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You Are Mine #Rihaan OS by Tanya K

Hello Everyone!!

POINTS: This one is from Christmas Party but here Vihaan is not Vansh he is Vihaan only. But what if Riddhima started loving him? What if she converted into a possessive wifey? JANANE KE LIYE PADTE RAHIYE MERA OS.
 mature hai.

OS Starts With:

After telling the whole truth about Anupriya and Kabir they were sent to jail for their punishment and now everyone was enjoying the party but there was one person who was burning in jealousy seeing her husband that close to other girl.

And that jealous wifey was our Riddhima and the husband was Vihaan.

She took a glass of a wine and gulped it down in one go and putted her feet on the girl who was clinging to Vihaan and left from there to her room angrily. Vihaan looked at her confused and he also followed her to their room.

Reaching there he find the whole room empty which made him panic. Just then two hands slide from his waist and hugged him from back tightly.

Vihaan: What happened dollar biwi?? I think someone is in mood of romance hmm… am I right? Or am I right?

He said and found himself on bed as Riddhima pushed him on the bed and hovered upon him like a hungry lioness and handcuffed his hand by the bed.

Vihaan: Hey dollar biwi!! What are you doing??

Riddhima: Telling you with whom you belong.

She said while opening his shirts button and smashed her soft and juicy lips with his soft one, kissing him hungrily while Vihaan was laying there confused.

Riddhima(between kisses): How dare you Mr…. Vihaan to go so close to any other girl rather then me.

She said and bites his lips. She pulled his shirts in one go and threw it on the flower. She broked the kiss and touched his bare chest sudectively while he groaned in pleasure. She started giving open mouth kisses on his chest and bites their.

Vihaan: Dollar biwi don’t torture me. Let me taste you. Please open this handcuffs.

He said pleading her but she ignored his words and continued her work. She again captured his lips in hers and slides her tongue in his mouth exploring every corner of his mouth.

At last she opened his hands and he came upon her kissing her softly.

Vihaan: You have tortured me a lot now its your turn dollar biwi.

He said and kissed her neck sucking, licking and biting their. He slides her nighty a down from her shoulders and kissed their while she was moaning his name like prayer.

Vihaan made her naked in one go and took her br*ast in his mouth sucking and biting her left one and kneading her right. After being satisfied by her bre*st he swiftly entered inside her slowly while she shouted in pain and tears made their way from her eyes.

Vihaan kissed her tears and consoled her while pecking her lips.
He roamed inside her and she moaned in pleasure.
After sometime being tired he collapsed upon her and kissed her forehead softly.

He layed beside her and pulled her closer to him hugging her close to his heart.

Riddhima kissed his cheeks and looked at him.

Riddhima: Vihaan get it in your mind that you are mine only mine and no body means no body has right come closer to you.

Vihaan: Possessive wifey haan not bad dollar biwi. I LOVE YOU.

Riddhima: I love you too💞❤.

They confessed to each other that how much they love each other.

And lived happily ever after.

End of this OS hope you’ll liked it. Do tell me how was it in the comment section and please do vote for this OS.

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