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Udaariyaan 25th August 2021 Written Episode Update: Jasmin slaps Fateh

Udaariyaan 25th August 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Jasmin holding Fateh’s hand and taking him. She asks did you both spend the night here. He recalls. She asks did you light the candles also. He says lights went off. She says it was raining that day, you would have got drenched, where did Tejo change clothes, in front of your eyes. He asks what are you saying, she changed there. She gets the novel. She says poetry was going on with bonfire, right. She asks how did this bed break. He says it was already broken. She asks was it broken or did you both break it. He asks what nonsense. She asks where did you both sleep. He says I slept here and Tejo slept there. He recalls.

Jasmin slaps him and shouts you are a big liar, you slept here with Tejo on this bed, and had your suhaagraat, I m not your wife to believe your fake stories, I didn’t know this is your truth, you love me and sleep with her, don’t touch me, I hate you Fateh. He says its not like that. She says if you didn’t sleep with her, then why did Tejo went for pregnancy test. He asks pregnancy test. She says you are in hurry to become a father, don’t get happy, Tejo isn’t pregnant, it was a false alarm. He asks why didn’t Tejo tell me. She says she wanted to tell you, I wanted to talk first. She holds his collar and says you both come close every night, right, tell me. He says no Jasmin, just once that night, never after that. She leaves his collar and steps back.

She leaves. He says I didn’t understand it myself, it was a weak moment, I thought I should think as Tejo’s husband and do husband’s duty. She says you don’t think you will get saved saying this. Amrik sees Tejo. He says I have to ask you something. She says I also want to ask something, are you dating Jasmin. He asks what, we are just good friends, that’s it. She says you can tell me, I promise I won’t tell Jasmin or Fateh, its imp for me to know truth. Fateh says I love you a lot. Jasmin says yes, you love me and sleep with Tejo, you want to become a good husband. Amrik says I m saying the truth, we are just good friends, we aren’t dating, I swear, its strange you are asking this, do you think Jasmin has forgotten Fateh. She asks why are you asking this, you know how Fateh reacts by her name. He says Nimmo told me that day when Fateh fainted, Jasmin was also there, he was saying sorry to her. Tejo says its nothing like that, don’t worry. He goes.

She recalls Fateh’s words. Jasmin asks how shall I believe that this won’t happen again, I don’t know, you would have spent many such nights, I know Tejo well, she would have not asked you for this, you will go home and sleep with her on the same bed. He says didn’t touch her after that night, I m with you now, I can’t think of anyone else. She leaves. He goes after her and hugs. He says I m really sorry, I m with you, I m committed to you. She says you didn’t tell anything to Tejo. He says give me some time, I will tell her. She says tell her the truth, I want clear cut answer from you after three days, Tejo or me. She leaves.

Tejo thinks of Fateh and sits crying. Fateh comes. He sees her and wipes her tears. He says I m very sorry, I got late in work. She says don’t clarify, it was imp than me. They come to the room. He says really sorry, I know I should have not left, tell me what’s the matter. She says no use now. She cries. He says please tell me. She says I thought I m pregnant. She hugs him and cries. She says I m so mad, I had seen many dreams in a moment and it got shattered, I had to tell this but you…. He holds her face and wipes her tears. He says we have much time. She says I know, doctor also said that we can try again.

He recalls Jasmin’s words. She asks shall I ask something, after that night, you and I never, why. He says you know the work stress. She says I m not able to understand, you leave me in a moment, when you see me in problem, you come running, why. He says you are tired, and disturbed, take rest. She says this isn’t the answer of my question, our relation wasn’t such that we can’t meet eyes, I thought its of friendship, faith. He says our relation is of friendship, it will always stay the same, work is so much, I m stuck in that, I will make everything fine, give me some time. He hugs her. She gets Urvashi’s call. She says I will go and change. He says fine, I will get haldi milk for you. Tejo recalls Simran’s words.

She says I m hiding a big thing from Tejo. Gurpreet says Simran didn’t like haldi milk, she used to say she doesn’t want to have it. She cries. Fateh holds her. She says don’t know her husband cares for her or not. He says I wish she was here. She says she left the family for her love, I pray that she always stays happy. He says life is strange, we want flowers but get thorns, shall I ask something, if a person isn’t happy in his marriage, what should he do, I have a friend, he wants divorce, his family is supporting him. She says strange, divorce is regarded bad in our family, marriage is the purest relation, two persons have to keep it until their last breath, we are already upset because of Simran, I can’t lose you, you can’t think so. He says no, everything is fine between Tejo and me. He goes and thinks of Jasmin’s words. He says I can’t keep Tejo in darkness, I have to tell her that I love Jasmin.
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