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A reporter and a Business tycoon – A Twinj ff- episode -15

15- Regret


Uv Pov-

I was in middle of game when I got Twinkle call. I looked at ID and panicked a little as it is midnight 2:30am. Why she is calling now, at this time? Hope everything is fine.

“Hey Twinkle. What’s up? Everything ok?” I asked her being concerned.

“Kunj left house and still not returned.” she said panicking and I can say she at verge of tears by listening to her voice.

“relax Twinkle. Maybe he is in office doing some work. He always does this when he have lots of work to do.” I half lied. Normally, he stays late at office because he hates to go home or when he wants break from everything. He hates being alone in that deadly mansion. Well it is deadly for me. I thought he will change and he really did which quite surprised me. He is going to his home more and more, importantly he is being happy and I cant thank Twinkle for being the reason.

“you are not getting Uv. He didn’t left in right state. He is not even lifting my calls. I don’t think so he is ok. Please bring him back. Please.” she literally begged me and her voice cracked at end. Somewhere I’m overwhelmed to see someone caring for Kunj in that mansion.

“ok Twinkle I’m on it. You just relax. I’ll let you know once I got him.” I tried to convince her and ended the call. I dialled Kunj’s number to give him some piece of brain. What the hell he thinks of himself? He didn’t lift my call. That traitor. I called for few more times but no response. Now, I started panicking. Kunj never ignored my call if they cross more than three, Something must be wrong. I called one of my agent and asked him to trace his number asap. Again I called him hoping luck will be on my side and seems like my prayers got answered as he lifted my call.

“Kunj what the hell do you think of yourself?” I screamed the second he lifted my call.

“Uv.” he slurred. I frowned. Kunj is not the one who consumes alcohol no matter what. Something must be wrong.

“are you drunk?” I asked next question which was obvious.

“yeah.” he said chuckling and I can sense pain in it.

“where are you?” I asked him.

“here in some bar or club. I don’t know.” with that line went dead. I called him again but phone got switched off. I cursed. Next minute, my agent called me and gave address. I grabbed my car keys and left to given address.

I reached the place. I entered inside bar and cocaine smell hit my nostrils and loud music made my head spin. It’s midnight still people are present here. I went further in search of Kunj. He never came to such places. I located him on a chair near bar counter. I placed my hand on his shoulder and he turned around.

“Uv” he slurred and tried to get up but wobbled. I held him to provide some support.

“let’s go.” I said.

“no. I want to be here. It feels so good.” he whined. He is not in his senses.

“make me another drink.” he said to bar attender.

” No you had enough. For now let’s go.” with that I dragged him out of that hell. He protested. After reaching out I looked at him.

“what are you doing in this hell?” I asked him bitterly.

“hell? No it is not. At least this place gives me peace for a while.” I know he doesn’t mean a word. It’s the effect of alcohol. I sighed. It’s of no use to talk to him.

“come let’s go to home. Twinkle is sickly worried for you.” he stood stilled. I looked at his face which showed nothing but pain.

“Kunj what’s wrong?” I asked him.

“I love Twinkle. But, she don’t deserve me. She deserves someone better. I should divorce her.” he said.

“What the hell?” are the words that came out of mouth on their own.

“Kunj you are not in your senses. It’s better if we talk about it when you are sober.” I said dragging him to the car but he protested.

“no Uv. She deserves someone better than me. Someone who is not a bad omen, someone who can love her, someone on whom she can trust blindly and someone who cares for her.” he said. I understood one thing, he is hurt because of Twinkle or something related to Twinkle.

“no Kunj. You are wrong. No one can love her the way you do. No one can care her the way you do. So cut the crap and let’s go.” I said even knowing that he wont remember anything. I dragged him and made him sit in passenger seat and I settled myself in driver seat. Whole way he kept on mumbling things and drifted into sleep.

We reached Sarna mansion. Normally, I would have taken him to my house but I took him here because there is someone who cares for him. I kept Kunj’s left hand around my shoulder and helped to his room. Luckily mansion’s main door was open. I knocked on Kunj’s door and there stood Twinkle with her puffy eyes. She helped me with Kunj. I made him sleep on bed.

“where was he?” she asked. Her voice is hoarse, maybe from crying.

“in bar.” I replied and hurt flashed in her eyes.

“is anything wrong between you and Kunj?” I asked her. She looked at me for a while and averted her gaze. I can understand, she don’t want to share.

“Twinkle I don’t know why Kunj is so upset. I saw him sad but he was completely heart broken today. I had never seen him in such a state. I don’t know reason behind his this behaviour but if I ever get to know that he is hurt because of you then trust me Twinkle, I will never forgive you. He is not only my friend, he is my brother and I cant tolerate if he is hurt. So you better get that.” I said and she looked taken back. I sighed.

“I’m sorry Twinkle. I shouldn’t have….”

“it’s ok Uv. You care for Kunj and I’m happy that he has such a amazing friend in his life.” I looked at her shocked. She didn’t said a word. I looked at her and nodded and went towards door. I turned around to spare a glance and what I saw made me regret my words for Twinkle. She sat on the edge of bed removing his shoes. Then she adjusted his blanket. I swear I had seen tears falling from her eyes. I shouldn’t have said that. Better Kunj have a good explanation for his behaviour. I know he is in pain yet he gonna get long lectures tomorrow. I sighed and left.

End of Uv Pov.

Twinkle Pov

I looked at Kunj who is sleeping peacefully. His eyes were red and his hair are ruffled as he ran his hand into them for thousand times. Tears started to flow from my eyes. I shouldn’t have said that. This is the worst day of my life. I stood near window gazing sky. Today there is no moon and no stars. It looks so empty. Just like resembling me. What a day it was?


Today morning, I got ready as I was going to office from here(maternal home) only. I went down and prepared breakfast. It was the time of my dad return from his morning walk. I thought to prepare his favourite morning coffee of my hand which I used to prepare before my marriage. I looked for ingredients. Milk is not there. I thought to buy by myself. I went to nearby store to buy milk. It’s walkable distance. When I was returning back I looked at my dad, who is talking to one of my neighbour. I took two steps and halted listening to his words.

“Mr. Rt. I feel pity for you. Today I got to know why you did yours daughter’s marriage in such a hurry. Today’s generation has no shame. They just do things of their own and will never listen to anyone. They for once wont think about their family. If I had a daughter then god knows what I would have done with her?” he started saying things.

“ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. I had heard enough of you. What do you know about my daughter? She never disrespected me. She is the best I could ask god for. And in whatever condition her marriage is happened, It should not be your concern. I know my daughter and she will never do anything wrong. So please don’t you dare to say a word against her. I’m proud of my baby no matter what and I trust her. She will never do such thing which will disrespect me.” said dad and left from there. I felt so happy. He didn’t misunderstood me, he is just angry with me. I’m sad to live in such a society, who judges everyone without knowing their side of story. My heart ached to see my dad in such a condition. I don’t know whom I should blame. Fate played such a cruel game with me. Because of that incident my family is facing humiliation every now and then.

I reached home and prepared coffee and gave it to mom. Dad had it and mom didn’t mentioned about me preparing coffee. I left to office without having anything. I did my work without interacting with much people as my mood is already off. At last now I can leave for home but morning incident didn’t leave my brain. As I was leaving Aman called me to his cabin.

“yes Aman you called me?” I asked him.

“Twinkle I don’t know how you will react with this news but..” he halted. I looked at him. Already I’m upset now what he want to say.

“complete it Aman.” I tried to sound calm.

“Twinkle I got to know that..” he looked at me. I nodded my head for him to continue.

“On that event day, Kunj had sent that boy to trap you.” he said,

“WHAT?” I literally yelled at him. What rubbish?

“listen Twinkle I have a person whom I trust and he is the one who brings the information regarding news, and he is the one who brought this information. I don’t know why he did that.” before he can complete I barged out. How dare he? Because of him I had seen tears in my dad’s eyes. I never seen my dad this upset. My dad is facing humiliation every now and then. My family is facing everything every now and then and all this because of Kunj. That’s it, I reached Sarna Mansion and said all those things to Kunj. After Kunj left, I left to my maternal home. I locked myself in my room and cried. Why he did that? I thought him as my good friend.

After a while Riyan came and looked at me. Seems like I haven’t locked it properly in haste.

“Twinkle come, let’s have dinn…” he trailed off after seeing me and ran towards me. I hugged him and cried.

“what’s wrong Twinkle? why are you crying?” he asked. I tried to speak but this tears. He gave me some water, after having it I said.

“Riyan, that day everything is done by Kunj.” I said, my voice hoarse from crying.

“which day Twinkle?”

“that event day. Kunj planned everything and I trusted him.” I cried and narrated him everything. He looked at me and said.

“I don’t know Twinkle who is lying and who is saying truth? But I can say one thing, Kunj is not such guy. From what I had saw in him when I met him and from what I had heard from you, I can say he is definitely not at wrong.”

“but Riyan”

“listen Twinkle , first go and ask him. Don’t jump into conclusions without knowing his side of story. I don’t know who is right and who is wrong but if we take any decision without thinking then we will regret. Just talk to him. I’m sure he will not do such a thing as I can see love for you in his eyes. Most importantly whatever we see or listen, there is no such mandatory that it should be right.” he said and I looked at him. Kunj tried to say something but me being myself I didn’t gave him any chance. I’m the one who says to not to jump into conclusions, but what I did. I did the same.

“Why it is hurting me this much even to think that he had done such a thing?” I asked unconsciously.

“because you love him and we can never bear a backstab from our loved ones.” he said. I looked at him dumbfounded.

“No Riyan I don’t. It’s just I like him, nothing more.” I said looking shocked.

“No Twinkle, you love him. I you don’t love him then you wouldn’t have been this hurt. What that day happened is not something any person want in their life but now you wont regret marrying Kunj. I wont force you to accept your love for Kunj as you haven’t realised but it’s true that you love him.” I started to think. Do I really love him? Is this the reason why I’m feeling so bad? No no. We met few days ago, then how can I fall in love. Riyan is just saying. He is my true and best friend and that’s why I’m feeling bad.

“where are you lost?” asked Riyan.

“no where.” I replied.

“I don’t think so Kunj will do such thing, you should go and talk to him.” he said. I stood from my place. I’m stupid to do such things but I’m not mad that I’ll be away from my husband. I will sort it out. It’s like someone is playing games with my life,

“where are you going?” he asked.

“to Sarna Mansion.”

“at this time?”

“it’s important.”

“ok take care.” with that Riyan kissed my forehead. I cant waste a second now. I need to know the truth.I thanked Riyan for making me understand.

When I reached Sarna Mansion, Kunj was no where in sight. With each passing second I felt uncomfortable. I called him but he doesn’t life my call. I felt like something is wrong. I called Uv at 2:30am when Kunj haven’t reached home.

Uv brought Kunj after an hour and his state made me guilty. Not for once I had seen Kunj in such a condition.


I looked at Kunj’s sleeping form. I’m so sorry Kunj. I shouldn’t have said such words and accused you without knowing your side of story. I regret saying those words. I regret saying ‘I HATE YOU’ when in real I don’t. I said those words in anger. I’m so sorry. I’m such a horrible person. I will sort it out tomorrow. I’m so sorry. I don’t want to loose you. You are the most beautiful thing that happened to him and now you are connected to my heart. My heart is saying to trust you and I’m gonna listen to my heart. Heart will never take any wrong decision. I’m sorry and I really regret saying such things.


I end it here.

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