. He dances with girls and enters with style.

All claps for him.

Ranveer: Here is our first cricketer contestant, Rashid Khan from Afghanistan.

15. Rashid Khan (Afghan Cricketer)

Rashid Khan is a young Afghan cricketer and he plays for Afghanistan. He is the No.1 bowler and all-rounder in the world. He is playing in IPL currently for Sunrisers Hydrebad. He’s 20yrs old. Youngest contestant of all in the Bigg Boss house.

Ranveer: Welcome to the show Rashid.

Rashid: It is a different experience to be in India’s biggest show. I have heard a lot about it.

Ranveer: Have you ever seen this show?

Rashid: A bit. I really liked Salman Khan in the show.

Ranveer: So you don’t like me.

All laughs.

Rashid: (laughing) Nahi Aise Baat Nahi Hai.

Ranveer: But you can’t play cricket for some time there.

Rashid: That will be hard but I will try to manage.

Ranveer: We have two more cricketers in the show. Let me introduce the next one.

Tattar Tattar plays. Mustafizur dances on the song.

16. Mustafizur Rahman (Bangladeshi Cricketer)

Mustafizur Rahman also known as Fizz is a young Bangladeshi player. He is one of the best pace bowler in the world. He has won awards. He has played in IPL for Sunrisers Hydrebad and Mumbai Indians previously.

Mustafizur comes there.

Ranveer: Hey that’s my song.

Mustafizur: I match with style. My cutter Cutter Cutter Cutter.

Ranveer: Its Tattar Tattar not Cutter Cutter.

Mustafizur: No other song

Ranveer: Mustafizur anything you have to say?

Mustafizur: I am not good in English. I will try best.

Ranveer: Good job. All the best for the show.

Mustafizur: Dhonnobad(Thank You)

Ranveer: Did you see Bigg Boss?

Mustafizur: No. My team mates see, I have have Thoda idea. I will thike Thaka. (Means stay for long)

Ranveer: Okay. I liked your Hingalish.

All laughs.

Mustafizur joins Rashid. Rashid handshakes with him.

Ranveer: Our next contestant…

All: Virat! Virat! Virat!

Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi song plays. Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma dances together.

17. Virat Kohli (Indian Cricket Team Captain)

Virat Kohli is the current captain of the Indian Cricket Team and the best batsman in the world. He has won a lot of awards and created huge and several records. He is a part of Royal Challengers Bangalore and also the captain there in IPL.

Virat comes with Anushka.

Ranveer: Anushka are you also coming along with Virat?

Anushka: No, I have came here to drop Virat here.

Virat hugs Anushka.

Ranveer: Well Anushka, can I dance with you? Virat?

Virat: Sure!

Ranveer and Anushka dances on Aadha Ishq. As they get romantic in the dance.

Virat: Stop it!

They continue dancing. Virat comes and pushes Ranveer. Ranveer falls on the floor. All are shocked.

Virat: Ranveer please!

Anushka: Virat…

Ranveer: Cmon Virat it was just a dance!

Virat: I am not liking it!

Ranveer: Okay sorry. You can enter the house now.

Virat enters the house and Mustafizur and Rashid follows him.

Backstage guys help Ranveer out as Ranveer is unhappy with what just happened.

Ranveer: (composes himself) Jealous Guy.

After the three cricketers enter the house,

Parth: Guys someone is here!

All rushes.

As soon as Virat Kohli enters all screams and goes to hug Virat.

Virat: Please maintain some distance!

Contestants are taken aback with Virat.

Kapil: Virat Pajii how are you?

Virat allows Kapil to hug him.

Kapil: It has been long since we met.

Virat: Kapil Paji happy to see you here.

Vikas is also there. He hugs Virat.

Suman and Neil goes to talk to Mustafizur and Rashid.

Neil: Rashid Khan! I am a big fan of your bowling! Amazing!

Rashid: Thank you!

Suman comes to Mustafizur.

Suman: The fizz. I have heard a lot about you. You are a hero in your country.

Mustafizur is confused.

Suman: I have went to Bangladesh. It’s a beautiful place.

Mustafizur: Tai Naki!!! (Oh Really?)

Mustafizur: Really?

Suman: Yes. I went there for a cooking competition.

Mustafizur: Actually Apu, I am bad in English so I am struggling a bit.

Neil: Don’t worry we will help you Fizz.

Suman: Yes, we will be there if you don’t understand things. Kono Bepar Na. (No problem) Right!

Mustafizur smiles and thanks them.
Ranveer is back on stage.

Ranveer: Well what just happened a while ago was unexpected. Virat went a bit angry. But the show must go on.

All cheers for Ranveer.

Ranveer: Now we have our last contestant for the day.

Jalwa song from Fashion plays. Some ladies do rampwalk. And then shows topper comes. Its Manish Malhotra.

Manish Malhotra comes to the stage.

18. Manish Malhotra (Fashion Designer)

Manish Malhotra is a famous Indian fashion designer. His costumes are popular in the Bollywood Industry.

Ranveer: So Manish Jii you are going to enter the house. So what have you thought?

Manish: Ranveer, before I reply that can I ask you something?

Ranveer: Ask. Sure sure.

Manish: You should change your taste. Your clothes…I mean it’s so pathetic. You are married now. At least now you dress up properly. I will show you which costume is nice.

Manish looks through his closet.

Ranveer: Nah I don’t want your clothes. Firstly it’s uncomfortable and secondly I don’t want to sell my kidney to buy your clothes. I am already bankrupt after marriage.

Audiences laughs. Manish is speechless.

Ranveer: Manish, you can use these dress and wear them everyday in the house. You will need it more than me. Only then you can get footage.

Audience laughs again.

Manish: Ranveer besides my costumes I will impress the audience with my game. They are already impressed with my personality.

Ranveee: Let’s see. You can enter the house now.

Manish enters the house.

Ranveer loses his cool as he is gone.

Ranveer: Sometimes I am getting pushed and sometimes I am getting mocked for my dressing. No one is respecting me. I am done with this show!

Ranveer leaves from the stage angrily.

In the house,
Manish enters the house.

Hani: Someone is entering.

Al the housemates rush to see.

Manish comes in.

Everyone smiles. Ekta hugs Manish.

Giaan: I like your clothing. Nice costume. Where did you buy it from?

Manish: I have designed it myself.

Kapil: Giaan Jii, this is Manish Malhotra a fashion designer. His clothing is colorful and weird also…

Manish looks at Kapil offended.

Giaan: I am Giaan…

Kapil: Pata Hain, Tum Giaan Gajra Singh Ho Aur Ek Singer Ho!

Giaan: Haa

Fizz: Manish Bhai, my team mate Mushy Bhai Aap ka Boro Fan!

Manish: Thank you, thank you.

Rashid: And here I have no fans here.

Nisha: Obviously. Who watches cricket? It’s so boring.

Rashid: It’s okay.

Zuka: Seriously Nisha! You’re rude!

Nisha: No one is talking to you!

Zuka goes away from there.

Neil: Are you serious Nisha! Cricket is so fun!

Suman: Exactly! Cricket has made our nation proud! India has won 2 world cups!

Nisha: So! There is no hot cricket players?

Suman: Virat Kohli is not hot?

Nisha: Who is Virat Kohli?

Rashid: If she doesnt even know Virat Kohli, how will she know me!

Suman: You must be joking.

Neil points Virat to Nisha.

Neil: He is Virat Kohli.

Nisha: Seriously! You find him hot?!!! Eww!! Suman you have such a pathetic choice!

Suman: I have better choice than you.

Suman walks away from there.

Kapil tells Rashid and Mustafizur.

Kapil: Just now this Nisha girl has created a huge issue here. Its not even a day and she already started.

So we have all our contestants. I Ranveer Singh sign off for today. Meanwhile you audience stay tuned as Bigg Boss has a message.

All the contestants are sitting in the sofa.
Bigg Boss: Bigg Boss would like to heartily welcome all of you here.

All the contestants cheers.

Bigg Boss: All the seasons have been different in terms of the contestants. But this season Bigg Boss itself has decided to revamp the show. Well if its good or not only time will tell.

Hani: I am getting goosebumps hearing Bigg Boss.

Bigg Boss: This has been the first season where use of English is allowed wheras earlier contestants used to be punished for speaking English!

Bigg Boss: We have many varities of contestants this time. Some are actors, some are Tv producers, some works with law, some are cooks, some are cricketers and some are commoners.

All smiles.

Bigg Boss: Unfortunately, instead of starting the season on a good note, there is a bad news. A contestant has broken the rule of the house. This is very disappointing.

Ekta: Must be Nisha. After all such a big fight happened.

Nisha: Why me?

Nisha is unhappy.

Bigg Boss: This contestant has broken the rule even before entering the show. By misbehaving and arguing with the show’s host! This behaviour is totally unacceptable!

All are shocked.

Parth: Nisha that is you right?

Nisha: That’s none of your business!

Hani: No Nisha, didnt do anything. I entered with her. She was nice to Ranveer.

Giaan: Is it true Zuka? You entered with them.

Zuka: I entered later. But after I enter it seemed fine. Before that what happened, I don’t know.

Rashid: Virat Bhai Gaya!

Neil: It’s Virat? (Surprised)

Bigg Boss: That’s why Bigg Boss has decided to punish that contestant. Virat for misbehaving with the host of the show, you have been punished and you will be sent to Kaal Kothri which means the jail in Bigg Boss house.

All are shocked. Especially Suman and Kapil.

Bigg Boss: Not only that. Infact you have been nominated for this week’s eviction, Virat. I hope you will mend your ways.

Virat walks out angrily.

Suman: How did this happen? (Still shocked)

Rashid: Ranveer was dancing with Anushka Mam, and Virat lost his cool.

Ekta: What! How!

Kapil: Aww… Virat paaji such a possessive hubby.

Virat: Bigg Boss this is not done!

He enters the jail angrily.

*****Part 2 ends*****

Precap: First Captaincy Task and Nomination Task of this Season.

Authors’ note: We hope you all enjoyed reading the episode. And yeah we’ll be updating the next episode in 1 to 2 weeks. And please do vote and leave your comments and feedbacks in the comment section.

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