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Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 25th August 2021 Written Episode Update Raghav saves Pallavi

Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 25th August 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

At Rao Mansion, staff prepping, Jaya asks what all is this, Farhad says even I don’t know.
Raghav gets disguised same as Swapnil looked, Jaya and Farhad see him and are impressed, Raghav says no one will recognise me in this get up but this mask will help me, Jaya says but your Hindi, Raghav says I will pretend to be dumb, Farhad says why will they hire you then, Raghav says I am dumb not my assistant, Jaya asks who, Ramakrishna walks in Marathi attire, Jaya asks who is this, Raghav says he is Rama, he will cook with you, Raghav says yes he will manage cooking and I will manage Pallavi and office, and Rama will be called Prakash, Jaya says be very careful, because you are going to save Pallavi, this is for her, Rama says yes.
Jaya gets aarti and performs aarti for good luck.
Jaya says get back my daughter in law and finish Mandar’s bad wishes. Raghav leaves and says look what Raghvi do now Mandar.

Mandar holding a matchbox and thinking of Sunny’s words that Pallavi is fooling him, Pallavi walks in and says Mandar here is the glass you want, Mandar holds her hand while holding glass, Pallavi says I will come back, its medicine time for Aai. Mandar says Pallavi have you forgotten Raghav, and I am scared that you will go back to him, Pallavi thinks whats wrong with him, Pallavi says don’t you trust me, Mandar says you need to express love and so is trust and you need to gain trust first, do you want to earn it, Pallavi says yes, Mandar gets a Raghav’s photograph and asks her to burn it and prove that you have no feelings for him, and you shouldn’t think twice about it, burn it and prove yourself, Pallavi thinks of good times with Raghav, Pallavi says Mandar if you will trust me by doing this, I will, Pallavi unable to light the match stick, Pallavi damages few match stick, and says get me candle from downstairs, these match sticks are not good.
Pallavi removes a Mandar’s photograph from cupboard, Mandar gets candle, Pallavi burns Mandar’s photo, Mandar thinks she is burning Raghav’s photo, Pallavi says I am burning the photo of man who separated me from my love, and my family, Mandar sees in Mirror that the Photo isn’t what he got her, and is confused.

Mandar says show me photo, Pallavi says I won’t you will again have doubts on me, Photo falls on Pallavi’s veil and it catches fire, Pallavi rushes down for help, she calls Vijay says baba help me, Vijay asks Mansi to get water and Amruta to get a blanket, Raghav disguised rushes in and tears her saree veil and saves her, Pallavi faints, Raghav holds her in his arms, Vijay asks Amrita to get her some ice. Pallavi looks at man who saved her and moves away, Vijay asks how did your saree catch fire, Raghav thinks its definitely Mandar, Pallavi says matchstick fell on my saree by mistake, Mandar says Pallavi are you fine, will call doctor, Pallavi says not required I am fine, this man saved me and smiles, Mandar says thank you for saving my wife, but who are you, what are you doing here, Mandar about to remove Raghav’s mask, Raghav holds his hand and stops him and pushes him away, Mandar says this is my house, how do you show attitude, Vijay stops Mandar from attacking Raghav and asks who are you, Raghav signs him that he is cook, Vijay says can’t you talk, Prakash walks in and says he is dumb, and greets everyone, and says he is Swapnil Nerurkar Singh, and I am his assistant Prakash, Mansi says he doesn’t look like cook, right Aai, Sulochana says agreed.

Prakash shows Vijay their Ids and tells film stars name and says we worked there, Mandar says why did you come here then.

Pre cap:Raghav kisses Pallavi on her cheeks, Pallavi kisses him back.
Kirti asks Sunny to get these papers signed, they are Pallavi and Raghav’s divorce papers.
Kirti add the papers to Raghav’s important file and hopes he doesn’t see them just signs.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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