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Bepannah 25th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Zoya elopes from her date with Aditya

Bepannah 25th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Zoya repeatedly shouts at him to stop the car and even struggles with the door. She pulls the handbrakes and gets down from the car. He tries to stop her but she threatens him to stay away pointing pepper spray at him. Someone is walking up to them. Driver looks at the guy. The guy pats at Zoya’s shoulder. She turns and sprays the pepper spray at him. Driver asks her what she did. She replies that he dint take Aditya’s name. Driver rushes to bring water. She apologizes to Aditya and hugs him.

Mystery woman wants to kick start the day nicely. It happened just the way I told you right? He is on our side now? A guy is standing behind the curtains. He nods. She claps happily. Zoya can try as much as she wants but she will fall flat on her face. It is my game and my moves!

Zoya is tending

to Aditya’s eyes. I am sorry. I thought someone was trying to kidnap me. He says you always do something strange whenever I try to surprise you. You could have listened to the driver. Why would someone kidnap you? She keeps apologizing to him as she wipes his face clean. He remarks that his life was about to end his life today. You thought you were going to be kidnapped and sprayed pepper spray in your husband’s eyes? She looks at him helplessly. He smiles. She asks him why he is smiling. He replies that she is enough to wound him. I don’t need anything else. She smiles. He asks her if someone kidnaps someone by giving saree, letter and stuff. They touch their heads cutely. She ends up hurting him on his nose and apologizes. He tells her to cure the wounds she has given him. He moves his hair aside and points at the forehead. It is hurting a lot. She kisses him on the forehead followed by both the eyes and nose. Tere Haath me plays. He hints for a lip kiss. She is all shy. She keeps her hand around her ear. He sits there with closed eyes and she ends up shoving an ice cube in his mouth. He looks at her in surprise. You will seriously do this to me? They both smile. They share some cute, romantic moments. He catches up with her. You were afraid to be kidnapped right? I will kidnap you in such a way that you will never be free! She replies that she does not want to be free from him. She begins to tell him about the day they got married and came to his home. He is in a romantic mood. He kisses her all over the face. He is about to kiss her on her lips when they are distracted by some noise. They look around startled.

Zoya panics. Who is there? Aditya jokes that it must be their kidnapper. I will just go and tell him not to take you right away Kyuki Dil Abhi Bhara Nahi. He goes quiet recalling the memory attached with the song. He tells her to wait. I ordered champagne. She nods. I cannot stay like this all the time. I must tell Aditya everything.

Mystery woman gathers a long rope. Zoya can risk her life and fulfil her vows. We have to see what she will do when she is in a dharamsankat. Will she fight or break apart?

Zoya receives a call from mystery woman. Stop calling me and troubling me! Mystery woman is impressed by her bravery. Zoya refuses to be afraid anymore. I will tell Aditya everything and then we will find out everything about you! We will bring you down. Mystery woman laughs. Your husband is very lucky. No new bride is so strong willed. Zoya promises to make sure she is not able to laugh anymore. She puts the phone on speaker and asks someone to speak. The guy takes Zoya’s name. Zoya panics for her Abbu. He must not even get a scratch. Mystery woman tells her to stop threatening. That’s my job. There is a car outside with the number 9211. Go and sit quietly in the car. She ends the call.

Zoya takes Aditya’s name. He tells her he is coming in a minute. Aditya comes but does not find Zoya in the room. He goes to look for her. zoya sits in the said car and asks the driver to drive. Aditya shouts after Zoya. Where is she off to? Zoya gets a text asking her to switch off her phone immediately. Aditya dials her number but it is off. I am coming Zoya but where are you off to?

Zoya asks the driver about her Abbu’a whereabouts. I will give you lots of money. Just tell me about my Abbu. Please help me. He stops the car abruptly and hands her his phone. She thanks him thinking he is helping her but the phone rings just then. Mystery woman tells her that the guy cannot tell her anything. I have bought his voice too. You will always stay 2 steps behind me. Get down from the car now. Zoya complies.

Aditya comes to Huda House and shouts Zoya’s name. Arjun asks him what happened. Aditya says Zoya was with me but she left suddenly. Her phone is unreachable. She is acting strange. Arjun too finds it strange. Is everything fine between you guys? Aditya nods. Everything was going perfectly but then she suddenly left in a taxi without telling me. What is it that she cannot tell me! Arjun says something that alerts Aditya. Did Zoya tell you something? What is it? Arjun says maybe it is too early for her to move on. Aditya denies. Zoya and in fact both of us moved on before marriage which is why we got married. Arjun reasons that she might have realised it after wedding maybe. Maybe she is not able to handle all this. Aditya gets thinking. Arjun says I might be wrong too. I just said what came in my mind. Aditya starts thinking on those lines. It means she is still not over her first marriage. I am not her first love! Arjun tries to cover it up when Aditya receives a call. He leaves right away.

Zoya finds herself in some fair. She walks around fearfully and in tears. A kid hands her an envelope and a pen. She finds divorce papers in the envelope and is stunned. She looks around worriedly. A guy hands her a phone and walks away. Mystery woman calls her and mocks her. I want you to divorce Aditya Huda!

Precap: Zoya says you want these papers to separate me from Aditya. I refuse to be your puppet! I want my Abbu before I give you these papers! I will count till 10. She starts counting backwards. Mystery woman eyes her worriedly. Zoya is in tears while counting.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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