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Mere Sai 25th August 2021 Written Episode Update: Sai helps Swami and Dr. Pillai

Mere Sai 25th August 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sai feeds Latika and Jhipri one by one. Jhipri tells Him she will eat. Sai says whatever is happening is not unexpected. Jhipri says I did expect it but why do people think this way. How can they blame someone without knowing the truth? Sai asks her what one must do when the land has been barren since years. Jhipri says we add manure. Sai tells her to do the same. Add manure of truth and struggle and reap new ingredients. Jhipri asks Sai if she will be able to do it. He reminds her of the fight she had put for her studies when she was a kid. You set an example for many people. You are worried about earning today. You started earning when you were quite young. You used to help your mother run the house. In your childhood, you have done what people fail to do in their entire life. Jhipri tells Him that His Lakshmi is lost somewhere. I have been told since years that I am worthless. I have become accustomed to them and lost confidence on myself. Sai gives example of silver. It becomes dull over time but it shines brightly when it is cleaned. You haven’t lost anything. That capability and power is still inside you. You have experience and a will to prove yourself. Above all, your daughter is with you. She is your biggest strength. She had an option to stay at her father’s home. She could live happily with her Dadi but she chose to be with you. Anything is possible when you have such love and encouragement by your side. No one can stop you from accomplishing anything. Just don’t give up!

Santa asks Sarkar to come outside. Few people were scheduled to come to you today for their treatment. They will reach anytime. Sarkar comes outside and asks Santa and Banta about the patients. Banta says we dint say that they are here. We said they will be here. Sarkar slaps them. They ask him what they have done wrong now. Sarkar is furious that all villagers are approaching Dr. Pillai for treatment. I am telling you what you should have told me. Is this why I pay you two? He hits them again. They request for a chance to shoo Dr. Pillai away. Sarkar says I have thought of something already. Just do as I say. I wont spare you if you do anything wrong this time. They agree to execute his plan. What must we do? Sarkar says we have to treat Dr. Pillai.

Rihana asks Jhipri where she left Latika. Jhipri shares that she is in Dwarkamai. Sai offered to look after her when I will work. Latika is playing with the kids in Dwarkamai.

Rihana watches Jhipri as she works. Tejasvi’s maid peeks inside from the window and looks at Jhipri for a few seconds.

Sai and the kids are having a good time together.

Rihana puts Latika to sleep. She tells Jhipri to rest too as it is night. Jhipri denies. I have to just work now.

Swami keeps thinking about his Amma and shifts in his bed.

Santa and Banta are outside Dr. Pillai’s clinic. Sai is watching everything in the dhuni. Santa offers to help Banta get inside Dr. Pillai’s room. Sarkar had told them to visit Dr. Pillai’s home at night. Take some men with you. Mix this medicine in the medicines that Dr. Pillai has made. The condition of his patients will worsen then. He will lose his respect and name then. Flashback ends.

Sai looks serious. He closes His eyes. Swami keeps thinking of the time when he used to play music under his Amma’s guidance. He touches her feet. How was the music? I made it today only. She praises it and him. Ma Saraswati has blessed you. Swami shares that he wants to become a musician when he grows up. She calls it her dream too. He vows to do his best to make her dream come true and hugs her. Swami says Amma in his sleep. Sai pats at his head. Swami sits up with a start. How are you here? Sai says you were in trouble so I came to help. If someone troubles you then you must share it. Swami says I want to be a singer and musician. I want to fulfil my Amma’s dream but Appa does not want it. He hates music. Wish Amma was alive. She loved me a lot. I am not happy since she left us. Sai tells him not to think that she has left him. She is still very near you. Swami asks Him where. Sai says she is alive in your music. She will live with you till the time you will continue to play. Don’t let music get away from you ever.

Santa is trying to open the door.

Swami says Appa has stopped me from playing music. We have grown apart. Sai says everyone must struggle in life. You must keep music close to you to keep your Amma close. Bring your Sitar and play the music that she loved. You have to fulfil her dream, right? Swami agrees to do it for his Amma’s sake.

Santa succeeds in opening the door. Banta gets inside stealthily. Swami opens the door of his room to go outside. He turns and notices that Sai has disappeared. Santa and Banta hear sound of footsteps and get tensed. Swami walks in and shouts. Santa and Banta run away. Dr. Pillai asks him who it was. Swami says I dint see his face but he was meddling with your medicines. Dr. Pillai notices the open bottles and the bottle that Santa has left behind. He smells it as there is no label outside. It has poison! I think that person came here to mix poison in my medicines. Why though? He tells Swami it is good that he came on time. Swami tells him that he dint come out on his own. Someone sent me here. Dr. Pillai gets confused. What do you mean? Who else is here apart from us? Swami takes Sai’s name and tells his father everything. That’s why I came here. Dr. Pillai asks him if he has lost his mind. It must have been a dream. How can you even dream of this? You are a doctor’s son. You are calling your illusion miracle. Swami tells him to believe in anything. I am sure though that it was Sai who forced that thief to run away by sending me here. Dr. Pillai refuses to believe it. Swami begins to go when Dr. Pillai experiences sharp pain in his leg. Swami rushes to his side.

Sai says I want to shoo this thief inside your body just how the thieves in your house were shooed away. You aren’t giving me a chance though.

Precap: Sai asks Hemant why he seems worried. Hemant thinks that he does not want to trouble Sai by telling Him his problem. Sai tells him to eat the Shera that Jhipri has made. He asks Jhipri to bring the sheera she had made for Him.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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