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Shadain Ki Lafandar : A FaTejo FanFic (Episode 7)

Ranvir P.O.V

“They won’t last long.” I nodded towards the couple in the car infront of us, “With the way they’re arguing, they’ll be finished in a couple more days.”

“Wanna bet?” My best friend smirked, taking a drink from his cup.

“Seriously you guys. Its only been a week since you came here and you’re already holding bets.” Rhea shook her head, tutting.

My eyes remained on the two people infront of us as they argued in their car. Whatever they were arguing about seemed serious. The girl left the car angrily slamming the door as the man followed behind her, his face showing anger and pain, for not being understood. Whatever he was telling her she didn’t want to listen.

“Yeah it won’t last.” I finalised, moving my head towards my sister and bestfriend as they raised a brow in question. “He’s married.”

“So, they’re a married couple arguing I doubt that they’ll get divorced after this.” My sister said.

“Except their not.” Naksh smirked, seeing what I had seen. “He’s married alright but not to her. She’s not wearing a ring.”

Rhea’s eyes widened as she looked closer at them, now hugging. “He’s cheating with her?”

She glared at the cheating couple taking her phone out as she clicked their pictures.

“It hasn’t even been a week and you’re already becoming a jasoos.” Naksh repeated her words and she playfully pushed him as the couple entered their car and drove off.

“I’ll find out who he is and then we’ll go tell his wife.” She said, typing away on her phone. “By the way Ranvir, Mummy called an hour ago saying she wanted you home.”

I glared at my sister as I started the jeep, driving onto the main road, “You idiot, now she’s going to kill me.”

“Bro watch out.” Naskh exclaimed from the back seat as another car almost swerved onto ours.

The other driver came out of his car, cursing me while checking on his vehicle.

“Dekh kar nahi chala sakte thi kya?” He yelled, nearing me as the passenger door opened.

“Amrik!” The woman called out as we both turned to look at her.

It was her.

I blinked twice to make sure I wasn’t dreaming.

“I’m so sorry, we should’ve been more careful.” She said, holding the man back. “I’m sorry.”

“It’s ok.” Naksh said, nudging me as I stared at the beautiful woman infront of me.

“Yeah. You’re ok.”

Excuse me?”

“I mean it’s OK, you both are OK. We’re OK. Everything OK.”

She nodded, confused but said nothing as she held the man’s hand and pulled him back back the car.

“You’re whipped.” Rhea smirked, “Who is she?”

I watched them drive away before turning to my sister, “Red Saree.”

She gasped, “She’s red saree wali ladki. Not bad.”

Four days ago

I had landed an hour ago and after driving for a while the cab broke down causing us to be stuck near a village. 

“I’m sorry for the delay.” The driver told me as he tried fixing his car. “It’ll only take half an hour.” 

I nodded as I told him I was going to go see if anyone the the village cold help us when I stumbled across the most beautiful girl I had ever seen. 

The red saree draped elegentally on her as she taught young girls in a small hut like building. Her smile lit up the room as she made everyone laugh. I watched her mix with the girls as though she had known them forever. 

“Ma’am. I’ve finished my work.” A small girl told her raising her hand. 

The woman who I had been watching, I now realised was their teacher, walked to her smiling, “Really? Let me check.” She nodded her head, patting the girl on her cheek. 

“Sir your car is fixed.” The cab driver broke my out of my daze and I nodded, pointing towards the woman. 

“Who is she?” 

“Sir, she is a lecturer from the college in the neighbouring village. She volunteers here to teach underprivileged girls.” 

As if sensing we were talking about her, she looked up towards the window we watched her from and smiled before turning her attention back to her students. 

I smiled watching her, something stirred on my chest and I groaned. “No. No. Stop it Ranvir. You don’t like her, you don’t even know her.” 

“You know she is a beautiful person inside and out, look at her helping underprivileged children.” I looked beside me and saw myself standing there shrugging, “You like her.” 

I brushed him off and looked up at the sky, “Waheguru give me a sign. Tell me if she’s the one for me. Please Waheguru.”

Looking up at the sky as I placed my hands in the steering wheel I wondered whether meeting her again today was the sign I was looking for.

With my last relationships being failures I didn’t want to rush into anything nor did I want to take any wrong steps.

Should I take this as a sign?

New love interest ✅







Guess who the couple they saw were. 

Tried writing in a man’s P.O.V for the first time hope it went well.

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