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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 24th September 2018. Written Episode Update Selfie with mummy.

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 24th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in
Vibhu says lion can never eat because he is poisonous and i were there i would says lion leave bhabhiji alone and attack me because she is prescious,Angoori says i cant believe you will never surrender. Vibhu says bhabhiji and one more thing theres mummy from Egypt, Angoori asks whoes mummy,Vibhu says mummy from Egypt the one which is laid in coffin, and Anu wants me to click a selfie with it,Angoori says i want one too,Vibhu says there are guards,Angoori says we will sneak in, Vibhu says tonight then, Angoori says done let me inform tiwari, Vibhu says not needed its a secret mission, its just you and me and our selfie

Anu and Tiwari converse in Sanskrit, saxena near window helping Tiwari, Anu says im having coffee would you like to have, Tiwari says angoori made me parathas i had them,Anu says not good for health, Tiwari says i told Angoori so many times she never listens, Anu says have salads fruits not paratha,Tiwari says okay okay, and i will exercise too, and will make body like vibhuti and he shall die in gutters,Anu says get lost.

Angoori walks inside bedroom,and says i have added sleeping pills in this milk so he sleeps, Tiwari walks in and says look how beautiful this song is and im in romantic mood, Angoori says go to sleep im not in romantic mood, have this milk , Tiwari says I won’t, Angoori says have it or esle im calling amaji,Tiwari has the milk and falls asleep. Vibhu whistles, Angoori walks out and says lets go, vibhu and Angoori leave.

Angoori shouts and alerts vibhu,vibhu says i was lost in your song,Angoori says what when was i singing, i didnt even hear my own song, vibhu says i can but, Angoori says stop wasting time now lets go jn museum, vibhu says okay we shall enter from behind,Tiwari wakes up and starts looking for Angoori. Hapu and commissioner with boys at gulfamkalis, hapu gets in argument with the boys, gulfamkali begins with her performance, commissioner says fantastic performance,hapu compliments her too, boys praise her too.

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Update Credit to: Tanaya

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