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Internet Wala Love 23rd October 2018 Written Episode Update: Aadhya gets touched seeing Jai’s care for her

Internet Wala Love 23rd October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Jai telling the goons that the chudail traps the young guys and kills them. He acts as if she is ghost and asks them to go. They hear Aadhya calling for help. Goon asks if he wants to enjoy with the girl alone. Jai gets angry and fights with them. Goon is about to break bottle on his head when they hear the Police sound and run. Jai peeps out and sees Shubhankar coming with Police. Jai comes inside the room. He asks how did the window break and tells that her Papa came? Aadhya calls Papa. He asks her to keep quiet and says your Papa sent me to jail without any mistake. Aadhya says you do such work. Jai says I will always be wrong for you even though I saved you from unwanted relation. He tells that goons scratched him and was about to break bottle. Aadhya gets concerned

for him. Jai asks her not to tell anyone about him if they come inside. He covers her mouth with cloth.

Aadhya comes to the window and tries to alert, but Jai takes her back and covers the window. Police comes to the neighboring house and asks Shubhankar to check if his daughter is there among the brides. Shubhankar says no. Jai tells Aadhya that if he is caught then he will be jailed for 7 years. He asks if she is feeling breathing problem and removes the cloth off from her mouth. Aadhya asks how can he be so selfish and thinks about just himself. She says they are searching her worried late in night. Jai says all these siyappa is happening after I met you, I started caring for you and worrying for you. He says I was feeling bad seeing you upset with the alliance. He says I tried to help you to save you from unwanted relation with Samrat. Aadhya says I am very happy. Jai asks her to close her eyes and say if she sees Samrat’s face. Aadhya closes her eyes and sees Jai’s face. She thinks what is happening. Jai holds her hand and asks her to be true to herself. He says I will bring something for you to eat. Aadhya says I don’t want anything. Samrat comes home and thinks his gut feeling was never wrong. He suspects Jai’s hand in Aadhya’s kidnapping. Jai makes Aadhya eat banana saying it is Prasad. He forcibly feeds her. Aadhya looks at him.

Rupa calls Jai and says she couldn’t tell him all story. Jai says I am coming tomorrow and ends the call. Aadhya coughs. He gives her water. Aadhya asks him to be careful. He then wipes her mouth with her dupatta and asks her to eat slow. Aadhya says you have put all in my mouth. Jai says sorry. Aadhya says you have kidnapped me, but don’t know what to say if caught. Jai says sorry and asks her to change her clothes. He asks her not to try to elope as many goons are outside. Aadhya says how to change. Jai opens her rope from her hand and sees marks on her hand. He signs sorry holding his ear and blows on her hand. Aadhya recalls Samrat holding her hand tightly and hurting her. She gives her other hand to Jai. Jai looks at her. He asks why did you move your hand. Aadhya says you tied it tightly. Jai asks her to go and change her clothes in bathroom.

Aadhya goes to bathroom. She comes out wearing the dress which he brought for her. Jai looks at her and smiles. She sits on chair. Jai ties her lightly. Internet wala love plays…..Jai looks at her and moves her hairs off her face. Aadhya looks at her. Jai sits down to sleep. Aadhya looks at him and sleeps on chair. Jai thinks her neck will be pained in the morning. He puts the blanket on floor and makes Aadhya sleep on floor, and gives some cloth under her head as pillow. He then sleeps on chair. Next morning, Aadhya wakes up and finds herself sleeping on floor. She calls for Jai and asks where are you? She finds his note in which he has written that he will bring breakfast, and then will discuss what to do. Aadhya thinks Jai haven’t tied me, I shall elope from here. He tries to open the door and window, but they are closed. She comes to bathroom and thinks to take off window glasses and go out.

Samrat keeps tracking device in Jai’s shirt. Jai comes to bathroom and gets shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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