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Who is your favorite lead character in Choti Sardarni?

Colors’ Choti Sardarni brings a sweet love story between Meher and Sarabjeet, who get married under some unexpected circumstances. Meher was in love with Manav before. She had married Manav and got impregnated. Meher was carrying Manav’s child when Meher’s mum killed Manav by a shocking deceive. Meher was then forced to marry the rich widower Sarabjeet Singh Gill. Meher was accepted by Sarabjeet, along with her truth that she is carrying someone’s child in her womb at the time of their marriage. Sarabjeet liked her honesty and gave a place to her in his heart.

With passing time, Meher falls in love with Sarabjeet. She finds him a gem at heart. He wins her heart by his genuine love and care. Manav returns in Meher’s life as Vikram Diwan. Manav adds troubles for Meher’s life unknowingly. After regaining his memory, he gets adamant to have Meher back in his life. Meher refuses to return to Manav. The lead characters’ Meher, Sarabjeet and Manav get their fates and lives tangled by the love triangle. Sarabjeet has a heart of gold. Manav too can make any sacrifice for Meher. He was the one who nearly got murdered for Meher’s love. Meher gets torn between her past and present. The characters are written beautifully. Who is your favorite lead character in Choti Sardarni? Let us know your valuable opinion.

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