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Shakti 25th August 2021 Written Episode Update: Chintu comes to Harak Singh’s house to take revenge

Shakti 25th August 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Constable coming to the ward and asking Virat to go home and rest, and says they are here. Virat says I can’t go until she gains consciousness and I come to know about Heer. Preeto shares her fear with Soumya and Simran that she has a feeling that something wrong is going to happen. Chintu comes there. Preeto and others look at him. Preeto recalls Chintu telling that he is coming to become the owner of his Papa’s property. Soumya asks who is he? Preeto says he is Chintu, Raavi’s son. Soumya asks if he is Chintu and gets emotional recalling her moments with him. She smiles looking at him. Chintu bends down. Soumya thinks he is touching her feet and says it is not need, blesses him to be happy always. He says he will be happy always and don’t need her blessings, calls her Soumya. He says my phone had fallen down and I bent down to pick it. Harman says she is your Mami, will you call her by her name? Chintu asks him to thank him that he is not kicking all of them out of the house. Harman gets angry. Soumya stops him. Chintu says everyone is shocked, if I am not wrong then this house is of my Papa and I came to settle down here. He calls Harman as Mr. Harman Singh and asks if he understood. Soumya says this house is yours, and everyone is yours. Chintu asks what did you say? mine…He asks how? He asks if they thought her small Chintu, who used to roam in the house and whom Harman Singh used to call chota recharge. He says you have killed my father, by getting greedy about money. Harman asks him not to call Soumya by her name. Soumya stops him. Chintu says my voice will be heard in the house and you have to listen. He asks did you like my welcome. I hope you guys celebrate. He asks them to tell where is his mother? Soumya says in the upstairs room. Chintu takes the vase and breaks it. Harman looks at him angrily. Chintu says whatever I don’t like, I break. He says keep something classy and stylish, the way I like. He goes to room.

Harman says now he will see Raavi’s condition and will blame us. He says I will not bear anything, already we are bearing enough. Soumya asks him to give him sometime and says Balwinder might have poisoned his mind. She says once Raavi jiji gets fine, he will be fine too. She asks everyone to calm down and says he will do such things as he has a misunderstanding. Preeto says Chintu is the son of the house and will understand slowly.

Chintu goes to Raavi’s room and comes near her. He sits on the bed and asks her to see that her Chintu came to her and want to meet her. He hugs her and cries. Soumya comes there.

Constable gets a call from someone and asks others to come. Virat asks where are they going? The constable says we got a call from headquarters and have to give security as there is a chances of riots during janmasthami. Virat asks who will guard here. Constable says you are here, we have to go. Virat calls Sant Baksh. Parmeet picks the call. Virat asks her to give call to Dad. Parmeet says he couldn’t talk as he has kept janmasthami jaap and asks him to come. He says I can’t come there, as all the security had left. Parmeet says ok, if you had come then it would be good.

Chintu asks why you have come here? Soumya says I have come to talk to you. Chintu asks her to leave from the room. Soumya asks him not to do anything which will hurt him and others. She asks him to wait until Raavi gains consciousness. Chintu shouts and asks what did you do with my mother. Soumya says Balwinder tried to kill Raavi and that’s why I had to shoot him helplessly to save her. She says Raavi jiji used to love him truly and that’s why she is in shock. Chintu says you told this story to everyone and Police, and I will not believe this story. Soumya says I will give you time, as you might not understand. She says you will not let me take care of her and that’s why I will tell you about the medicines to be given to her. She tells him and says Nurse comes here, but you have to know too. She asks him not to do wrong in anger and then he might have to repent all life. She gets a call. Soumya says 1 min and picks the call. Virat says there is a problem and tells that Police constables went to baba chowk and Dad has kept mrityunjay jaap at home and calling me there. Soumya asks him to hear carefully and asks him not to go until they reach there. Virat says ok.

Precap will be added later.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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