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~Mehandi~ (A drabble, Ishq mein Marjawan 2)

As the time was passing, she was getting more tensed. That who the person can be. Can it be Aryan? Or Ishani or Chachi. Or someone among the staffs?

As she was drowning in the ocean of questions that she created, she didn’t even realised when she applied the mehandi’s sticker.

She wasn’t much interested about the function as the party planner seemed more mysterious to her, but she didn’t much cared after thinking deeply, as the threats she was getting were before the party planner arrived.

From the noises in surroundings, she came out of her thoughts and saw her hand in which Kabir’s name was there instead of Vansh.  It shocked her to the core and she was about to rush upstairs. But, Vansh came in between.

“You seem to be tensed. Everything alright sweetheart?”

“A-am okay”

He kept his hand on her forehead.

“You are having fever and you are saying you are okay?”


“Let’s go upstairs”

“I-I will manage” She said, hiding her hand with her duppata.


“I will change then, will have medicines. You can go. You must be having work. Right?”

“I am always free for you. You go and change to something light. I am waiting.”


Riddhima was trying hard to remove the mehandi. But, her all tries were going in vain.

She was about to slip due to the water. But, Vansh came in the nick of time and saved her.

“You okay?”

“Yeah” she said, taking support from his shoulder.

Vansh who noticed her hand said-

“Vansh wo-“

“What wo-?”

“Let me explain-“

“Riddhima, you know what, just because of a mere mistake your mehandi sticker got replaced. And you think, just because of this, I’ll be angry with you? Now go and change”

“Fever is better than before. Still, I’ll give you the medicines” he further added calmly, after checking her forehead.

And saying so, he went outside the bathroom.

And she realised, how wrong was she.

~The end~

It’s a drabble. And a random one.

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