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Kumkum Bhagya 25th October 2018 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 25th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Abhi asking Pragya if she is looking at him or making mms. Pragya says no. Abhi says such a waste and asks her to turn. Pragya says did you change your clothes? Abhi says just needs to wear pant. He says I am ready fully. Pragya turns to him. Abhi asks how is he looking? Disha comes to Purab and tells that she is happy today. She tells that she saw Abhi and Pragya playing hide and seek like children. She tells that Tanu and Aaliya came there, but couldn’t see her in Almira. Tanu hears them. Disha says we don’t have to make any efforts and says they will unite for sure. Purab says if Aaliya or Tanu have seen then? Disha says she would have fought with them and says even King can’t separate them. Tanu thinks she will not leave Pragya. Abhi and Pragya come out of room talking.

Pragya slips. Abhi holds her. Allah Wariyan plays……Tanu gets jealous seeing them striking romantic pose. Allah wariyan continues to play. Tanu takes their pic in her phone. Pragya asks what is his problem? Abhi says it is your problem and asks her to figure out why insects in him wakes up and becomes macroorganism seeing her. Pragya smiles. Abhi goes.

Tanu comes to Pragya and asks her to come with her. Abhi turns and thinks where did she go? Tanu asks Pragya to stay away from her husband. Pragya says even my husband is here and I don’t want to have any affair with your husband, as I don’t want any money. Tanu says I know you were in Almira. Pragya says you would have asked me. Tanu threatens her for having extra marital affair with Abhi and tells that she will tell King. Pragya says King will never believe her and says I will tell King before you. Tanu says you are playing mind games with me and tells that you are getting scared of me. Pragya says I don’t want Tarun and Neha’s engagement to ruin. Tanu says you have to answer everybody and says married people are answerable. Pragya requests her not to do this. Tanu says your truth will be exposed today, your character etc. Pragya says I really don’t care and asks her to tell. She says I am truthful and your lie will fade in front of my truth. She says I was stopping you for Tarun and Neha and tells that King will believe her as their relation is standing on the truth. Tanu says she will tell everyone in the party. Pragya thinks she wanted to tell King about it, but Tanu will tell in a wrong way.

King calls Chachi and asks where are they? Chachi and Tarun come there. Tarun hugs King. King says Neha haven’t come till now. Tanu thinks to inform king about Pragya’s past and present and collides with Aaliya. She is about to inform Aaliya that Pragya was in Almira, but then she sees King. She excuses herself. Pragya thinks Tanu can’t spoil Tarun and Neha’s engagement. King asks Chachi to smile. Chachi says she came here as a guests and don’t care about anyone. King says when everyone is happy then why you are not happy. She searches Abhi. King says I know what you think of Abhi and Pragya, but I trust her. He says if she had to leave me then she will tell me. Chachi says you are going to lose her. King says I believe everything will be fine. Aaliya comes to King. King looks at her. Abhi asks Tanu why is she upset? Tanu says you are having love for Pragya in your heart and asking me. She tells that she is searching King as she wants to tell him all the truth.

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