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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 25th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Raman manages the expenses

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 25th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ruhi asking Karan to relax, why doesn’t he think that his mum is with him. She says make her happy, make these days the best days of her life, you will never forget these moments, if you want, I will help you. He looks at her. She asks what happened. He says I was sure that if I meet you and talk to you, I will feel better, you are so calm and sorted like Ishita. She says I learnt this from Ishimaa, you are getting late, leave now, else Rohan will be tensed. Karan hugs her. He says I m sorry, I got emotional in front of you. She says we should never say sorry for showing our emotions, its late, good night. He holds her hand. He says I know its very late, but can we sit here for a little longer. She says sure, but you have to tell me stories about you and your mom.

He says I will.

Its morning, Mrs. Bhalla gives prasad to Rohan and Karan. She says everything will get fine. Ishita and Raman come. Karan says I m do all arrangements on behalf of Rohan, tell me what to do. Rohan says we don’t know what to do. Raman says just be with Kaushalya, tell her everything will happen as she wants, what do you think about hotel plaza. Ruhi says its very expensive, did you book it. Aaliya thanks Raman. Raman says I have hired a wedding planner, she just messaged, the venue is booked, check this. Ishita gets worried checking the message. He says there is nothing to worry about, I spoke to pandit, he gave mahurat after four days.

Romi goes to Ishita. She says where is Raman getting funds from, how did he pay 50 lakhs. Romi says I don’t know. She says we have to find out. Mani comes and hugs Aaliya. She says Raman booked the venue, marriage is after 4 days. Ishita says maybe Mani is helping Raman. She goes to Mani and says I need to talk to you. Raman says I have another surprise, wait for it. Ishita says I wanted to show Aaliya’s jewellery to Mani, as Shagun isn’t here, please approve it. Mani goes with her. She asks did Raman say anything about financial matters. Mani says no, I had spoken to him, but he refused, he said Aaliya is his daughter, is there any problem. Raman says no, Ishita overthinks, she thinks her husband is good for nothing, I made the payment and she is upset, you don’t need to do anything, go and talk to Aaliya. Mani goes.

Raman says you wanted to know if Mani gave me money, you should be ashamed. She says stop doing this, I m your wife, someone instigated you, I was concerned for your health and lied to you, what are you doing now, we do have a financial problem then how can you spend so much. He says like you didn’t tell me, I m not telling you for your betterment, go downstairs now. Ruhi comes and says Tina has come, she has organized many big weddings, so Raman has planned this surprise. He says yes. Raman says you are the best. Raman introduces Ishita to Tina. Tina says I decided everything. Raman says we have no time, we have no functions, plaza is booked for both. Tina says I have prepared themes. Ishita asks what’s the need. Tina says we have less functions, everyone can meet. Ishita says we can keep it in community hall.

Raman says she wanted it around, show them the theme, I have a phone call to attend. Tina shows them themes. Ruhi asks Karan to come and see. He says I wish if mum could become a part of this. Ruhi says yes, she can still become part of it. She calls Kaushalya and shows her the themes. Romi goes to Ishita and asks what’s happening, did you speak to Mani. Ishita says yes, Mani didn’t help him, just you can find out how he got money. He says manager said he will check about loan and inform us. Kaushalya thanks Tina and says you have managed very well, I m very happy. Rohan says take care, we are coming home soon. Tina says we can go for shopping. Ishita asks why, all of us have new clothes. Raman says Ishita is very conservative, she will make everyone wear her old Kanchivaram sarees, Aaliya you can wear Ishita’s bridal saree, but wear the best in other functions. He tells Ishita that everyone will wear new clothes. He stops Ruhi and gives her money for shopping. Sudha gets car’s key. She gets Raman’s car. He asks is the scores even, I burnt your gift and sent a costly gift, you chose a wrong man to mess up with. He ends call.

Sudha gets angry and throws keys. A man picks the keys. She asks how is this possible, Raman is facing financial problem, how can he send a car for me. He says don’t know, he booked hotel plaza for marriage. She says I want all the info. He goes. Ishita recalls Sudha’s words. Mihika comes to take help. She says I m so happy for Aaliya. She takes help and says I will get your jewellery, wear it. Ishita asks her to make everyone ready. She checks cupboard and says I don’t have any jewellery left, its just imitation, this will look good. Raman says don’t ruin my respect wearing this, your jewellery is back. Romi says we had sold it and got the same back. Amma asks what. Ishita says we had sent it for polishing, Raman was asking me to wear something like fashion jewellery. Amma asks Romi to go and get ready. She asks Raman to fix gajra in Ishita’s hair. Raman gets a call and says I have an imp meeting, I have to go. He leaves.

Ishita asks has Raman come here. The lady says many people keep coming for kidney donation. A man thanks Raman. Ishita stops Raman and says you can’t donate your kidney.

Update Credit to: Amena

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