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Pandya Store 25th August 2021 Written Episode Update: Dhara is pregnant

Pandya Store 25th August 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with doctor saying we have to get her tests done, only then I can tell something. Gautam worries. Suman says I would have gone there if I could walk. Rishita asks her to have water. Suman says they didn’t take me along. A guy comes and says Kaka has sent me from the shop. He asks Rishita to talk to Kaka. Kaka says give money to Chotu to get the items from market. Rishita says Kaka asked for 7000rs. Suman says Dhara keeps the accounts, I don’t have it, you give it. Rishita says I just have 2000rs. The man taunts them for not keeping 7000rs at home. Rishita asks him to come later and take money. Gautam cries for Dhara. Rishita says everyone taunts us about money, you also don’t have money. Suman says Dhara is in the hospital, you are worried for money, call Dev or Krish. Rishta calls Dev. Shiva is on the way. His friend greets and asks how is Dhara, is she fine. Shiva says yes, why. The guy says Gautam, Dev and Krish took her to the hospital. Shiva asks which hospital, thanks. The guy says I will drop you. He takes Shiva.

Raavi cries and thinks of Shiva. Anita talks to some ladies. The lady says we heard Shiva is going to divorce Raavi. Raavi argues with the lady. Anita asks her to go inside. The lady says its good you are getting divorced, you deserve this. The ladies leave. Raavi cries. Shiva comes to ask about Dhara. Dev scolds him. Shiva says I will meet Dhara, she is my Bhabhi also. Krish says I will forget you are my elder brother. Shiva pushes him. He says no one has a right to come between Dhara and me. Dev says you lost all the rights on her, will you kill her now. Shiva asks him to stop it. He asks Gautam what do you want, I will meet Dhara at any cost. He sees Dhara and goes inside the ward. Krish gets angry. Gautam stops him and says Shiva has a right on Dhara as you two. Dev says Dhara is here because of him.

Gautam says anger can never cut the string of relations, Shiva is our brother, he has the same blood, he also has a right on Dhara. Shiva says Dev and Krish were not allowing me to meet you. He holds her hand and cries. Gautam says we are angry on him, we should try to know his heart, maybe we are not able to understand this. Shiva says its because of me, I m sorry, you used to understand me so well, why didn’t you understand me this time, I will explain you, just get fine. Nurse says doctor has called you. Gautam goes. Dev and Krish worry. Krish says if anything happens to Dhara, how can you forgive yourself. Suman says I feel restless, take me to the hospital. Dev comes home. Rishita asks him the matter. Gautam brings Dhara. Krish gets many balloons and showers flower petals. Suman and Rishta smile. Krish says congrats, I will be going to dominate someone, I m going to become Kaka finally. Suman and Rishita get surprised. Everyone smiles. Shiva comes with the toys.

Suman asks Gautam and Dhara is this true. They smile. Krish says yes. Everyone hugs and congratulate Dhara. Rishita says our mannat is fulfilled. Gautam asks Suman to say something. Suman says you didn’t give me the good news till now. Gautam and Dhara take Suman’s blessings. He says you are going to become Dadi. Suman hugs him. Everyone hugs her.

Yaadon ki baraat….plays… Shiva also comes and hugs Suman. Everyone dances for Dhara. Shiva thinks of Gautam and Dhara. He thinks I can’t let this happiness spoil, I will go away from you all.

The lady says you are crying here, Pandya family is celebrating. Raavi comes home and dances on the dhol. She asks are you celebrating the divorce.

Update Credit to: Amena

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