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Siddhi Vinayak 25th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Rudra falls in Manjari and Siddhi’s trap

Siddhi Vinayak 25th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Rudra is doing puja. Vin is pleased to see him thus. Everyone joins him for the aarti. Shankar is impressed to see the change in him. I was sure it will happen one day. Bappa not just changed your appearance but he has also changed you from inside. We dint know you could sing so well. Vin adds that Rudra has even made kheer himself. I am dying to eat it. He picks up Siddhi’s bowl. Rudra stops him from eating from that bowl. It isn’t for you but for Siddhi. It is special diet kheer. Vin teases him for taking care of his Bhabhi. Rudra hands him another bowl. Rudra serves kheer to Siddhi. I know I deserve punishment for the way I have been behaving with you lately. I want you to think nice of me as I have changed. I shouldn’t have done all that. I am a new Rudra from here on. I will respect

you very much as my Bhabhi. If you accept this kheer from me then I would believe that you have given me a chance to become better. Siddhi tells him she isn’t interested. Vin asks everyone to eat kheer. He tells Siddhi to taste it once. You will understand my Bhai’s magic. Manjari and Gauri also ask her to eat. Siddhi eats it finally. Vin picks the second bowl as well. Siddhi acts being dizzy. Manjari tells him that maybe the powder is showing its effect. Vin holds Siddhi before she falls. Manjari suggests Vin to take her to their room. She has been working diligently since Bappa has come home. Siddhi smiles a little at Rudra before going with Vin. Rudra thinks that the powder has worked. It means I am not far from accomplishing what I want! Siddhi too is thinking the same. Manjari thinks I dint think it would be so easy to trap Rudra.

Rudra tells his mother she cannot believe what he saw. Siddhi smiled at me. I thought as if the world stopped for a minute! She tells him to wait. This is just the beginning. She has just smiled at you. She will slowly fall for you. Be careful though. Rudra agrees to make Siddhi his. I will make her Siddhi Rudra Kundra. I just needed a start which I have found now. He cannot get over the fact that Siddhi smiled at him today. I want to see her smile at me again. What should I do? She agrees to tell him what makes a woman happy. She tells him something in mute. Rudra promises to do as told and goes. Manjari wonders how her son turned out to be so foolish. I used to plot even when I was pregnant. How did he turn out to be like this? It isn’t his fault maybe. It is the magic that a woman casts on a man. This is how a man starts thinking then.

Siddhi tells the servant to make preps for evening. Manjari signals Rudra to go. Siddhi stands up and is fixing her dupatta when Rudra showers flower petals on her. Siddhi swirls around in joy. She thinks of Vin and smiles. Vinu leaves no stone unturned to surprise me. I am so lucky. She goes quiet seeing Rudra there. What are you doing here? He asks her if she loves this kind of shower. She asks him if he did all this. He nods. Manjari signals at Siddhi. Siddhi realises that it is part of Manjari’s plan. She changes her face expressions and goes from there. Rudra follows her till the garden. Manjari calls Siddhi drama queen. You cannot see such drama even in films! We have to live up to it well now!

Rudra apologizes to Siddhi. I only wanted to make you happy. She pretends to cry. He again starts apologizing but she tells him that it is his first mistake which she has loved so much. He is taken aback. She wipes her fake tears. I dint cry because I felt bad. I am overwhelmed seeing your attachment towards me. He is in disbelief. Siddhi tells him that a girl really likes it when a guy makes a girl feel special. I am very happy. Rudra smiles. Siddhi says I always thought Vinu will do all this for me one day but he has never done anything like this. I only kept dreaming. He has done it only for the heroines in his movies. I really loved what you did for me. You are very sweet. She goes away feeling shy. Rudra cannot believe his eyes / ears. Was it real? Come and spend some more time with me Siddhi. Ma’s plan has worked. Now I will get Siddhi. I will make every moment of your life memorable. Siddhi looks on from a distance. Please follow my plan Bappa. It is wrong to cast an evil eye on a married woman. He should be taught a lesson. I might be following the wrong way but I am only doing all this to protect my family. Please support me Bappa.

Everyone is seated for the puja. Vin signals Siddhi about the baby. She smiles. Rudra keeps looking at Siddhi. Manjari and Gauri notice him staring too. Manjari advises him to stop staring at Siddhi. You know your magic has worked on her. Don’t drool now or someone will doubt your advances. Rudra notices Siddhi smiling at him. Isn’t she afraid? Manjari makes faces at Rudra and sits down again.

Shankar thanks the singers for making the aarti successful. Siddhi gives Prasad to everyone. She asks Rudra to extend his hand. He complies. She gives him 2 plates of Prasad. Manjari walks up to Vin. Everything seems so nice. He nods. house is cheerful after Bappa is home. He notices Siddhi and Rudra talking. I feel Siddhi has started accepting Rudra. Manjari says she has to as he is her BIL.

Siddhi tells Rudra to eat it. It isn’t too sweet. Rudra says it is better or the sweet factor would have gone overboard. Your smile is very sweet. Manjari thinks Siddhi has trapped Rudra really well. She knows this game too much.

Siddhi comes to her room tired. Manjari says you dint feel tired while acting with Rudra. I dint think you will trap him in your plan so soon. I saw your game. It was great. She tells her she isn’t enjoying all this. I feel disgusted. I feel as if I am cheating Vinu. Vin asks her if she is cheating him.

Precap: Rudra has brought anklet for Siddhi. She allows him to make her wear it this time. Prachi sees them thus.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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