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Vighnaharta Ganesh 25th August 2021 Written Episode Update – Meera’s parent’s are advised for Meera’s marriage.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 25th August 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Raj Purohit advising Meera to do deep meditation like Renowned Brahman’s or Santh’s who have also achieved praise & appreciation due to their meditation but Meera asks him isn’t there any other way to impress Prabhu & he advises her to serve Brahman’s & Santh’s by which Prabhu also is impressed watching this & she decides to do accordingly.

Ganeshji says Raj Purohit advised Meera & she began serving all Brahman’s providing food & all kind of help to them.

Meera begins serving Brahman’s & Santh’s offering them food & shelter too while they use to praise her & sang Bhajan’s too while performing prayers of Prabhu & Meera also joined them in their prayers singing & dancing on their tune but this was watched by Raja’s son in law & his wife who were passing from there & cursed her for behaving cheap not matching with their status.

Raja’s son in law & his wife complain this to Meera’s parents but her mother tells them she is just a small girl who do not realize what she is doing but Raja’s daughter says she isn’t a small girl now who has grown up so much that she is capable of understanding everything. Meera’s parents realize about Meera’s growth so they ask them what is their solution hence they both advise them to marry her for which they have a very big proposal of Raja Bhojraj but Meera’s parent’s are confused to decide before asking her then too Raja’s son in law & his wife convince them while Meera comes dancing & singing prayers but sees Raja’s son in law & his wife arrived hence takes blessings from them & goes inside her room intimating them she met very great people on her way. They decide to accept the Proposal.

Meera sits in front of her Prabhu’s idol chanting his name & finally sleeping on his feet losing herself in his devotion. Meera’s mother sees & covers her with blanket while Meera dreams of she getting married to Prabhu & when she gets up she feels very delighted thinking of she got married to her Prabhu which she expresses to her mother also who was busy looking into arrangements of Meera’s marriage formalities to execute.

Ganeshji says Meera was feeling confirmed about her marriage with her Prabhu while she was unaware her marriage arrangements were happening behind her back.

Meera is explaining her mother how she got married to Prabhu while her father along with Raja’s son in law & his wife come to give her news of the same that the proposed people have accepted the invitation hence they’ll be coming soon but Meera is asking about what & they tell her she is being proposed to marry with Raja Bhojraj & Meera is shocked.

Precap: Meera is singing prayers emotionally sitting in front of her Prabhu while Raja’s son in law shouts her saying they can’t allow her to keep faith in her thought of Prabhu has married her. Meera says her Prabhu will come to take her which is watched by Prabhu Shri Krishna who is smiling.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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