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RIANSH (They Have No Boundaries) E34 (PALACE CRISIS)

Finally done with Janamashtami Practice, but now will have to do teacher’s day program as a result busy schedule continues 🥺😅

Episode starts with: Author’s POV;

Raichand Palace:

It was the brightest morning for Riddhima as she realised that today not her alarm but tight embrace and loving gaze of her Love, Vansh woke her up. She got up, hugging him tightly said..

Riddhima:(like a kid) Good morning 😚 You here in morning also.

Vansh (breaking the hug): Actually I didn’t want to anger my Baby girl again, so..

(Vansh heard something audible to him only and said..)

Vansh: Sweetheart I’ve to leave urgently, but I promise I’ll meet you at night.

Riddhima: And in school, come let’s go together only.

Vansh: Understand Riddhima, I won’t be able to come school today, you please arrange the substitution as even Dad will not be able to come.

Riddhima: What happened? Everything is fine na Vansh?

Vansh: Can’t tell you now but don’t worry, I’ll meet you tonight.

Riddhima:(emotionally) I’m getting bad vibes Vansh, you’ll meet me in night na?

Vansh:(cupping her face) Don’t stree this much Sweetheart 😍 I’ll meet you pakka.

(Vansh pecks Riddhima’s forhead and lips quickly and leaves, Riddhima gets restless and somehow reaches school but her mind was occupied with Vansh, as she entered class, Shreya asked..)

VR school:

Shreya: What happened you are tensed?

Riddhima: Vansh left hurriedly somewhere in the morning, he was sounding tensed I don’t know but I’m getting restless.

Shreya: Relax! Take deep breath and sit. Nothing will happen to him.

(Entire day Riddhima was being restless, it was the time of recess, Vyom came to Riddhima and Shreya and asked..)

Vyom: Ridz why aren’t you eating anything?

Riddhima:(hugging him tightly) V, Vansh has gone somewhere and I’m getting very restless, It’s a weird and scary feeling 😭

Vyom (rubbing her back): Shh! Calm down, he’ll be fine and I’m sure about it. Stop crying.


Ancient Palace: Author’s POV;

Vansh reached the palace and saw few VAMPIRES lying of the floor lifelessly, he saw his Family also in the palace and asked..

Vansh: Dad, What is this all going? Angre get the medical help for our clan members.

Ajay: Nothing will help now, if rules of the clan are broken the Clan members are punished and that’s what is happening.

Vansh: What rules are broken?

Uma: That you love a Riddhima and a human is the Future Queen of the VAMPIRE Clan.

Siya: even I’m feeling dizzy.

Ajay: Because you are not that old VAMPIRE yet dear.

Aryan: Sis please relax, Sit here!

Vansh: What can be done now.

Kabir: There’s a solution to sort all this.

All(union): What?

Kabir: Vansh being the King of entire Clan, has himself broken the rules, and now to save the clan members from dying, he has to save them.

Vansh: And how?

Kabir: By using your entire powers.

Vansh: Fine, then let’s do it.

Kabir: It’s not that easy, you won’t have any powers for one day then, rather you’ll be very weak, even it can cause your life.

Angre: Boss, many more VAMPIRES are fainting.

Vansh: I’m ready Kabir, my life anyway belongs to my Clan members and My Riddhima, I’ve always protected Riddhima, being a caring and loving partner and now it’s time to be a Responsible King 👑

Uma: it could even cost you your life.

Aryan: We can’t loose you, and what will we tell to Riddhima?

Siya: (weakly) Bhai, please.. re..rethink!!

Vansh: I’ve taken the decision, let’s do it Kabir.

(In Mind): Sorry Sweetheart, I promised you that I’ll meet you for sure, but I don’t know what’s stored in our lives 🥺

Episode Ends!


Do tell me your theories regarding the precap!

Hope you all liked it. Suggestions, corrections and appreciation is needed in the comment section below 🙏 Thnqu ❤️ keep supporting 🙏😘

Stay safe and healthy 😚😚 All!

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