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Siddhi Vinayak 25th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Prachi and Rajvir decide to dig the truth

Siddhi Vinayak 25th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Rajvir is feeling bad for Siddhi. She has to face one problem after another. Court announced her innocent but now entire family has turned their back to her. Prachi cannot understand why the girl who has Vin Kundra will look at someone else. Something is surely wrong. Why would Gauri Bhabhi support someone who has only come a few days ago in our house? Remember Tai spoke about a mask? I saw Rudra making Tai wear it myself and she looked more than fine. Rajvir comes up with a plan. We will prove Siddhi innocent before everyone. If we prove that Siddhi and Rudra were not having an affair, Vin will be thankful to us for life. He might launch me for films then. Prachi thinks that he always thinks about himself but this way, he will atleast end up helping her in proving her sister innocent.


keeps Rudra’s photo down and caresses the kalash. She cries. That girl is struggling just like you were that day. The difference is that your pain was real. Her problems have just begun. I have promised you I wont sit at peace and wont even conduct a shanti paath for you till the time I get you justice. Siddhi ask her why she did all this. What did you get by creating a rift between me and Vinu? The relation, which I had saved from every obstacle, is over now. Vinu has started hating me. He feels I have cheated him. Manjari says it is the effect of a mother’s curse. My son is no more but your husband is alive yet he isn’t with her. We are even now. My son was so happy. He wanted to live but you killed him! See how I will kill you! This is a mother’s promise to you. Siddhi reprimands her for calling herself a mother. You should be ashamed. Your son’s chautha ritual hasn’t completed yet and you are already making others (Gauri and Urvashi) support you in proving me characterless! All this does not matter to you. It is just a game of ego for you. You have promised enough but now I challenge you. Try as much as you want to, instigate Vinu against me as much as you want to but now I will also see if a mother’s revenge will win or a wife’s loyalty!

Gauri is preparing something for Urvashi. She mumbles that she is already tired looking after her. Prachi asks her who she is talking about. Gauri takes Urvashi’s name. She hasn’t eaten anything since morning. Prachi taunts her supporting Urvashi downstairs as well. Gauri tries to avoid it but Prachi aims the butter knife at her threatening her. You buttered my Tai so much that she turned against her own sister. You suddenly switched sides by supporting Urvashi. Gauri acts innocent but Prachi confronts her. Which mask was Tai referring to? Was it like the one who wore to scare Chachi ji? I only told Chachi ji it was you who wore Vaibhavi’s mask and did all that drama. Gauri falls in her feet and begs for forgiveness. I dint do anything. I was only supporting Urvashi as I know how it feels to lose your husband. Prachi nods but obviously does not believe her. She still lets her go for now. There is surely something which she isn’t telling but it is very much there. I will find it out!

Vin is heartbroken recalling his moments, his dreams with Siddhi. He picks up their photo from the bed side table. Abhi Mujhme Kahin plays. Their past moments flash in his eyes. We saw som nay dreams together for future. We were going to start a new life. We were so happy but you messed up everything. What did you get by doing all this? He imagines himself exercising while Siddhi sits on his back and talks on phone. He extends his hand to reach out to her but realises it is his imagination. He imagines many such moments around the room. I dint see anything more beautiful than you in my entire life. Why do I see you everywhere if you are no more in my heart? He angrily throws the photo frame on the floor. Why did you cheat me? He shouts.

Shankar notices Vin heading outside late at night and asks him where he is off to. Vin says I was going out for fresh air. Shankar says you are running away from your problems. They will follow you much more strongly if you will continue running away. Face them strongly. Vin asks him what he should do. Shankar tells him the story of when Ram ji brought Sita ji back to Ayodhya with him. People started gossiping behind him. He too fell into a doubt. He had fought with Ravan for his wife but then he banished her from the kingdom. It was because he dint listen to his own heart. It wouldn’t have happened if he had listened to his heart. You and Siddhi are childhood friends. We are equally shocked seeing the video yet I still cannot accept it that Siddhi could have done something like that. Everyone should get a chance to explain. Talk to Siddhi with a cool mind. He agrees.

Manjari tells Vin to listen to his step mom before going to meet his wife. Vin stops in his tracks.

Precap: Vin throws Siddhi’s stuff downstairs and shouts at Siddhi to leave the house. I don’t want any of your belonging here. Our relation is over today! Siddhi looks at him.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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