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Good Morning My Lovely Readers Thanks alot dear jasmine sia and silent readers 

Recap-Adi stays out entire night on his wedding night

He is shown speaking  to someone  on video call in a cafe

He returns home n tells zoya that he cannot share everything with her

He needs space

Zoya is hurt by his words

But lies to Anjana that adi had returned  soon


Anjana -zoya beta come downstairs  we are waiting  for our bahu Beta take out some nice clothes for adi from his wardrobe

Anjana leaves

Zoya hesitates

She opens wardrobe

Adi’s voice  echoes in her ears

Just as she is about to touch  his clothes,

Adi comes from behind

Adi-I will manage  zoya u pls go downstairs I like to wear clothes according  to my choice

Zoya is about to leave

Adi-zoya pls dnt open my wardrobe  I told u sometime ago that I need my space.There are many personal  things in my wardrobe

Tears fall from zoya’s eyes

Adi-Zoya u pls use other wardrobe  for ur belongings

Zoya quietly walks down

Arjun notices

He finds her lost

Arjun’s pov-I knew  something  like this will happen poor zoya I pity her

Anjana  excitedly calls zoya to kitchen

Anjana -so today my bahu will make food today right

Zoya nods -jii maa what should  I make

Anjana -anything  u like

Zoya-maa should I make kheer ??

Anjana -sure Its adi’s fav Add lots of almonds  He loves it

Zoya smiles

Anjana  leaves

Zoya’s pov-I Dnt understand  y adi is behaving this way

I guess I shdnt  over think

I should  give him some time

May be he is just nervous

Zoya takes deep breath

She starts making  kheer

Adi is shown getting  ready

Anjana comes

Anjana -where are u going Adi??

Adi-maa I have to go to emigration office Need to book tickets

Anjana -u r taking  zoya along with u to usa??

Adi-maa she Willnot get visa that soon

I will apply today but it may take 6 months

N i cannot stay that long over here so I will leave next week

Anjana  (shocked )-Does zoya know about this

Adi-no maa I will tell her

Anjana  (irked)-Adi she is ur wife how can u leave her like this n go

Adi-maa she said she understands work is important n she is a dr she has responsibilities over here I will go she can settle things n come after 6 months Till then u all are with her

Anjana  (firmly )-Adi leaves that job u can find a good job here

U are not going  anywheren that’s final

Anjana  leaves

Adi looks on helplessly

Adi-maa I cannot leave usa I have a big responsibility there I cannot zoya along as well Maa am sorry but I will go


Adi comes downstairs

He is about to leave

Harshvardan  calls him

Harshvardan -Where are u going  Adi

Anjana  smirks in anger

Harshvardan -see today zoya has prepared  kheer for us first have that

Zoya comes

She tries smiling

But adi ignores

Adi-am getting  late

Harshvardan -adi chup chaap sit down

Zoya serves kheer to everyone

Harshvardan n Anjana  eat they praise her

Adi has nt yet tasted

Arjun too praises zoya

Zoya looks at adi

Anjana -aree zoya He wants u to feed him that’s y he is not eating

Adi tries to nod a noo

Anjana -chaloo Dnt be so shy make him eat

Zoya hesitates

Adi looks at Anjana

He gestures  zoya to make him eat

Zoya feeds him

Adi-itS good

Zoya feels nice

She smiles

Adi-now I must leave

Anjana -wait adi drop zoya to her mayka for rasam

Adi nods yes hesitately

Zoya sits in car

Hoodas wave them

Adi starts driving

Zoya looks at him

But adi focuses on driving

Adi-zoya if u were uncomfortable  in making  me eat kheer u could have said no

Zoya-its ok no problem

Adi-zoya if u wish u can stay at ur Abu’s house

Zoya is confused

Adi-I mean u are missing  ur family alot stay with them if u wish I will talk to maa

Zoya-Aditya now ur family is also my family  so..

Adi-zoya is ok there is no problem  in being  practical  anyways ur choice

Zoya is confused

But before she can ask anything  further

They arrive at siddqui house

Siddquis give them warm welcome

Adi-I have some urgent work I will come in evening

Wasim-no problem  beta

Adi leaves

Zoya keeps looking  at him

He doesn’t  even look back

Noor teases zoya

Precap-in car

Adi tells zoya  that he has booked his tickets for usa n next week he will leave for usa

Zoya is shocked

Zoya-but Aditya

Adi-pls zoya pls make maa understand I have urgent work pls tell her u willing  allowed me to go

Zoya-but u could  have asked me

Adi-it’s my life zoya

Adi n zoya quarrel

Adi-yes I married u forcefully I never wanted to get married

Zoya is heartbroken

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