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Mere Sai 25th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Anta and Panta Try to Misuse Situation

Mere Sai 25th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Parvati with Malhari reaches Dwarkamayi and asks Mhalsapati why did not he return last night, she was worried when he did return till afternoon. Malhari asks why Sai is sleeping till now, he does not usually. Parvati thinks she forgot to ask, what happened to Sai. Mhalsapati says Sai is unwell. Baizamaa enters and asks what happened to Sai.

In other village, 2 muslim disciples meet and discuss that they felt Sai is remembering them. They both head towards Shirdi on their bullock cart.

Baizamaa asks Mhalsapati what happened to Sai. Mhalsapati thinks how to tell a mother what happened to her son. Baizaa maa walks to Sai and calls him, but he does not wake up. She says Sai is in deep sleep. Jhipri enters and says let him sleep, he does not take care of himself. She asks Baizaa maa to

go as she would be having a lot of work at home, she will stay here till Sai wakes up. Parvati asks Mhalsapati to come and perform Khandobaa’s pooja as Jhipri is here with Sai. Mhalsapati asks Malhari to perform pooja as he taught him, he wants to stay with Sai. Paravti leaves with Malhari. Mujslim disciples enter calling Sai. Mhalsapati asks how come they are here. They say they senses Sai calling them, so they came here, they will wait till Sai wakes up. One of them touche Sai’s feet and feels them cold and thinks Sai is very ill, he should wait till Sai gets well.

Malhari performs Khandoba’s pooja. Lady praises Parvati that Malhari is very fortunate to do pooja at such a young age. Parvati says he has gone on his father. Malhari does pooja reminiscing Sai helping him and prays god to cure Sai soon. Anta Panta pass by and scold why he is praying when Kulkarni ordered Mhalsapati to pray Khandoba. Parvati says Mhalsapati is in Dwarkamayi as Sai is ill. They both smirk that Sai boasted himself as big vaidya, but cannot cure himselfm, let us go and enjoy the drama.

Anta and Panta reach Dwarkamayi and see Sai’s disciples sitting around him worried for him. They start their drama and start taunting that Sai was a big vaidya and now himself needs vaidya. Ranoji says Sai really is as he cured his lllness which everyone told was incurable. Anta Panta says let us cure Sai with holy ash and not wait for vaidya. They try to pick ash from fire, but fire erupts and they fall aside shouting. Mhalsapati thinks Khandoba is protecting Sai.

Precap: Mhalsapati warns Anta and Panta to dare not touch Sai as he has promised to protect Sai’s body. Baizamaa asks what did he say.

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