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RIANSH: WILL THEY FALL IN LOVE? (A beautiful journey) Episode 48

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Episode begins with.. 

Riddhima comes to her office. She finds everyone being nervous.. 

RIDDHIMA: Shwetha, what happened? 

SHWETHA: Riddhima, today four of our share holders have backed off from their projects. Because of this, our company is facing a huge loss. 

RIDDHIMA: How will this be possible? How can they back off suddenly without even informing us? This is not right.. 

SHWETHA: We tried to know the reason. But, they are not ready to speak with us. Our company loss is today’s breaking news of the city. This might even affect our other projects too.. 

Riddhima gets shocked.. 

RIDDHIMA: But, how can this.. 

Just then, sejal comes there.. 

SEJAL: Riddhu, are you fine? Is there any problem in your house? Did bhai tell anything to you? 

SHWETHA: Problem? What happened? 

Sejal tells everything to shwetha.. 

SHWETHA: Riddhima, now how will you handle this loss? 

SEJAL: Loss?

Shwetha informs about the company loss to sejal.. 

SEJAL: But, how come they can suddenly back off like this? 

SHWETHA: I don’t know what we are going to do now. There is no other option. We should cancel those four projects.

RIDDHIMA: This should not happen? 

Just then, vansh comes there.. 

Riddhima sees him and gets shocked.. 

VANSH: I know that you must be shocked because I came to your office for the first time.. 

All the staffs looks at them.. 

RIDDHIMA: Vansh, if you want to speak anything, come to my cabin.. Not here.. 

VANSH: Why are you afraid of getting insulted in front of your staffs? Are you ashamed? You must have thought about it before betraying me? Now, there is no use of this.. You have to hear it.. Let even your staffs hear about their boss.. 

SEJAL: Bhai, what are you doing? 

VANSH: I’m doing what I have to do.. I must have done this before. Okay, actually I came her just to congratulate you.. 

Riddhima stays silent.. 

VANSH: Let me tell you the reason too.. Congratulations for your loses.. 

Riddhima geta shocked. Riddhima understands that vansh did this.. 

VANSH: Yes, what you are thinking now is right. It was me who made those share holders to back off.. I just gave them my company project and some amount.. Immediately, they all did it.. This is just a start. You have to face a lot. 

Riddhima’s eyes was filled with tears. She controls herself and puts her head down.. 

VANSH: Okay, do you know why I came here? Just to see you like this. Now, I’m happy. Bye.. 

He goes. 

Riddhima goes to her cabin. Shwetha and sejal follows her.. 

Riddhima throws all the files in anger. She cries in anger.. 

RIDDHIMA: I didn’t do anything. But, why is he doing all this? Why is he punishing me for the mistakes which I didn’t do? 

Sejal and shwetha consoles her.. 

SEJAL: Riddhu, listen to me.. This is just a loss. This is nothing for you. Think of an idea to come out of it. Please.. Don’t worry.. 

Riddhima wipes her tears. She was about to go.. 

SEJAL: Riddhu, where are you going? 

RIDDHIMA: I’ll be back.. 

Riddhima comes out of her cabin. All her staffs looks at her.. 

She goes out of the office. She sits in her car and drives the car. 

Vansh in his car looks at her leaving in her car. 

VANSH: Where is she going now? If I’m not wrong she must be going to that lake.. 

Riddhima comes to that lake. She goes in and stands at a particular place.. 

Vansh comes there along with four men. He sighs them to do as he said.. 

The four men starts shouting. They all laugh and enjoy. Riddhima gets irritated by their sound. She sees vansh there. She leaves the place silently. One mong those four comes to vansh.. 

MAN: Who is this lady? I haven’t seen such a hot girl like her.. 

Vansh gets angry. He hits him. 

VANSH: Your work is over. Get lost. Don’t even utter a word about her.. 

The man goes.. 

Vansh thinks of riddhima.. 

Riddhima goes to the raisinghania house. She sees Uma sitting on the sofa. She hides from her and goes to her room. She closes her room door and cries.. 

RIDDHIMA: Why is this vansh doing all this? How dare he to do this? Let him do all that he want.. He can’t break me. 

She wipes her tears. She searches for a file. She gets the file. She goes out. 


Riddhima comes to her office. Both sejal and shwetha were there in her cabin.. 

SEJAL: Riddhu, where have you gone? 

RIDDHIMA: I have an idea to get rid of this problem. Don’t cancel any projects.. 

SHWETHA: But, we can’t afford it. Our share holders have backed off. We can’t do it alone. We don’t have that much money. We can’t afford it alone. 

RIDDHIMA: Already, a lot happened. We have already cancelled two projects because of that case issue. If we cancel this, then we won’t get any other projects. Even if we cancel it, we have to pay the money. 

SHWETHA: But, we need more money to complete this project alone. 

RIDDHIMA: I have an idea.. 

SEJAL: Riddhu, what’s it? 

RIDDHIMA: I have decided to sell my 50 percent shares of this company.. 

Both sejal and shwetha gets shocked.. 

SEJAL: Have you gone mad?

RIDDHIMA: I have decided this after thinking a lot. This is the only way to get out of this problem. I’m not selling this whole company. It’s just 50 percent.. 

SHWETHA: But, Riddhima.. 

RIDDHIMA: I know this might even bring a new problem for us. I even know that many are waiting to take over this company. This might be a great chance for them.. But, still we have to take this risk. We can’t cancel these projects.. If I cancel this, even then I have to pay the money. Already, dad is waiting for a chance to make me out of this company. In this situation, I shouldn’t lose. 

SHWETHA: Riddhima, think over it. Anyone can buy that share.. It might even turn into a big problem for you.. 

RIDDHIMA: I know.. But, still we don’t have any other option. Just inform this to everyone. Make the arrangements. The auction will take place tomorrow. Make all the necessary arrangements.. 

Saying so, she goes.. 

SEJAL: Shwetha, I don’t know why bhai has done this.. 

SHWETHA: This might be a great chance for that virat.. I hope nothing goes wrong.. 

On the other hand virat gets to know of riddhima’s lose and also about her decision to sell 50 percent shares. He gets happy.. 

VIRAT: Now, I’ll get it.. Riddhima, this is the starting of your destruction.. Soon, riddhima enterprise will be mine. You have closed all my doors to reach that company.. But, today God have opened a door for me. Just wait and watch.. I’ll enter that office tomorrow as a rightful person.. 

Virat laughs.. 

Meanwhile angre too gets to know of this news. He calls riddhima. But, she doesn’t pick the call. He calls sejal and asks her about the news. Sejal informs about vansh’s doing and riddhima’s decision. Angre informs others in the house about riddhima’s decision. Rudra gets happy on hearing this news. 

RUDRA: Now, I don’t need to do anything. Everything will happen automatically.. 

Ishani worries.. 

Virat comes home and informs sia about riddhima’s decision. 

SIA: All this is happening because of me. Bhai is doing all this to take revenge from her. Virat, shall I ask you something? 

VIRAT: What’s it? 

SIA: Please, don’t buy that share.. I know you hate riddhima.. But, please don’t use her helplessness for your revenge. 

VIRAT: Sia, I have made all the arrangements to buy it. It’s not about riddhima’s company. Even if it was someone’s then, I would have bought it. Because, anyone will wish to become a partner of such a successful company.. Me too.. I can’t obey you this time.. I’m sorry. It’s her bad luck. But, I won’t lose this time.. 

Saying so, he goes.. Sia gets upset.. Virat comes out of his room and looks at riddhima who was going to her room. 

VIRAT: (thinking) This is just a starting. Vansh doesn’t like me. But, still he has done a great favour for me. This time, you can’t escape.. 

Riddhima comes to her room and looks at vansh who was sitting on the bed.. 

Riddhima gets upset and goes to the study room… 

Vansh remembers of getting the news regarding riddhima’s decision.. 

VANSH: You have to face a lot. You shouldn’t have betrayed me, riddhima.. I won’t spare you.. I have trusted you. But, today you deceived me. I’ll give you the same pain which you have given me. I know that your company is your dream. That’s why I started with it. My next target will shake you.. 

Uma comes to vansh’s room.. 

VANSH: Mom, come in.. 

UMA: Vansh, I know what you did? What riddhima did was wrong. I know that. Even, I can’t forgive her for that. But, what you are doing now is also not right. Don’t do this. 

VANSH: Mom, I can’t forgive her.. 

UMA: I didn’t ask you to forgive her. But, just stop this.. If you don’t like her you don’t have to live this her. You can even divorce her. But, don’t hurt her being nearer to her. 

Vansh gets restless hearing the word divorce.. 

VANSH: Mom, I can’t divorce her.. I won’t divorce her.. Don’t talk about it.. 

Uma notices him.. 

UMA: Why? 

VANSH: She betrayed me. I won’t allow her to live a peaceful life. If she divorces me then, what’s the use of it? It is not a punishment for her. She has to live with me. I have to complete my revenge.. She can’t go away from me.. 

Saying so, he goes out.. 

He comes to the study room and notices riddhima crying badly.. 

Vansh goes out.. 


Shwetha calls riddhima and informs the she had made all the arrangements. She also asks her to come by 10.00.. 


Riddhima cuts the call.. 

She comes out of her room and sees uma. She thinks of her words and hides from her. She comes out after uma goes to her room. She goes to the in-house temple and prays. 

RIDDHIMA: I don’t know why all this is happening with me. But, still I have hope.. Because, I didn’t do any mistake. Today, I have taken a biggest decision of my life. Even now, I don’t want this to happen. But, I have no other option. Dad won’t allow me to go to that office even if he gets a small chance. I can’t allow that to happen. Already, I have lost many.. I have only two things with me.. My bhai and my office. Please don’t take that from me.. Please.. Help me.. 

She wipes her tears and goes. Just then, sia comes in front of her. 

SIA: I’m sorry, riddhima.. 

RIDDHIMA: You don’t have to ask sorry.. People do become selfish when they need something. You have taught this to me. I don’t want to speak anything.. 

She goes. Sia prays for riddhima.. 


Riddhima, shwetha and sejal comes to the register office. She finds virat standing there. She informs the officers to call her once the deal is final. She goes. Virat smiles at her. After fifteen minutes shwetha calls riddhima. Riddhima comes and directly signs the papers without asking anything.. 

SHWETHA: Riddhima.. 


SHWETHA: Do you know who bought those shares? 

RIDDHIMA: I saw virat while coming here.. 

SEJAL: It was not him.. 


Just then, everyone sees vansh coming there.. Vansh comes and signs the papers.. Riddhima gets shocked.. 

SEJAL: Riddhima, virat tried to get the shares but vansh finalised the deal.. 


Virat looks at vansh signing the papers and gets angry. He goes. Vansh signs the papers and comes to riddhima.. 

VANSH: Riddhima, even this is a part of my revenge. Now, you have to tolerate me in that office too. I won’t let you to complete those projects.

Riddhima stays silent. She asks shwetha to go to the office. Shwetha goes. She was about to leave with sejal. But, vansh stops her..

VANSH: And one more thing.. I know a secret about you. One which you have tried to hide a lot.. 

Riddhima gets shocked.. Riddhima thinks of that diary. 

RIDDHIMA:(thinking) Which secret is he speaking about? I have burnt that suitcase that day. In that case, which secrets is he speaking about? God!! Please help me.. None should know about that.. 

VANSH: I’ll prove everyone that you are not like what you portray to be. Just two hours. 

Saying so, he goes.. 

Riddhima thinks of vansh’s words and that diary. Her eyes was filled with tears. She gets nervous. Her hands begins to shiver. Sejal notices her.. 

Vansh looks at riddhima from far.. 

SEJAL: Riddhu.. Riddhu.. What happened? 

Riddhima was totally in shock.. 

Sejal shouts to bring her into her senses.. 

SEJAL: Riddhu, what happened? Which secret is bhai speaking about? 

Riddhima wipes her tears and runs from there.. Sejal runs behind her. Vansh looks at riddhima running.

VANSH: I’ll definitely find the truth which you are hiding.. 

He goes behind them.. 

Sejal catches riddhima. She slaps her to bring her to her sense.. 

SEJAL: Have you gone mad? What are you doing? Which secret is bhai speaking about? I haven’t seen you like this.. What’s happening? 

RIDDHIMA: Nothing. I must speak to vansh.. He should not tell that to anyone. If this truth comes out everyone’s life will get spoiled.. 

She comes back to the register office and searches vansh. Vansh hides and sees her searching him. Riddhima doesn’t see vansh… 

RIDDHIMA: If he wants to bring this truth out then, I’m sure hell be in my house.. Let’s leave.. 

Sejal and riddhima leaves in the car. Vansh sees them leaving.. 

PRECAP: Ishani slaps riddhima. Riddhima stays silent. Sejal gets shocked.. 

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