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Tujhe Kitna Chahne Lage Hum~Riansh TS (Part 1)

Hi guys, here we go with a new OS which is suggested by GangothriThota. Hope you’ll will like it.

Basically it’s a college love story of our Riansh but with my twist.

OS Starts With:

It was a beautiful night with moon shining in the sky and stars surrounding it. A girl of around 7 years is seen laying on the bed keeping her head on her great grandmother’s lap.

The girl was revealed to be Riva.

Riva: Dadi maa, you promised me naa that you will tell mumma and dadda’s love story.

Dadi: Haan Riva, I do remember it but first finish your milk then only I will tell you their story.

Riva as an obedient child nodded and in one go drank all the milk and again lay down on Dadi’s lap.

Dadi: Good, now listen. Your Father and mother met each other 10 years ago in their college days.

Riva: Sacchi Dadi Maa?

Riva questioned while Dadi nodded and drifted back to the past.


It was a beautiful and bright day with sun shining in the sky. A girl in her early twenties is seen sitting in her balcony admiring the nature of Lonavala with a book in her hand. Just then her mother called her.

R. Mom: Riddhima bacche get ready fast. It’s your first day in the school you will get late.

So yes the girl was our Riddhu.

Riddhima: Yes, Mom.

She shouted back while going to her washroom to take a good relieving hot shower.

After some time she came outside going to her wardrobe she chose a beautiful black kurti with orange dupatta she got ready for her first day of college.

Taking blessing of her parents, Riddhima went out from there towards her college.

XYZ University:

Here in the college a boy in his early twenties is seen playing basketball in the playground. His face was not clear as his messy hair was coming in front of his face. His messy hair, sweat falling from them and his loose yet classy t shirt with black jeans were making him more hot and handsome.

His friend came from behind and catches the ball from his hand and was about to throw it on the net but before he can do this the boy again snatched the ball from his and throws it in the direction of net making it fall on the floor crossing the net. And again it scored.

Boy 2: Vansh yaar you always do this. Kabhie humme bhi jeetne ka mauka do.

Boy 3. Angey! Angrey! Angrey! Vansh Raisinghania ne kabhie harna nhi seekha, aadat daal lo kaam ayegi.
(Vansh Raisinghania had never learnt to give up, get use to loose it will work)

The boy was revealed to be our Vansh.

Just then his eyes fell upon a heavenly beauty who was coming to their direction only.

To be continued…

So how was it hope you’ll liked it do leave your reviews in the comment section.

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