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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 25th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Kartik questions Manish

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 25th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Naira seeing someone. The man goes. People ask for lights. Naira picks the fuse. Akhilesh says you… Naira says you are misunderstanding, I didn’t do this. She fixes it and gets away by the shock. She says sorry, I didn’t do this purposely, someone detached the fuse, I just came to see. Surekha says why would any stranger come here, just family and guests can access this place. Naira says I have seen someone. Kartik says I m sure of this if she is saying. Akhilesh asks her to go and take medicines, doctor said she can have hallucinations as a side effect. Manish asks what are you saying. Naksh asks Akhilesh to think and talk.

Akhilesh says sorry, she needs rest, Kartik take her and make her rest, party ended, it all spoiled. The man looks on.

Kartik says this is not done, you can’t hurt others, you could have shown some concern for Naira, you are angry, fine, but don’t hate me, partition is just of house and property, not of hearts and relations, do think about it. Dadi says its enough, its our fault that we came here to get insulted, I thought to cover up my son’s mistake, if he has decided to get us insulted, what can we do, come. Naira says no. She tries again and lights get on. Naira says stay back, Akhilesh is hosting party for the first time, we will stay back.

Kartik says sorry, there was power outage issue. Naira says yes, I held a wire by mistake so Akhilesh scolded me. Kartik says yes, he loves us a lot, come on Naira, lets continue Dandiya. Naira says yes, we will dance all night. The man looks on angrily. Everyone dances. Akhilesh looks on. The man says enough of this, before Laxman realizes his foolishness, Raavan will win. Naira recalls the man. Kartik asks her is she annoyed with Akhilesh. She hugs him and says no, we got separated and united as we had love in between, even Akhilesh loves us, he is just angry, did you also feel I was hallucinated. He says I m sure that someone was there.

She says someone was there. He says who would spoil the party. She says I feel someone wants to create misunderstandings in family out of jealousy. The man drinks wine. He says enough ofRam and Laxman, now Raavan will come in your life, this time Vibhishan will be Ram’s brother, the Goenkas will be set on fire, it Dussehra tomorrow, Raavan will win on Dussehra for the first time. Its morning, Kartik and Naira cutely argue. Kids ask them to focus on rangoli. Kartik asks Naira to prepare it herself. Akhilesh and Surekha come. They see the house rangoli. Manish, Suwarna and Dadu come. Naira says i have made Rangoli, give me all the money.

Kartik says yes, she is making rangoli since three hours, give her token of love. Manish asks Akhilesh to give her money, its elder’s duty. Akhilesh gives the bundle of notes and taunts Manish. Naira returns the bundle and gets a note. She says just bless me. He says don’t worry, I m giving it from my share, keep it, I m sorry what I said yesterday, this Rangoli isn’t looking good. He draws a line. Everyone gets shocked. Manish stops him. He says you can say me anything, you can get angry and fight with me, don’t make new partition. Akhilesh says just let it be, I m not interested in getting united, happy dussehra to all of you. He goes. Dadi cries. Manish cries and sits down. Suwarna consoles him.

Naksh asks Kirti to have fruits instead chocolates. Kirti asks why. She reads her friend’s message. Naksh gets fruits and asks Kirti to have natural sugar. Kirti reads husbands are scared that their wives’ figure would get spoiled by weight gain. Naksh asks Devyaani to make kada and convince Kirti to drink it, he doesn’t want his baby to get diabetes like him. She asks him to talk to her. He says no, I don’t want to get afraid, she is already worried about Akhilesh’s matter. Devyaani says I will talk to her.

Akhilesh says you gave me a big happiness, is this Dussehra gift, who gives such an expensive gift, thanks Bhai, kartik says who is Bhai. Surekha does car puja. Naira says if someone means a lot, such expensive gift is given or it must be a bribe. Kartik says I didn’t hear about any uncle. Manish says I didn’t imagine I could see this day. Suwarna says Akhilesh is hurt. Manish says I m ready to give him all the money. She says money is the reason behind all arguments. Dadi says separation makes people weak. Manish says why doesn’t he understand this, biological brothers can never get separated. Kartik asks do you have any other brother, or any cousin. Manish and Dadi get shocked. Naira asks Dadi do you have any other son. Suwarna asks what are you saying. Naira says does Akhilesh call anyone Bhai. Kartik says I can’t recall anyone. Manish says Akhilesh has just one brother, Manish, that’s me. Dadi and Manish go. Suwarna says he is must hurt. Kartik says he loves Akhilesh a lot, Akhilesh was talking to Bhai. Suwarna says who is he, how does he look like. Naira says we heard Akhilesh talking on phone and thanking him for gifting a car. Kartik says don’t know who is he.

Manish asks who is it, come out. The man says Raavan. Dadi gets shocked. Kartik says we will go and see.

Update Credit to: Amena

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