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Krishna Chali London 25th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Radhe gets shot

Krishna Chali London 25th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Radhe, Krishna and others attending the aarti. They also do the aarti. Goons come there. Gajanan says we have to leave. Radhe says we shall take prasad. They go to take prasad. Goons come close. Krishna gets away in crowd. Goon asks her to silently come with them. She shouts to Radhe. Radhe looks for her. Goon gets her at knife’s point. They ask Krishna about the packet. She says I don’t know anything. The goon asks where is the packet if you don’t know. Radhe comes there and beats the goon. He shows the drug packet. Tatya says I didn’t see, see he has the packet. Radhe asks what’s in the packet. Tatya says its drugs worth 50 lakhs. Radhe says I will give this packet to police, else you will spread drugs in city. Krishna asks Radhe not to give the packet.

Radhe says I won’t give it. Tatya and goons try to stop them.

Radhe pushes them and runs with Krishna. Gajanan and Lali look for Radhe and Krishna. Krishna says I want my purse back. Radhe says I will get your makeup items later. She says I m worried, as my purse had that necklace which you got for me. He says you mean, the wedding night gift, did you accept it, you are worried for that. He smiles and hugs her. Gajanan sees them and says are they mad…. we have to leave. Radhe says I swear, I will get your bag. Goons shoot in the air. They get shocked. Goon asks Gajanan to move back. Radhe comes in front of Krishna. Goon asks him to give packet. Radhe asks him to give bag first. Radhe throws the packet. Tatya throws the bag. The drugs packet falls on diya stand and burns. Tatya and goons get shocked. Radhe gives bag to Krishna. Gajanan and Radhe beat Tatya and goons. Tatya says I lost my packet, now I will kill you. He points gun at Krishna. Radhe sees this and comes in between. He gets shot.

Everyone gets shocked. Krishna cries and holds Radhe. Gajanan shouts Radhe….. get up….. Krishna asks him to open eyes. Police comes there and arrests the goons. Gajanan lifts Radhe and takes him. They reach the hospital. Lali consoles Krishna. Doctor says Radhe has internal and external bleedings, we have less time, but we will do our best. Inspector asks Gajanan to sign the papers so that goons get punished. Gajanan signs. Doctor asks for Radhe’s blood group. Krishna asks Lali and Gajanan if they know. Gajanan says no, we don’t know. Doctor asks them to say fast. Krishna says I didn’t try to know it. Sahil asks doctor to do tests and find out, they are already worried. Shukla is worried for Radhe not answering the calls. Shuklain asks why are you upset. She gives him tea. He throws the tea cup. He says I have much work, don’t think much, just go inside. She cries. Radhe is operated. Krishna cries seeing this. Roke na naina…..plays…..

Krishna walks on the road, holding diya. She reaches temple. Radhe gets critical. Krishna cries.

Update Credit to: Amena

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