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Love for Each other (Episode 7)

Sorry friends for taking a long break but here after you all can expect updates atleast once in a week from me . Sorry as I couldn’t reply for some comments but hereafter I will reply . So without any delay let’s get into the episode

Misunderstanding Cleared.   

By now riddhima remembered how she spoke to him about the owner of VR enterprises to vansh not knowing that he is the owner . Vansh was controlling his laughter seeing shocked state . He went and took some water for riddhima . He shook her bringing back from the shock . Next moments riddhima with her cute innocent puppy eyes looked at vansh

Riddhima : Vansh . opps Vansh sir I really sorry I thought you are a employee . I really sorry really sir for what I said during the dance  . ( without letting riddhima vansh kept his pointing fingers on her juicy lips .)

Vansh : Shhh. Riddhima relax I know its a small misunderstanding and what you said is what you heard it didn’t come from your heart .  And there is no need to call me sir as soon we will be relatives and moreover we friends na . Aren’t we riddhima ?

Riddhima : We are friends but I am really sorry for the misunderstanding . Without asking you are knowing about you I misunderstood you . Please forgive me .

Vansh : There  no need to forgive as its a misunderstanding .

Riddhima : Please vansh ( with cute innocent puppy eyes )

Vansh : If you are happy when I forgive you then ok I will forgive you . Happy now ?

Riddhima : Yes ( very happy)

Vansh : By the way riddhima you said that you will teach to VR about kindness . Didn’t I am kind towards you that you wanted to teach me about kindness . ( Smirking)

FB starts

While dancing

Riddhima : You know vansh I heard that VR the owner of VR enterprises also  Kabir sir ‘s  Brother is such a arrogant and rude person . if I see him once I will teach him about  kindness . But there must be a reason behind every person to be rude and arrogant . I think there must be a past behind him that turned him to be a arrogant person .

Vansh ( thought ) : She is indirectly saying to VR about him . But I must say that her confidence level is high that she indirectly said about me .( smiling )

FB ends

Riddhima : Vo .. vo actually vansh I heard some people talking that you are a arrogant and a rude person . But I must you are really sweet and kind hearted person. You really look cute like a baby ( pulling his cheeks)

now sweet cute vansh turned into angry vansh and glared at riddhima .

Riddhima : so sorry vansh to pull you cheek  ( scared )

Vansh laughs seeing her scared face and looked at riddhima.

Vansh : Riddhima for the  world vansh is a arrogant and rude person so that no one dares to hurt his family . But for my family  I will be always kind and you are the first person who understood it without seeing me . But please don’t pull my cheeks in public if anyone sees this means then  the fear and arrogant image of Vansh Raisinghania will turn into cute and innocent VR . If you want to pull my cheeks pull when nobody is around . ( laughs)

Riddhima : but you look really cute and innocent.( pulling his cheeks again ).

Vansh : I think we can introduce ourself  once again .

Riddima: Even I thought the same . Hi I am Riddhima sharma . A novel  writer  +  partner of Dream party company . Nice to  meet you

Vansh : Hello  I am Vansh Raisinghania . CEO of VR enterprises. Nice to meet you

Both shook their hands

Riddhima’s phone rings and again its from sejal .

Riddhima : Its sejal again . OMG this girl is impossible .

Vansh : I think its too late and you need to go or else sejal will come here and pull you .

Riddhima : Even I think the same. BTW Good night

Vansh : Good night . Take Care

Riddhima: Take care

They both parted in opposite ways , while leaving they both turned at the same time and smiled at eachother and left . Both of their minds were occupied with each others thought. But they don’t know that their is another person who noticed all this and that is none other than Indrani Raisinghania .

Indrani Raisinghania : (to herself) I can  see love in both of your eyes but it seems you need to realize your love for that I know what to do . I will make you both confess your love for eachother. I know vansh that you are feeling guilt for aahana’s death but there is no mistake in you . Riddhima is the only person who can change you and I will make sure that .

Saying so she leaves from there.

Next morning . All are leaving the cruise . Siyaan , Vishal  and the guests went  and rest are present .

Dadi :Riddhima beta sejal beta I would like to invite you both for lunch . Please don’t refuse and join us even siya should join . No excuses

Rijal : Ok Dadi

Vansh and Kabir was thanking Dadi in their mind as she caught what is running in their mind.All left the cruise happily .

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