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Kaleerein 25th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Meera Gets Into Tulika’s Trap

Kaleerein 25th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Gurumaa attacks dayan Tulika with trishul and walks towards Meera and Dolly when Tulika extends her dayani hair and pulls her up on tree. Meera with Dolly passes on her bike. Tulika gets guuru maa down and says now nobody can save her and her disciple Meera and traps Gurumaaa into an invisible bottle. She says Gurumaa can see everyone, but nobody can see her. She walks away while Guru prays devimaa to help her.

Tulika then returns home and cries in front of Meera’s family that some old man tried to molest her. Prince says how dare he is, he will go and punish old man. Vivan asks him to stay with Tulika while he goes and check. Once he leaves, Meera takes Tulika to her room. Vivan drives car when he get doctor’s call who says he wants to discuss about Meera’s case as he

is going out of town tomorrow. Vivan reaches and sees doctor checking a man. Doc shows Tulika’s pic and says this man whenever sees this pic says she is Dayan and chudail and will harm him. Vivan thinks if Tulika is really Dayan, then she will harm Meera. He rushes towards home.

At home, Meera tells Tulika that she has to meet Vivan right now. Tulika says she will accompany her. Meera drives bike with Tulika as pillion. Tulika thinks she will finish Meera today taking her to jungle and tonight is big amavasya. They reach wrong way. Tulika says she knows a shortcut which passes via jungle, they can reach Vivan soon. Meera agrees and walks with her. Tulika hides. Meera starts searching Tulika. Tulika flies on tree and drawing a black magical circle waits for Meera to enter it. Meera walks towards circle calling Tulika and is about to enter when she hears Vivan’s voice and stops. She then thinks it is her imagination and gets into circle. Fire erupts around circle and she starts getting engrasped into ground. Tulika stands laughing.

Vivan rushes home and asks Prince about Meera. Prince informs Meera went with Tulika to meet him. Vivan rushes searching Meera. Gurumaa prays devimaa to help her get out of Tulika’s trap. Vivan sees Guruma’s trishul on road and picks it. Gurumaa knocks bottle, Vivan hears mild sound, but leaves in his car again. Tulika thinks nobody can save Meera now. Vivan reaches jungle searching Meera.

Precap: Meera gets engrasped in earth while Tulika laughs. Vivan reaches there searching Meera.

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