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Love Finds its Way: Part 7 SS on Riansh by Parita

Hey guys, I’m back with the second last part of this SS. The next will be the last part.

Hope you’ll like it.

Due to some technical issues, His Hostage in love was posted twice….sorry for that.

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Starts-Is it her?

Riddhima’s POV

When I read the letter of VR Enterprises appointing us as their caterers, I immediately looked up on the net to see who these humans were. And there I saw, a handsome man called VR. VR….sounds really familiar! I went and gave the letter to Kritu, she read and we both rejoiced.

I had a sudden urge of making the dishes this time, I had no clue why it was like that but I wanted to make it. I prepared everything and packed it and along with Kritu we went to the office branch in Manali, here. We were waiting when a man called Angre came.

He seemed so similar, the face and his features made me experience some flashes, maybe of my past. I brushed those thoughts off when Kritu told me to not stress about it. We then followed him to meet VR, the actual boss, the guy who looked upper dashing. Meeting him arose a complete different feeling within myself, as if I found some sort of peace by a glance of his face.

We sat down while he tried the food. His facial expressions seemed to have told me that he loved the food then why did he get up. He had tears in his eyes which pained my heart unknowingly. Suddenly when our hands touched, I looked up at him, experiencing similarities between us.

Riddhima’s POV Ends

He stopped in his tracks, while she looked up to him. Both of their eyes were widened and breathes hitched. Vansh feeling uncomfortable ordered Angre.

Vansh: Give them the order! (hesitant)

Angre: Sure boss but you? (Vansh signed him) ok

Vansh went to the washroom and touched over the place where he touched Drishti’s hand. He thought over it

Vansh: The same touch, the same taste, the same scent….does that mean she’s my Riddhima. But…but her face, her name, it’s different. I feel the same connection with her, my heart agrees she’s somewhere around me but who and where?

On the other hand Drishti felt some tingling sensation pass her down her spine when she came in the light contact with Vansh. The touch seemed familiar to her. Her head started bringing some flashes where she saw a couple in black and white, in a glass house, dancing and slowly getting intimate with each other. She held her head as it spun. Kritika confirming the order and deal with Angre, brought Drishti out of her flashes.

They got up and left the premises while Angre went in search for his boss. He checked the washroom and found him there with tears and lost in his thoughts.

Angre: Boss, did you also feel something?

Vansh: I did, as if my Riddhima is here. The same touch, the same scent, the same taste! So much similarity. You did too?

Angre: yes boss, even though I don’t know Riddhima Bhabhi as much as you do but I did sense her presence especially in Drishti.

Vansh: Drishti….and my Riddhima. How? If she was my Riddhima then she would have recognized her Vansh right? (emotional) But what if….(interrupted by Angre)

Angre: After the accident (both looked at each other)

Vansh: I want all the details about Drishti, every single detail, send me her address too. I can’t take any chance now. My love is true, and it will guide me to reach my love. (determined)

Angre: On it boss.

Angre got on work while Vansh with the hopes of finding his Riddhima, rejoiced. On the other hand, Drishti and Kritika reached their houses. Drishti without saying a word went to her room, thinking about all the flashes she saw. She tried linking with the name she had blurted out before; “Vansh”.

Drishti: Who’s this Vansh and why am I getting all these flashes after I met VR. The flashes having a couple has to be me along with someone else….Vansh?

After a hard thinking session, she had exhausted her mind, leading her to fall into a deep sleep. After a couple of hours as the sleep engulfed her, she came across a dream that had her drenched in her sweat.

Riddhima: What happened Vansh? (curious)

Vansh: The brakes, they aren’t working!

Riddhima: What! (nervous)

Riddhima remembered Kabir hiding near the car.

Riddhima: Jump Vansh!

Vansh: Are you mad? Have you seen the road, it’s so narrow and we are at a high altitude, on the mountains!

Riddhima: We have no other option than this

Vansh: You go first then! Go! (he shouted with care and concern)

Riddhima pushed Vansh out of the car and the truck crashed with their car.

Drishti: Nooo!!!! Vansh! (screamed)

Drishti woke up with a jolt, panting as she once again saw the exact same dream. She held her head and tried bringing her breathes back. She reached out for the glass of water that was kept beside her bed, and gulped it down in one go. As she stabilized herself, she got up from the bed to head to the washroom to freshen up when she heard some voices downstairs. She went downstairs to only see two men sitting on the sofa with Kritika serving them some tea.

She walked up to them and saw their faces. Seeing Vansh’s face she remembered the man in her dream, they shared the same features. Noticing him keenly she blurted out calling him

Drishti: Vansh!

Vansh: (shocked) huh…sweethea….(stopping)

Kritika: You know his name?

Drishti: I don’t know…I…I.

Vansh: Hey hey, don’t stress too much. I’ve gone through your medical history, relax.

Kritika: Why did you go through her medical history and why?

Vansh: Can we talk on the side please?

Kritika nodded and she with Vansh walked in the corner while Drishti weirdly stared at Angre as if he was some alien. Reaching the corner, Vansh spoke.

Vansh: Ms Kritika, she’s Riddhima, my wife, my everything. (happy)

Kritika: You’re mistaken, she’s my Drishti! My sister! (fearing)

Vansh: You found her on the cliff spot here in Manali right? That was because we had met with an accident on which she saved me and she herself (emotional) from then she’s been with you. I went to the doctor and found her history.

Precap: United

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