Episode. 19..

One month later almost kunj was went to dubai due to his business meeting. Rudra was chilling out with his friends he went college from house but didn’t attend his classes tell Priyanka don’t tell anyone about this.. he bunk the class and went out..this all he done in kunj absence.even tej who was busy in his work very much didn’t get time to pay attention on his son what he does it.om got huge sculptures oder.. while twinkle and other’s busy in studies even malika and kabir went for honeymoon Europe they too come back.
in this period everyone was busy in their life.None of them didn’t meet with each other’s

First Scene started from college..

At class room.all students was sitting nicely just than professor come in class. All students stand up wish him…

Professor:sit down my all lovely students.

Yuvi:today he behaves very nicely what’s the matter man..

Rishi: don’t know..

Professor:students you all know that your final exams are coming..all agree with sir..yes.,

Yuvi: now what sir..

Professor: let me complete mr luthra.

Yuvi: yeah sir.

Professor:so students due to some reasons your final exams postpone. All students mouth got open..

Students:really sir 😍😍😍..

Professor: yes see Listen fully you all start your preparations from now because anything can happen..

Twinkle: what do you mean sir..

Professor: if your exams can postpone for sometime maybe it can prepone as well.

Yuvi: acha sir.. lets see when time will come.

Professor: even me too You next year in this same class..😂.Aaaa. All class started laughing.Than their class started teacher come and give their lectures.soon everyone got bored their happiness of exam are postponed ufff..classes get over they all went out of the class..

Yuvi:this news is best no exams for sometime.

Twinkle: true we have sometime more to chill out,,

Chinki: yeah same.. let’s have something.

Rishi: yeah.. all look at twinkle while she gets confused..

Twinkle: why you guys looking at me like this..

Rishi: hehe our lovely and dovely twinkle. You didn’t give us treat..

Twinkle: treat?? For what..

Chinki:see yaar your engagement done we wanted treat naa.. twinkle pat her hand on her forehead..

Twinkle:really guys Meri engagement kal nahi hui hai..

Asha:still twinkle..

Twinkle:okay let’s go.. where..

Yuvi:our favourite place.just than Rudra passing from there with one girl..

Rishi: hey Rudy where are you.

Rudra: hi guys.. all look at girl than Rudra.

Re I’ll come you go okay bye..

Re: okay bye.. she went from there while Yuvi and Rishi come and lock their arms around rudra neck..

Yuvi:what’s going on???

Rishi: did you find devarani for twinkle so soon😂😂😂..

Rudra: what nothing is like this she is my classmate..

Twinkle: acha great she didn’t deserve to become my devarani 😛😂😂,, by the way rudra where are you nowadays hardly seeing in college.

Rudra: woh na bhabhi I bunked classes Bhaiya isn’t here that’s why..

Chinki:why where your Bhaiya went.

Rudra:he went dubai last night only come back,

Asha:Twinkle you didn’t told us about this.

Twinkle:kya even I don’t know MAA tell me only.

Rudra:exams postpone ufff hell happy.. 😍. Priyanka and Mahi come there.

Priyanka:Bhaiya chale..

Rudra: yeah. One minute guys tonight at my place ganpati celebration so you all have to come okay.,

Asha: Acha good we’ll come first let’s take treat from your bhabhi..

Rudra:treat acha chal pinku..

Twinkle:what ?even you both too coming.

Rudra: okay.. they all went towards car.. while twinkle going just than chirag come and hold her hand from back twinkle stop and turned Her face and see chirag holding her hand.

Twinkle: what is this chirag Leave my hand.

Chirag:Twinkle baby where are you please talk to me.. with whom you are busy..

Twinkle: it’s none of your business Twinkle remove her hand. From next time don’t dare to touch me get it a hundred times I told you I’m not interested in you,.

Chirag: in whom you are interested twinkle haa tell me…

Twinkle: acha do you wanna know so listen with whom My parents wanted me to get marry get it. I’ll be interested in my husband not in any randoms guy..

Chirag: first find your husband than I’ll see him he look twinkle ring finger which is empty.. and give smile.. one day my name ring will be in your finger..

Twinkle:acha you just see this dream..😏. Twinkle give him look and went from there.

Rudra: where do you bhabhi??

Twinkle: here.. they all sit in cars and left.

They reached their favourite place all come out of the car.. they went inside and take their seats waiter come they give oder while twinkle lost in her thought..

Twinkle:what this man thinking about himself haa. Idiot don’t know I already got engaged with kunj that’s good I removed my engagement ring in college if he saw creat any scene surely buster just behind me only.Twinkle one day my name ring in your finger nonsense boy your day will never come because wear kunj name ring in my finger.

Asha:Twinkle kaha..

Twinkle:hhaa I’m so hungry.Soon their oder come they all just jumped on food.

Naman:yummy 🤗🤗..they all enjoying very much later.

Rudra:let’s go.. rudra and Priyanka went with Yuvi their house.at outside of restaurant twinkle see her long time friend.

Girl: hey twinkle..

Twinkle:hi Neha..what a surprise to see you here.

Neha: same where are you..

Asha: hey Neha..

Neha: hi Asha and everyone.. chal twinkle today you have to spend day with me..

Twinkle:no yaar Neha today can’t be possible..

Neha: why??..

Twinkle: I have some work..

Neha:what work twinkle please..

Twinkle:I have to go tonight at my in law house for ganpati celebration..

Neha: in law what do you mean when this happened.

Asha:hehe she engaged now..

Twinkle:so today I can’t hope you understand some other day..

Neha; okay bye now.. they all left for their places..

At evening Sarna mansion.

From nowadays just one thing going in prithviraj mind kunj and twinkle wedding just He wanted their wedding happened soon.

Prithviraj:should I talk to hansh ji.,he called hansh he pick up his call.

Hansh: hello..

Prithviraj: hello namaste ji,.

Hansh:namaste Prithviraj ji..

Prithviraj: I call you to talk about something.

Hansh:yeah tell me you sound serious.

Prithviraj: not serious just normally about twinkle and Kunj wedding.. what you decided for them.

Hansh: Prithviraj ji jab aap bolege tab shadi kar dege.I told you before only that after end of Twinkle exam immediately we did her marriage.

Prithviraj: yeah..

Hansh: okay even we meet tonight so let’s talk face to face..

Prithviraj: hmm.. they end the call..

While Kunj was just sleeping because he was hell tired didn’t sleep past from few days he was busy in work.Om went to pick up Aayat from her school. They come even. She and rudra went to kunj room find him sleeping. Both jumped on him. Kunj back facing to ceiling.. he open his eyes due to Aayat who tickling on his stomach. He give smile he pulled Aayat she landed beside him.

Kunj: what is this Aayat.

Aayat: nothing showing her milky teeth.. Bhaiya I miss you. She kissed on kunj cheeks while Kunj cuddles her..

Kunj:even I too miss my little sister.. Rudra hugging him too from his back.

Rudra:without you I didn’t sleep well Bhaiya you don’t go anywhere please.

They both rest their head on kunj hands.

There Anjali come and see the sibling scene going on..

Anjali:hoo See kunj your two kids dying to see you.

Kunj:aap bhi na di.,

Rudra: today you didn’t got G call..

Anjali: why??

Rudra:because eating our head 😂.

Anjali: huhu now go get ready guest will be come at anytime.

Aayat:Bhaiya did you bring my chocolates.

Kunj:yeah I didn’t bring anything  just your chocolates.

Rudra:you know what Bhaiya our exams postponed. 😍😍now just fun..

Kunj:don’t fly this much I know in my absence you didn’t study well rudra.

Aayat:Bhaiya I went school properly..

Kunj:great.. now let’s get ready okay..

They get up went to their mother room.
As soon as avantika see kunj.

Avantika: finally you wake up..

Kunj: yeah.. he went near her she cupped Kunj face..

Avantika: how weak you looking did you take your medicine on time..

Kunj: yeah mummy I take.. hows you..

Avantika: I’m fine.. tujhe teri maa ki yaad nahi aati hai kya. Kunj cuddles her,,

Kunj:I miss you mummy even MAA as well.
Usha come there too.

Avantika: see your MAA.They three of them sharing group hug.. Kunj and rudra it’s your clothes okay.. where is om..

Om: here badi MAA..

Avantika:good you come. Now you brothers go and get ready you know bua dadi was come so rudra not masti in front of her she is little bit strict.

Rudra: hmmm.. they all went in room. One by one they get ready.. om and Rudra or kunj in one room. Rudra come.. how m I looking..

Om:good.. than kunj who try to fix his buttons his both brothers give smile.. wait we’ll do they went near kunj. Rudra fold kunj sleeves while om closed his buttons Kunj gjve smile..

Kunj: don’t know this so difficult for me..

Om: leave till when we three of them together anything is difficult for us.When you with me and rudra wherever we become week.

Rurda:hum bhai hai bhaiya.. ek dusre ka Saath dena humara kaam hai..

Kunj: today my both little brothers talking maturely.. what you both eat today. They both smile.. true hum Bhai hai.. hum saath hai toh baath hai. Because brothers don’t let each other wander in the dark alone.
Sometimes being a big brother is even better than being a superhero.

Om:why sometimes every time we bless to have  big brother like you.

Rudra: haa Bhaiya..dadi used to say we were the same soul split in three and walking around on six legs. It seems unnatural being born together and then dying apart.”

Om: hoo rudra..they hug tightly each other’s Rudra kiss on kunj and om cheeks.

They both uhh ewww… than they went downstairs whole hall decorated beautiful with white and light baby pink flowers..

Tej: this ladies take so much time to dress up.

Rudra: see bhaiya pa. Even your condition will be too same bhabhi 😂😂😛..

Kunj: so what..

Other side at taneja mansion..twinkle get ready firstly for the first time she look so beautiful. She takes her pictures and upload on her insta account,, than everyone come and see twinkle already waiting for them in hall..

Kabir/abeer: see her apne sasural jaane ke liye she get ready so soon..

Leela:kitni soni lag rahi hai..

Twinkle:acha abeer bhai..

Bebe:now lets go we already get late.

Guest started coming at sarna mansion they invited their some office member and some closed friends just.whole Sarna mansion looking like a floral palace..

Guards standing outside without checking didn’t allow anyone entered.. taneja’s car come and guard stop.

Guard: sir name please..

Abeer: bol de ki inki bahu humhari car me hai.. 😂😂😛..

Mehar: abeer bas karo don’t teased her..

Kabir: kabir taneja.. guard check their name list..

Guard: sir you can go.. they went ahead they come out of the car see guards standing around whole mansion.. driver come and take kabir car key to park the car in parking load..

Leela:I thought it just a small function but seemed like it’s really lavish.they went ahead.they all awestruck to see the ambiance.. priyanka see twinkle and her family she rushed towards prithviraj..

Priyanka: dadu bhabhi and her family come.

Prithviraj:acha.He went and greet them..
namaste aaye.. lata too come and meet with everyone..

Lata: aaj mahi puttar you both sisters looking so beautiful.

Malika: what about me dadi..

Lata: even you too.

Malika: where is my three monkey..

They all settled down soon Chinki and raj or naman and asha Luther’s too come.

Bua dadi: arey avantika mujhe bhi mila tere bacho se and moreover teri hone wali bahu se.. bua dadi come first time sarna kids didn’t meet with her till now she is prithviraj cousin sister..

Avantika: haa kyu nahi bua ji.usha and avantika covering their heads with veil.. bua dadi is old minded personality.Didn’t think what she telling. Aayat come and meet with twinkle..

Twinkle: hi aayat.. now aayat and twinkle become good friends because Aayat went to taneja mansion to play with naksh so there twinkle take care of her all tease her that she perfectly doing her bhabhi duty to keep take care of her little sister in law..

Aayat:looking pretty 😍😍..

Twinkle:even you too..

Kunj and om or rudra coming together from stairs looking completely awesome.

They come down meet with everyone.. kunj see twinkle from head to toe she looking so beautiful 😍.. perfect he become astonished to see her..

..even twinkle too see Kunj.. both share eyelock while mahi was busy in her hairs which adore by om her simplicity always making him smile..

Leela:when you come back kunj..

Kunj:today only aunty at morning..

Rt:how was your meeting..

Kunj:good. Avantika and usha take twinkle in side..

Avantika:twinkle beta..


Avantika: twinkle covered your head with your duppta today..

Twinkle: why??

Usha: daddy ji sister come today so she is old mind having issues. Twinkle see even avantika and usha too covering their heads..

Twinkle: okay..

Usha:now you are bahu of this house so we didn’t want she tell you something that’s why..

Twinkle:yeah I can understand.. twinkle covered her head with duppta which enhance her beauty more.bua dadi come.
Lata introduce bua dadi to Everyone.. kunj and others see twinkle.. while sarna sibbing standing together in one line..

Avantika:bua ji he is kunj my elder son and you know Anjali.he is om.

Bua dadi:yeh manohar ka beta hai na..

Avantika:hmm..he is rudra and priyanka or aayat. Aap yeh samj liye ji they are our both kids not apart manohar and tej.. all smile too.they take her blessings together.

Bua dadi: arey betiya pau nahi chu ti hai.
yeh toh acha hai aur teri hone wali bahu kaha hai.. twinkle standing in side.. prithviraj and lata together their hand on twinkle shoulder..

Lata:she is our bahu didi ji.they make twinkle stand beside kunj..bua dadi look at twinkle continuously..

Bua dadi: acha hai..

Prithviraj:I find gem for my gem. Twinkle is best for our family.I can’t find better than her for my kunj as a life partner.

Bua dadi:acha prithvi abhi se itna pyaar hone wali bahu pe..

Prithviraj:bahu nahi hai humari more than daughter first we have three now one more add in our daughter list.twinkle get so happy too see love for herself in kunj family.Prithviraj removed the duppta from twinkle head all like shocked.. didi when I call her my daughter how can she hide her head even I don’t like this two doing it. it’s enough now no.. when priyanka and Anjali can live without duppat why not she.no difference between in my eyes for them.

Bua dadi: saram bhi koi cheez hai..

Lata:saram aankho me honi chahiye upri saram ka kya hai.yeh mere kunj ki hone wali biwi hai humare liye bahut important her.Twinkle family happy to see this all. Twinkle and kunj together take bua dadi blessing..

Bua dadi:khush raho.tum dono.Twinkle give smile to bua dadi..

Avantika:you come with me twinkle.. avantika take Twinkle in side.. later..

Twinkle still covering her head Itself.
Kunj sitting in side with all boys and girls his eyes just on twinkle. Avantika telling her how to make pooja tali.Twinkle doing what her mother in law telling.Kunj see twinkle he smile to see her. She really respect his family still didn’t removed her duppta from her head after what his dadu telling her. Kunj just staring twinkle continuously without blink his eyes.That everyone can see in youngster.Yuvi and rudra roll their eyes in funny way..

Lata:we should start the pooja.Everyone got up and went from there..they all come in side there curtains was there hiding ganpati ji murti.prithviraj look at his grand sons..they three of them together went to curtains while everyone standing in line ladies covered their heads.kuomru pulled the curtain rope slowly slowly it’s going up. Finally big white color ganpati murtI was there decorated beautifully.

candle beside there.All see and get happy.Murti made by om..

Lata:let’s start the aarti..
Kunj take the aarti tali in his hand everyone fold their hands. (In background aarti song playing on… ) om rudra keeping their hands on kunj hand.Kunj started doing aarti.after kunj he give to om than Rudra.

They three of them went in side now prithviraj and Lata did.Kunj standing beside twinkle who closing her eyes giving beautiful smile.. one by one everyone did aarti Than prithviraj tell twinkle and Kunj too do aarti together.They both went ahead they hold aarti tali together did aarti lata and prithviraj admires them.. Than happily at last twinkle and Kunj finished the aarti..

Lata: now twinkle puttar give everyone aarti and parshad..

Twinkle:hmm. Twinkle went to lata and Prithviraj she give them aarti and parshad.
Than others as well.. twinkle give parshad to rudra while he takes two and smile.. now kunj left twinkle went near him Kunj take the aarti.parshad..??

Kunj:hmm.He took little.twinkle keep the aarti tali back.. just than they  heard someone voice.all turned and look at towards entrance..they see no one was there but voice coming from there while Kunj get some call he went to poolside to attend..

Than one young man come 6fit height with good looks. wearing white shirt holding his black blazer in his hand even his laptop bag on his shoulder.As soon as sarna’s see him all get so happy.Was surprised to see him here.While others get confused who he is??.rudra and om run towards him. They both immediately hugged while rudra almost jumped on him.

Rudra: G loudly.. I m so happy to see you here while Anjali blushing in side.

Man:I too miss you all. They broke the hug. Arey mere saalo 😛😛😛.

Om: acha jija.. they went ahead now you all must be understood who he is.so he is Rahul Malhotra..Anjali husband. Who went for his business trip. ( Rahul character playing rohit khandelwal)..

he keep his bag in side.. went to lata and Prithviraj happily he take their blessing. God bless you my son.,

Rahul:dadu and dadi..they giving smile to each other’s rahul hug them together. He pulled lata cheeks. You are still same 😂.

Prithviraj: happy to see you here how’s you.

Rahul: i m all good dadu.. than Rahul eyes went on tej. He corrected himself and went Near him.. hI sir..

Tej:hi.You didn’t in formed us.that you are coming Rahul. He become quite..

Rudra: whisper don’t know why Bhaiya and G went on silent mode in front of pa..

Om: shut up..

Tej: how was your meetings..

Rahul:great sir I make all reports.. and send to kunj already.

Avantika:Tej Leave your office now he isn’t your employee okay. Usha and Avantika hug Rahul.. they both treat him like their own son.see how he looking huhu.So happy to see you after 5 months.

Rahul:even I too miss my both young mothers he kissed  on their forehead,and meet with manohar..

Manohar: finally you come back after long time.

Om:you all must be confused who he is.

He is son in law of Sarna family.Our Anjali Di husband Rahul Malhotra.. rahul waving at them. Hi everyone. Malika come from back pat on his shoulder he turned and see Malika give wow smile.


Malika:Rahul. How’s you man..

Rahul: you can see me hoo shadi, tune sach me shadi kii hai na..

Malika: why have you any doubt..

Rahul:yeah when kunj tell me about you because for chocolates you can propose anyone 😂😂..

Malika:hoo you are so bad rahul.she slap him playfully..

Rahul: where is my saala number one.. Aayat come there see him.

Aayat: hooo G…

Rahul: Arey Meri little saali shaiba ji where are you. Aayat come to him rahul sit on his knees.. Aayat hug him.

Aayat:G you come back From your holiday.

Rahul: holiday really jab tak your father is there no holiday in our life😛😛..

Aayat: where is my chocolates..

Rahul: didn’t your big b bring..

Aayat: he did but what about you..

Rahul: haa meri I have I’ll give you.How can I off my lovey Aayat mood.all really like rahul in his first time.Kunj come and see rahul.

Kunj:you..everyone can see happiness in his eyes for Rahul..both run instantly

Rahul:yeah me.. both share hug..

Kunj: you can tell me I’ll come to pick up you.

Rahul: na na..

Rudra: you both can continue your buddy romance later G.. first meet with everyone.

Rahul: yeah..

Usha: she is Leela ji and Rt ji.. Kunj father in law and mother and their elder son Kabir. Your Malika husband..

Rahul: so you take this burden on you.😂.

Kabir: hmm can’t do anything.,

Usha: and she is mahi kunj sister in law..

He is abeer and mehar.. he shake his hand with them. Than meet with Bebe and Hansh.Take their blessing as well.Than Anita and his family..

Avantika:you kids carry on..all elders went from there.

Rudra:g you didn’t meet with one special person.. where she is I’ll come.Rudra call twinkle.Bhaiya.Twinkle looking here and there. Kunj get up from couch..

Kunj:Rahul she is twinkle..

Rahul: hoo so you are siyappa queen😂.. twinkle look at Kunj. I mean twinkle.. by the way kunj who she is just for teasing him.

Kunj:acha she is my fiancé..

Rudra come and lock his hands around Rahul neck..

Rudra: and our bhabhi..

Rahul:and kunj would be wife m I right rudra😂😛😛.This two same to same. Leave this Hi twinkle..


Rudra:O what bhabhi will call G..

Rahul:hmm she can call me anything what she love because she is my best friend wife and saale ki biwi as well. Don’t call me this rudra keep my name G..

Twinkle:so I’ll call you jiju 😛..

Rahul:good.. 😜😜..

Rudra: G you meet with anyone apart from Anjali Di..

Rahul: I’ll meet with my wife aramse.first finished you kiddos 😂😛😛.. Rahul turned and see Anjali looking at him only with full of love and beautiful smile on her lips.. Rahul ruffles his hairs went to her..

Hi Anjali..

Anjali:hi Rahul pinch her noise she smiled.

Rudra: kuch kuch hota hai Anjali you’ll not understand..😛😜.. Rudra come and stand near them.. G again started everyday phenomenal 😂😂..

Rahul:Acha you know very much did your girlfriends did something with you.Don’t say anything about my Anjali.He pulled her cheeks say something Mrs Malhotra. Did my this saale didn’t take care of you haa.. tum teeno such much ke saale ho he stretch the word of saale..

Anjali:I’m fine why you take so much time. She had tears in her eyes..

Rahul:awww.. what to do your bade Papa didn’t leave me. I have to stay away from my beautiful wife.. he cupped her face like a gentleman he kissed on her forehead and they hugged each other’s. Anjali bas don’t cry.. he wiped her tears tussi roh raho ho haa. Mat roh please

Kunj:filmy pura..

Yuvi:what a couple 😛😛..

Rahul:thanks for your compliment Yuvraj.
Chalo wifey we’ll talk later now what this people think about us that I’m mad behind you.

Anjali:Something something happens Rahul, you won’t understand😂😂pagal.. 😍😍.. they all sit together.

Kunj: aur bhai shab how was experience.

Rahul:great I was just searching Sarna mansion I call sara than got address.India omg.. it’s so different from London na.. when did you come back from Dubai.

Kunj:today only.. deal. crack.

Rahul:same.. aur malika.

Malika: kya how buster you are. Didn’t come in my wedding.

Rahul:you know what kunj If you didn’t come India her would be husband wasn’t your saale she’ll not invited us in her wedding.

Malika: aww so bad..

Kunj:true.. in this years she didn’t calls us.

Malika:look who’s talking.You both leave me after college.Just study study bas now business.

Rudra: o you know my exam postpone now.

Yuvi: yeah..

Chinki: rudra is really happy..

Kunj: you flying so much rudra don’t take it normally anything can happened suppose your exam will be prepone. What you all will do so it’s better starts your preparations. twinkle look at Kunj even he too said what their profosser

Rahul: right..

Malika: you guys don’t listen them this both is mad. 24/7 hours just study.. whole year.

Rahul:after so much struggles today we are here.. future ke liye you have too. I wasn’t totally but this kunj make me I enjoy but he is a old century radio😛😂..


Yuvi; acha.You are so comedy why not he?

Rahul: see we all bad boys with little bit goodness and our Kunj Sarna is perfect man never disobey anyone. Punctual man. He is a obedient grandson and son..

Kunj:what about you.

Rahul: great..😛.not like sadu right twinkle twinkle nodding her head in yes kunj look at her. She turned her eyes.. hoo abhi se itna dar..

Rudra; its bad na G in your case you scared from di😂😂😛.. Rudra run while rahul throw cushion on him.Okay you carry one I’ll come back. After get freshen up. He went in his room with Anjali.


All elders sitting together just than prithviraj break the ice..

Prithviraj: hansh ji. As per you that twinkle and Kunj marriage take place after twinkle exams..

Hansh: yeah.

Prithviraj:But their exams extended, hansh look at Rt he nodded in yes.

Hansh: okay I don’t know.

Prithviraj:I know today only Rudra tell me.

So guru ji here asked him..

Guru ji:yeah I’ll tell you. He check the time.

See if twinkle and Kunj marriage not happened in this month there no good time for them at least for 2 years.. they all shocked.. 😨😨..

Hansh: what how can this possible.

Prithviraj: haa guru ji.. you check again.

Guru ji: I m right if not than you have to wait for 2 years for their wedding.

Prithviraj:immediately I can’t wait for 2 years.

Hansh: same..

Guru ji:this will be good.

Prithviraj: Tej are you sure for this..

Hansh: even you Rt..

Tej: I think we don’t have any problem. We’ll be happy.

Rt: Leela..

Leela:I’m hell happy no one keep our twinkle happy this much.

Hansh: than Prithviraj ji from our side yes. Prithviraj give bright smile..

Prithviraj:even from my side too.

Bebe:we should talk to kids first.. Usha call everyone there..

Kunj:yes dadu.

Prithviraj: kunj you and twinkle sit first. They both sit next to each other’s. Kunj just now guru ji check mahurat for your wedding. If your wedding didn’t happen in this month there is no mahurat till 2 years. Twinkle and Kunj look at each other’s..


Kunj:so what dadu..

Prithviraj: we all wanted your and twinkle marriage do in this month only.

Kunj:what so soon dadu..

Prithviraj:did you have any problem.. if than tell me honestly..

Lata:you both can talk alone..

Hansh:haa go.. both twinkle and Kunj hell nervous.they went from while Kunj went to poolside he stands in tension.. while twinkle standing behind him..

Twinkle: kunjjj. He turned and look at her..

Kunj: Twinkle please tell me honestly what you wanted no pressure on you. Are you ready for this marriage..

Twinkle: she look at him.. Kunj I’m ready before only but I wanted our marriage after my studies.

Kunj:hmm but what to do our family behind our marriage.Kunj had tears in his eyes. I’m so helpless don’t know what to do, to see him like this om rudra and Anjali or Kabir and Malika even Rahul come there. Kunj look at Rahul.

Rahul: take your decision kunj why are you so nervous.

Kunj:kya karu

Kabir:what you wanted twinkle.. while she just look at Kunj face.

Twinkle: Bhai whatever Kunj wanted.

Rahul: see kunj now it’s your turn..

Kunj:I didn’t find I’m best for her.Twinkle im not like that boys which you wanted you see me how I m. It’s so soon.

Rahul: this not valid reason kunj. And kunj why it’s so soon it’s right time aaj nahi phir kabhi nahi one day you have to marry. You know kunj you just scared of commitment.

Anjali: yes kunj.

Kunj:di you all see me..I m not like this all pointing his hands towards always boys.
There pa will shoot me.



End should I…. 😛😛😛😛😛…I’ll not leave episode on cliffhanger… take this long episode after all I didn’t posted nowadays properly plenty to deni hi padegi.. na… 







































Om:don’t be stress calm down okay first.

Twinkle:I wanted to talk to Him alone. All look at twinkle face understand her they all went from there while twinkle hold kunj hand they went in side room. It’s other side living area.. ab bolo Kunj..

Kunj:kya bolu..

Twinkle: are you not happy with this relation..

Kunj:I’m happy from my side what about you. I know what husband you wanted I’m not that.. I see you I’m not like rudra om Yuvi and other’s as well Twinkle..

Twinkle: we talk last time I told you I didn’t find you in them I know what you are if I wanted you like them than till now I back off to this marriage Kunj.You are best for me.Why you thinking this.. kya tum mujhe pasand nahi karte ho ??anyone Kunj look at twinkle face.

Kunj:when did I say that I didn’t like you.

You are perfect twinkle. No issues.no one I like it. Twinkle come near him and cupped his face.

Twinkle:than what tell me now. Even he too cupped her face both looking in each other eyes..

Kunj:rahe gi mere saath the way I m. In your language I’m sadu Sarna.

Twinkle:kyu nahi rahugi when you with me.Yeah you are sadu but I can’t loose your family.they love me so much I can’t find in laws like them. After see today their respect increase in my eyes I can understand one thing in life ups and downs come in every relationship in our if I’ll be wrong and you but my in laws with me always that sure Kunj look at twinkle and listen her words. And you are ready to live with this siyappa queen for your life time.everyone have flaws no one is perfecT.


Twinkle: don’t think so much twinkle ke liye ladko ki line kam nahi hai.. Kunj laugh.

Kunj: acha kaun hai woh idiot.

Twinkle:think they are idiot you are going to become my husband than big idiot you are 😛😛.. im not looking this much bad.

Kunj:hmmm right.Twinkle still covered her head. Kunj remove her duppta down.Now fine.i thoughts you’ll not take your duppta on your head before still after dadu as well.That surprise me and I understand

You can understand the situation you did right didn’t remove your duppta still taking.

Twinkle:hmm dadu take my side in front of her if I removed she felt bad that I didn’t wanted she is elder.And moreover when my mothers in laws taking what I m in front of them.I have to do.. she just for some hours or days why would I hurt her and disobey.

Kunj:right today your top floor working. 😛I’m surprised Mrs Sarna.

Twinkle:Kunj you didn’t answer me.: Twinkle get sad she blow down her face while Kunj keep his finger on her chin and make her look up..

Kunj:yeah even I’m too ready.It’s just I thought you’ll not stay happy with me.

Twinkle:you just leave this on destiny and babaji when he connects our way. Our arrange marriage happening with our will.

Kunj:ab no more discussion. Twinkle see sweat on kunj forehead first she fill glass of water for him and give him he drunk Feel good now..

Twinkle:if we wait for 2years till than you become old 😂😂.

Kunj:very lame twinkle. Don’t think about me 2 years tak toh teri shopping hi puri nahi hogi😛😛..

Twinkle:acha ji.. see what I’ll do with you after become your wife.

Kunj:you can do whatever you wanted bas don’t eat my head which you already have lot.she hit on his chest playfully. Kunj

Hold twinkle hand while his hands shivering while touching her:Promise twinkle in every mode of life humhari shadi ko fulfil karege.have to live this relation beautifully like our parents and grand parents.Twinkle nodded in eyes..

Twinkle:yeah kunj I’ll never hurt anyone always keep them happy our motive is to connect everyone together. I’ll never let down you in nobody eyes. I’ll give my 100%.

Kunj:even me too twinkle.In every way I’ll stand beside you. I was just scared of commitment.

Twinkle: I know😛. Everyone must be waiting for us..

Kunj:after this my dadu and dadi happiness no boundaries he just waiting for my wife don’t know why..

Twinkle: why don’t know after their grand bahu is so beautiful and smart.. mr NRI.. that you come in Amritsar for your wife couldn’t find in London..

Kunj:self obsessed girl you’ll have good bond with Rahul he and rudra like you.

Twinkle:awesome at least I have them after than sadu.. twinkle laughing loudly.

Outside..all in tension they all just looking at room door in which twinkle and Kunj.

Leela:why they taking so much time.

Prithviraj: haa.. while om and rudra or rahul look at each other face.

Kunj admire twinkle laugh sajna ve play❤.both looking in each other eyes deeply.
Kunj cupped her face and kissed on her forehead like a true gentleman twinkle give smile and closed her eyes. Than twinkle hugged him kunj tightly.

Kunj:we are friends.

Twinkle: hmm. Let’s go out before anyone get heart attack.

Kunj:hmm.Both composed themselves.

Went ahead. Everyone eyes just on door. Door get open all looking there only. Kunj and twinkle come and they see them kunj holding her hand they coming towards.

All just waiting for their answer everywhere just silence..

Tej: what your answer??

Prithviraj:Tej you not.. dadi and Prithviraj knows kunj. So they went to him take his hands in their hands. Kunj don’t

Lie today for anyone happiness I know you

Just get agree for marriage for my and your dadi happiness. Our happiness important for you. don’t be obedient today Leave in side don’t think I’ll feel bad.

Lata:yes kunj your happiness matter for me lot.Tu pota hai mera zindagi hai. Each passing seconds and minutes hours me your dadu counting on our finger for you and om or rudra. We know tu bola ta nahi hai what in your heart but you share with us don’t hide anything today. Your dadi always with you don’t be scared with Tej too.

Prithviraj: haa kunj.. they both looking kunj with teared eyes.. Kunj hold their hands back.

Kunj:I know dadu and dadi that you love me lot my happiness important for you both even yours too for me.whatever I’m just because of you both you both raise me.I never hurt you both in my whole life neither hurt anyone.Your dream is just to see my wife that you wanted twinkle..

My happiness in your happiness. He hugged them.dadu and dadi I’m ready me shadi karuga with from my heart and will.

I’ll make your dream in reality.All get so happy.Prithviraj and Lata get so happy happiness tears come out from there eyes.They broke the hug.kunj wiped their tears..

Hansh:and you twinkle puttar..

Twinkle: I’m too dadu bas this sadu doing drama. All started hooting in happiness.

Guru ji: so kab ki Tarik..

Prithviraj: bolo Kunj and twinkle..

Kunj:when you wanted we are ready.


Rahul: dadu kal hi kardete hai.. Kunj and twinkle like omg 😮.. all laugh out..

Hansh: guru ji you just tell us wedding day date tomorrow next week Twinkle and Kunj wedding is fixed.. prithviraj ji now happy finally.

Prithviraj:my god knows how much I m happy.

Kunj: while looking at twinkle. She was playing with her duppta. What about twinkle study..

Tej:she can complete after wedding no restrictions on her. Twinkle now fully get happy..

Twinkle:thanks uncle.. 😍.. Prithviraj again hug Kunj..

Prithviraj:Kunj you don’t know what you give me. Rudra and om to come and hugged their dadu tightly.

Rudra:dadi lets do party what’s say. G and Bhaiya.Rahul and Kunj look at tej than each other’s both chocked together.I’ll come both escape from there.everyone was laughing at them.. Lata and Prithviraj caress twinkle..

Prithviraj:you are really a gem twinkle.
Kunj will be the best life partner for you.

Twinkle:I know dadu.. finally everyone get relief.

Lata: Avantika and Usha give everyone something. They both went in kitchen.

In another scene Rahul and Kunj. While Rahul was just having sweet rapidly.

Rahul:why you take so much time. Now everything solved out.

Kunj: yeah finally I’m just confused. Just scared if I hurt her.

Rahul: take a chill pill bro let her become biwi everyday wives make husbands life hell their tantrums. Teri wali ko dekh kar lagta she had little bit.

Kunj:what Little bit full shop of tantrums.

But nice.Twinkle was passing from there rahul see her..

Rahul: hi mrs Kunj Sarna Twinkle turned and look at him.

Twinkle: me..

Rahul: laughs see Kunj she knows she is Mrs Kunj Sarna..

Kunj:acha even Anjali too passing Kunj see her.Loudly Mrs Rahul Malhotra. Anjali didn’t turned again Kunj did she turned. Kunj laughing loudly. See bro my at least turned in one go what about your. Even she too understand she is Mrs Rahul Malhotra.

Rahul:saale did you see here two Rahul.

Kunj:same too you two Kunj. Rahul running behind Kunj while Kunj too.After sometimes later all sit for dinner so many dishes are there. Rahul and Rudra doing masti at dinning table because tej wasn’t there.

Avantika: you both can’t improve..

Rudra: you know G what di telling in your absence that good you aren’t here.anjali jerk and look at Rudra all giggles. Hain na Bhaiya.

Kunj: I don’t know 😛😂😂😛.

Rudra: huhu bhaiya. Om see tej coming.

OM: Rudra bade papa..
they both immediately stop and become good boy..

Tej:Rahul I talk to mr kapoor. He mailed you


Rudra: pa what about my car now.

Tej: asked your brother.

Rudra: Bhaiya see you told me if I passed in my exams you get me my favourite car.

Kunj:hmm so what.

Rudra:you can’t broke your promise O.

Kunj:yeah I did first you just pass in your final exams than we’ll talk till than don’t come to me.

Rudra:this isn’t fair Bhaiya. Okay if I pass than you have too.

Kunj:happily I’ll.

Rudra:no budget Bhaiya.

Kunj: than do top.

Rahul/om: than Rudra you forget your car.

Rudra:Bhaiya started crying.

Aayat: heheh pa see RU bro. Don’t give him anything.

Rudra:Acha wait you small girl.

Tej: Acha.Don’t come on my daughter. Aayat showing teeth to Rudra. Rudra drop his face.

Kunj:now don’t cry mil jayegi car.. he hugged him.

Rudra: I love you Bhaiya.

Tej: Acha.Don’t come on my daughter. Aayat showing teeth to Rudra. Rudra drop his face.

Kunj:now don’t cry mil jayegi car.. he hugged him.

Rudra: I love you Bhaiya.

Tej:work hard on your marks Rudra after I’ll not leave you.

Rahul:you should bade papa. Later they all started thinking about wedding preparation from now only.While kids sitting. Aayat come with naksh.

Aayat:Bhaiya please give my chocolates I want to give naksh.. even you too G.

Kunj: hmm Kunj tell Priyanka to bring bag from his room even rahul too her.she bring bags and keep in front of them.kunj open the bag full bag was just filled with chocolates different different Aayat started jumping.

Aayat: ho😍😍😍. Rudra take one.. no meri hai.. 😭😭..

Rudra: all isn’t yours samji..

Aayat: no pa😭😭😭. It’s  just mine I’ll not share with anyone..

Yuvi: aayat you’ll have this whole..

Aayat: yeah I love chocolates..

Priyanka:she already had so much still.

Rudra: that sometime me and o stole..😂.

Kunj: Rudra give her back she’ll crying. He give her back aayat keep her hand on bag.


Kunj: haa it’s your only. Aayat give naksh too.

Aayat:I’ll give him you don’t worry. She give him one whole box..

Kunj; now you keep this in room okay this all will take.

Aayat: okay.. she take some chocolates Kunj closed the bag Aayat call servant. Keep this in my mamma and pa room okay.

Servant: ji baby. All just mesmerising to see aayat.

Aayat: now your turn G..

Rahul: haa meri..

Aayat:don’t open here in front of this ru..

Rahul:As your wish. Priyanka take the bag.
Aayat started having chocolates.

Kunj: don’t eat lot okay than pain in your teeth..


Kunj:I’ll come Kunj went in his room whatever he bring for everyone he get down.
Chinki and raj this for you.

Chinki: thanks Kunj. One by one he give anyone something only not twinkle she get sad but didn’t said anything that kuomru can see. After sometimes..

Hansh: now we should leave..

Malika:bye Rahul and everyone.Rahul come near Malika ears.

Rahul: how was your honeymoon Malika look at him she hit on his stomach with her elbow.

Malika:Anjali Di your rahul is so ehhh..

Before going twinkle take everyone blessing.

Prithviraj:next time you will come here finally become bahu of our family.

Bebe: that day isn’t far..

Lata:right. Kunj tell Rudra keep that box in Kabir car secretly and Kunj tell Kabir give this to twinkle. Sarna went outside to see off them.Twinkle sit in car and look at Kunj.They left for Their homes..

Sometimes later..

Twinkle in her room removing her accessories. Just than there Kabir and Abeer come they having big cartoon in their hands..

Kabir:le twinkle tere luggage..

Twinkle:what is this Bhai..

Kabir:dekh le jije ne beja hai okay bye goodnight. Twinkle see the cartoon she went in washroom get freshen up than come back she started open the cartoon in starting only newspapers coming out twinkle get pissed off really.

Twinkle:what nonsense is this. All newspapers come finished than twinkle see her eyes just freeze..whole cartoon filled with so many chocolates all is twinkle favourite ones. Chocolates so many omg. Than twinkle see there is one note too. She open see..

NOTE 📝..
hi twinkle I don’t know what you like so this for you and Rudra tell me even you too mad behind chocolates this for you. Hope you like this sweet chocolates from this sadu bitterground.. 😛😛.. KUNj..

Twinkle kissed on note..

Twinkle: aw Kunj thanks for this..

Episode end on twinkle face..


Hi guys now I come early I hope you all enjoy this episode.finallly twinj wedding time come.. in next in twinj wedding bells… 

Finally wait is over most awaited even I too wait for their wedding since I start the ff. If I’ll not post early next sorry I planned twinj wedding very nicely.. so it’s take time I wanted to give my 100 % as much as I can.. so get ready for this telly update big fat wedding I’m inviting you all. 😂😂:. 


Bye love you all please comment if you wanted next episode nhi toh I’ll gone.. 

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