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Thoda Sa Baadal Thoda Sa Paani 25th August 2021 Written Episode Update: Shreya’s questions shock Kajol, Arjun’s father demands

Thoda Sa Baadal Thoda Sa Paani 25th August 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Arjun’s father asking if she did BA honors. Kajol says No. Arjun’s father says secondary results might not be good. Baba says she had got chance in history honors but college was far, so we refused. Pishimaa says the girl shall not be away from our sight, there were limilations and she don’t have to work in future. Shreya says she has learnt love and taught dewar ji also. She says I am joking. Tai ji asks if she makes food. Kajol says she makes home made food. Tai ji jokes. Shreya asks if she can make continental, Chinese etc. Kajol says somewhat. Pishimaa says she makes nice sweets. Shreya teases Arjun. Arjun’s mother asks a cooking question. Kajol answers. Arjun’s mother says yes. Tai ji asks if she knows stitching. Kajol says yes, I have done diploma. Amrita asks her to sing. Kajol’s sisters think that they are very orthodox and strict. Naina says they are good for Didi. Arjun’s mother says your second daughter looks good. Naina smiles. Obu brings harmonium. Kajol sings. Shreya gets upset and angry. Arjun’s mother feels sleepy. Arjun smiles and looks at Shreya. Tai ji asks if she didn’t know bhajan. Kajol says bhajan. Shreya says when some elders ask you to sing, then you shall sing bhajan, always remember. Tai ji asks her to learn to sing bhajan and not song. She says it doesn’t look nice if bahu sings. Amrita says I like it. Kajol says I will learn bahu. Chacha ji says singing is an art. Arjun’s mother says even Shreya used to dance beautifully, but stopped after marriage. Pishimaa says e shall talk after marriage. Tai ji says ok, it is just a formality. Pishimaa asks them to have sweets. They have it. Amrita brings the shagun stuff. They give it to Kajol and then gives the diamond necklace to her. Kajol takes their blessing. Shreya says I will talk to Kajol, she is now my responsibility, I have to take her measurements also. Arjun comes behind them. Shreya asks him to let them talk, then it is your turn to talk to her. She asks Kajol to wait and goes to Arjun. She says you don’t have morning food in the evening, then how will you stay with her all life.

Arjun tells her something. Kajol gets sure that Bhabhi called her in the morning and thinks why will she do this. Shreya asks Kajol to come. They go to room and Shreya closes the door. She asks her to give her good measurements clothes and also a bangle for measurement. Kajol gives her. Shreya says shall I ask Arjun about your measurement and asks her to tell truly, whatever happened between Arjun and her. Naina takes Arjun to side and says Didi is very upset. He asks why? She shall be happy, her marriage is fixed today. Anu asks what happened? Naina says they shall not interfere when elders are talking. Arjun gets worried thinking what Shreya will talk to Kajol. Naina tells Arjun that a girl called Didi, and told bad about you. He asks what? Naina says may be your ex- girlfriend. Arjun says I am hot property and someone might be jealous and called. He asks why Kajol got upset. Anu asks him to talk to her before going. He says yes, but my number is not coming. Naina flirts with Arjun.

Shreya asks Kajol if she didn’t understand or acting. She asks if she didn’t go with him outside, like night out. Kajol says it is not allowed in our house, we are very traditional. Shreya says did Arjun see this touch me not look, if you will be like this, then..Kajol says Arjun knows how I am. Shreya says we are friends, why are you getting formal with me. Kajol says you are elder than me. Shreya asks her to keep hand on her heart and say that she haven’t spend a night with Arjun. Kajol says nothing of that sort happened. Shreya asks her to how was Arjun’s performance. She says Arjun might not have left you and asks if she knows about Arjun’s many affairs. Kajol thinks I shall ask her if she called me.

Arjun’s father tells that one date is 7 and other is 18th for the marriage. Tai ji says we shall choose 7th. Arjun’s mother says we shall ask if they can do the arrangements or not. Shreya asks Kajol if Arjun told and then says I was just pulling your legs. She says we shall talk about you and asks how many boyfriends you had before Arjun. Kajol says I am not such girl. Shreya says unbelievable, Arjun is first. Kajol says it is upto you to believe.

Kajol’s father says we will do the marriage on the date fixed by you, it is my dream to get her married. Tai ji says your girl is 28 years, why you took so much time. Kajol’s father tells that somehow the things haven’t materialize. Rekha and mother tell that Kajol chose Arjun and we thought it as a sign of God. She didn’t hide anything from us. Kajol says my family is strict and we don’t do such things. Shreya says she had enjoyed with her boyfriends before marriage. Kajol says our upbringing is not such. Naina asks Arjun to talk to his half wife until his full wife comes. He says first let him get his full wife. Shreya says you have kept all the action safely for the wedding night. She says dewar ji is a storm, once it starts, it brings destruction, completely yours. Kajol asks how do you know such things. Kajol’s father asks them to tell about the dowry. Arjun’s father says we don’t believe in dowry and says we don’t expect anything. Baba insists. Tai ji says you will not send her alone, I am sure. Arjun’s mother tells that they have jewellery for Kajol. Tai ji asks them not to give cheap and light weight jewellery. Pishimaa says it is
antique jewellery.

Arjun’s father tells that they shall give shagun to the guests. Arjun’s mother says we will select the shagun things and asks him to just pay. Kajol’s father asks shagun shall be for how many guests. Arjun’s father and mother say 125 guests. Kajol’s father agrees.

Shreya says I want to give info to you about Arjun and says he is a good player. She asks did he tell you? Kajol says no, and asks what is the sport which he play? Shreya laughs and says what to tell you.

Arjun’s father tells that he wants to tell him important about Arjun. Kajol’s father asks him to say. Arjun’s father says my son has a good car, but he was thinking to buy it. He says you will give him some gift in marriage and asks him to give luxury car to him. Kajol’s father and family get tensed.

Shreya says Arjun wants to take her to honeymoon along with her. She says Arjun takes me with him and I have a different relation with him, which nobody can snatch, not even you. Kajol says I am not interested to know. Shreya says you have won lottery and tells that Arjun is far better than her. She says she is straight forward like her. Kajol says I don’t know that straight forwardness will hurt other. She says she knows well about her ordinary looks. She tells that Arjun himself proposed me, I didn’t propose him. She asks him to talk to Arjun as she claimed that she has right on him, and asked him not to marry ordinary girl like me.

Precap will be added later.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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