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Roop: Mard Ka Naya Swaroop 25th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Kinjal and Roop expose Ranvir’s lie

Roop: Mard Ka Naya Swaroop 25th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Roop making sargi for Kamla and tells that even he will fast. Kamla asks what do you mean? Jigna says Roop will fast for some special girl. Roop reminds Kamla of childhood incident when she explained him about karwachauth. Ranvir hears them and calls Ishika late at night. Ishika picks the call and asks why did you call at this time. Ranvir says you didn’t wake up till now and asks her to make sargi and eat it. Ishika says we are not yet married. Ranvir tells that he has kept fast and asks her to keep fast for him. He says I will send sargi to you. He thinks you have to keep fast.

Ishika comes to hall. Vaishavi tells her that she shall keep fast for Ranvir. Ishika says I didn’t refuse and he can’t force me. Vaishnavi asks why did you wake up then?

Ishika says to give company to mummy and Papa. Kamla says she is happy to see him fasting with his wish. Roop asks her to light diya and says he will serve food. Ranvir comes and asks Roop to give sargi to Ishika. Roop says ok surprising Ranvir. Jigna asks him to have food first. Roop says I will give sargi then will come and eat sargi. He leaves. Ranvir feels peace seeing Roop taking sargi for ishika. Ishika makes everyone have sargi. Kanchan says when you keep fast then you will know that everyone fast for love and trust. She asks her to keep fast. Door bell rings. Ishika comes out and asks who is there? She slips. Roop holds her.

They have an eye lock. Praful’s wife comes and asks what are you doing at this time? Roop comes inside and greets everyone. He tells that he brought sargi for Ishika ji sent by Ranvir. Kanchan asks Ishika to take sargi from Roop’s hand and asks her to keep fast. Vaishnavi asks her to keep fast and says Ranvir did nice packing. Roop says packing is done by my mummy. Everyone asks Ishika to fast. Kanchan makes her eat sweets. Rupesh comes there and says today is Ishu’s first karwachauth. Roop asks don’t you keep fast. Rupesh says no. Roop says he keeps fast for his would be wife so that he gets nice wife who argues with him a bit. He invites them to wagela house. Vaishnavi tells Ishika that she is lucky as Ranvir kept fast for her. Roop smiles.

Himanshu makes himani have sargi. He asks why did you take off? Himani says she wants to fulfill her wife’s duties and makes him eat. Vandana tells Ishika that she took right decision to keep fast for Ranvir and says who keeps fast for his would be wife in this era. Ranvir asks for more puris. Bua gives him puris. Roop says Ranvir lied to Ishika that he is fasting, but he is eating puris here. Kinjal says we have to tell her without taking your name.

Ishika tells Vandana that she is feeling good to keep fast. She says she is feeling good to know that Ranvir kept fast for her. She tells that Kanchal likes Ranvir. She gets Roop’s call and doesn’t pick his call. Vandana asks her to pick the call. Ishika picks the call. Kinjal is on the call and asks about her first karwachauth. She asks her to forget what she did. Ishika says she forgot. Kinjal tells Ishika that they have decorated the house nicely and she wants to show her. Ishika hears Ranvir asking for more puris while Bua serving her. She gets shocked. Ranvir sees Kinjal showing Ishika on video call and takes the phone from her hand. Ishika is shocked. Ranvir scolds Kinjal and Roop. He goes to room and calls Ishika. He tells that he was feeling dizzy and that’s why Bua forced him to eat. He says I will keep fast next year. Ishika says its ok. Ranvir thinks I will cheer her up in the morning.

Roop says she will get more upset with you. Kinjal congratulates him. Ranvir orders necklace for Ishika. Roop hears him and asks if he had any argument with Ishika. Ranvir says I am giving necklace for the karwachauth function. Roop asks him to say what is the matter, and says I loved you as my brother, and says I can help you, and understands girl’s psychology. Ranvir says you said right and tells that this girl made me go crazy. He tells that he lied to her about the fast, but got caught. Roop says I will give flowers to Ishika ji on your behalf if you say. Ranvir says ok. He thinks he has problem with him always, but he will feel peace until he does his work.

Ranvir comes to Kamla and tells that he is going to give flowers to Ishika as Ranvir wanted. Kamla says she is making Pulao and reminds him that just 6 days are left now to prove that he is truthful.

Vaishnavi tries to set Kanchan’s saree. Roop comes and sets it. Everyone is surprised. Vaishnavi praises him. Roop comes to Ishika’s room and sees her getting ready. Rishta tha plays….

Roop gives flowers to Ishika and tells that Ranvir has sent it. She reads the sorry card from Ranvir and Roop’s side. Roop asks her to forgive him as well.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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